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Seal leaps into boat to avoid orcas

Poor seal! It’s being stalked by nasty and hungry orcas, and these people let it stay in their boat till the murdering whales left. Here’s the YouTube notes: We were out with the family looking for whales and a pod of 12 trainsiet killer whales where chasing the seal. It ripped towards the boat in […]

Canadian lynx baked on catnip

Reader Christopher M. called my attention to this video, apparently showing a TAME CANADA LYNX (Lynx canadensis) named Max. The YouTube note says this: I received a mighty large heavy-duty catnip pillow from Mountain Weaver of Averill Park, NY. I know Max loves catnip but he destroys his toys very quickly. I believe this one is […]

Biker encounters adorable skunk family

Several readers called my attention to this video on Facebook, but reader Michael D. found it on YouTube and sent a link to some information about it. Most people who sent it know that I had a pet skunk when I was a grad student and postdoc. His name was Pinkus (after my father’s fraternity brother […]

Bird bounces golf ball—for fun?

This is said to be a Brazilian bird (please identify the species), and it sure looks to me as if it’s playing, though, I suppose, one could say it’s trying to crack what it thinks are eggs. (The velocity of hurling, however, seems to great for that.) Birders—any guesses? h/t: Ant

Hippo + watermelon = big crunch

Courtesy of reader blue, we have a hippo, apparently in Japan, who seems to be regularly fed a round watermelon in front of tourists. He disposes of it in a few seconds—rind and all.  Check the dentition that allows him to do that! I’m not a fan of zoos, especially not when they keep large, free-ranging animals. […]

Wonderful footage of wild Pallas’s cats

We have yet more wildcat conservation today. Terry Townshend is a birder who lives and works in Beijing and, on his site Birding Beijing, documents the avifauna around China’s capital.  But alert reader Ben W. told me that Terry had also come across a very rare felid, Pallas’s Cat (Ocotolobus manul, also known as the “manul”), on a […]

二つの同じ箱とまる。Two same boxes and Maru.

What a cruel thing Maru’s owner, mugumogu, has done to him! As we all know, Maru loves to climb into Too Small Boxes, even when he can’t even fit in them. But what happens when he’s forced to choose between TWO Too Small Boxes? Does he choose the smallest one? You won’t believe what he […]

Kin selection in action: Man tries to disturb mother racoon and cubs, gets what he deserves

This moron not only tried to hit a raccoon with a broom, but then faced the wrath of a mother whose babies were obviously in the bin. DO NOT DO THIS! LET THE ANIMAL BE!

Panda discovers ice

I always love seeing animals encounter stuff in the environment that they’ve never experienced before. The classic genre of this is “a cat’s first time in the snow.” But this is even better: it’s the Toronto Zoo’s teenage panda, Jia Panpan, born in October of last year, encountering ice for the first time. (It’s said […]

Bear Cam in Alaska: watch them fish!

All my life I’ve wanted to watch the grizzlies (aka brown bears) in Alaska fish for salmon. Some day I will, in the fur. Well, now there’s a livecam at one of the most famous sites: Brooks Falls at Katmai National Park. Here the wily bears have learned that the salmon have to leap out […]