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Pandas falling all over the place

I’m tired and have just finished a paid piece of writing, which still needs work. This is the break both of us need: a video compilation of teenage pandas at the Toronto Zoo, apparently unable to balance themselves. Good thing they’re round and fat, immune to damage. h/t: Matthew Cobb

The remarkable sand bubbler crab

Should I have called this “You won’t believe this amazing crab?”. Or maybe “Samantha Bee throws shade on haters of bubbler crabs”? Regardless, you need to know about—and see—this remarkable animal. I knew nothing about it before I came upon this video, taken from BBC’s “Blue Planet” series. Sand bubbler crabs comprise a variety of […]

Raccoons are smart, but not as smart as crows

. . . at least when in comes to water displacement experiments. Via ZME Science and reader Ant, I learned of a new study trying to see if raccoons (Procyon lotor) could solve the Archimedes puzzle. This is the puzzle, formalized by Aesop in his fable “The crow and the pitcher“, that determines whether an […]

Tiny owl asks for pats, and bonus bobcat mom with kittens

Two animal videos to end a long, overcast day. From YouTube: “My pet owl Nicha loves to play and for me to show her attention.” Matthew sent this wonderful trailcam video of a mother bobcat and her two bouncy kittens: Have about 50 trailcam videos to upload this morning – unbelievable captures! — Trailcampro […]

The amazing bird-murdering praying mantis

First, a note. Over the years, lots of readers have spelled the animal at issue this way “preying mantis.” That’s an easy mistake to make, for they are fierce predators. But the true term is praying mantis, clearly taken from the position of its forelegs. So next time you write it, just remember how it looks. Natalie […]

Squirrel shoots slinky at chipmunk stealing its dinner

There are many misguided people who denigrate squirrels, but having lived with them up here on the third floor for years, I know what awesome rodents they are.  Submitted for your approval: three videos in which squirrels pwn their opponents. In this one, a squirrel appears to remove a chipmunk taking its food by slamming […]

New peacock spiders

Peacock spiders are not only beautiful, but great examples of sexual selection, for the males show both amazing colors and fascinating display behaviors that they use in their attempts to attract females. “Attempt”, of course, doesn’t mean they’re behaving with conscious intent, but just showing the results of sexual selection. The only reason peacock spiders […]

Baby rhino’s first mud wallow

Although the Cincinnati Zoo has had some bad press on this site, most notably when it hired a chiropractor to adjust the spine of a baby tiger who was “failing to thrive,” it also turns out some nice animal videos.  So enjoy this baby black rhino (Diceros bicornis) having its very first mudbath.

Unruly baby raccoon finally corralled by mom

This is a great video showing a renegade baby raccoon refusing to enter its tree hole den. Mom is frustrated and makes repeated attempts to stuff the little bugger in, going so far as to grab it on the head with her teeth (this doesn’t look like a felid scruff carry!). She finally wins after […]

Baby raccoons play on a bicycle wheel

There’s no information on this video, but who cares when it’s three baby raccoons competing for their turn on a procyonid playground: