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Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Bruce Lyon sent some nice photos of wild spider monkeys (Ateles) from Costa Rica, as well as some information (his comments are indented): During my recent trip to Costa Rica we spent time at a functioning farm/ecotourist lodge) that has lovely cabins set along a river. This farm is crawling with both spider and howler […]

Humpback whale, entangled in net, saved with a pocket knife

This amazing video shows the rescue of a humpback whale, entangled in a gill net, freed by snorkelers and sailors armed only pocket knives. It took place in the Sea of Cortez in 2011. This is human empathy at its finest. After it was freed, the whale, as you’ll see, breached 40 times, accompanying the spectacle with fin and […]

British mammal photo contest winners

by Greg Mayer The Mammal Society, a membership society devoted to the conservation and scientific study of the mammals of the British Isles, has recently released the top photos from its second annual Mammal Photographer of the Year awards, and there are quite a few absolutely fabulous photos in the competition. This year’s first-prize winner […]

Lovely marine worms

You don’t like worms? That’s a narrow-minded attitude—especially in light of these beautiful marine worms, photographed by Alexander Semenov, posted on Colossal, and called to my attention by several readers (how do you people find these things?). I’ve chosen a few for your delectation, but go look at them all. I have no idea what the […]

Too much domesticated biomass

Here’s today’s xkcd, which is both enlightening and frightening. Notice that there is more poundage of cows than of people. And where are the cats? h/t: Grania

Deer rescued from ice by a Hovercraft

This is a winter heartwarmer: two female deer rescued by kindly souls using ropes and a Hovercraft. They had fallen on an icy lake and couldn’t get up. Shot 100% on the HD HERO3® camera from James saw a Facebook post about some deer stuck out on the ice in the middle of Albert Lea […]

Valentine #4

Perhaps not the best of ideas, but biological nonetheless. . .

Darwin’s pet tortoise

by Greg Mayer (addendum below) Darwin lived in the country, and had many animals– for companionship, work, and research. For companions, his chief pets were d*gs (my favorite of Darwin’s d*gs was Bob), but he also had a tortoise that he brought home from James (Santiago) Island in the Galapagos. It has been claimed (most […]

A sugar glider

    We’ve recently seen videos and photos of flying squirrels from the New World, but here’s a very distant relative, the sugar glider from Australia (Petaurus breviceps). Flying squirrels are placental mammals, while sugar gliders are marsupials, and have evolved their morphology and behavior completely independently of flying squirrels. This is in fact a remarkable […]

A request from Professor Ceiling Cat

It’s one degree Farenheit With cold winds outside; Please give food to the wild beasts And a warm place to hide. Notes for the pedants: 1. I’m aware that I’m quoting the temperatures for Chicago and that other places may be colder or warmer 2. If you insist on Celsius temperatures, it’s -17C, but much […]


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