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Three owlets and a fly

My old friend Hempenstein sent this video, and at first I couldn’t figure out what was going on: I thought the owlet nestlings were listening for their mother. But then I realized that they were following a fly that was loose in the nest box.  As Hempenstein commented on the video: Jesus they’re strange-looking, but […]

The world’s largest aggregation of snakes

Since Greg is posting twice about snakes this week, I declare it Official Website Snake Week.™ My colleague Steve Arnold used to work at my university, and since his research was partly on garter snakes, I knew about the amazing mating aggregations of that species that occur in some locations. But by far the largest aggregation […]

Man bathes goldfinch in his hands

Reader Adrian sent me a link to this video, which I found on YouTube and can thus embed. It’s a lovely relationship between a man and a goldfinch. I know nothing else about it.

Won’t somebody think of the children?

by Grania No Republicans or ultra-Conservative Christian groups are going to be worried terribly much about this case though. However it seems that at least one other mammalian species is “redefining traditional relationships”. There’s an interesting article by Colin Barras  in New Scientist on mixed-species dolphin groups in the Bahamas. Although interaction between dolphin species is […]

Smart crow opens pizza box

We all know that corvids are really smart, and able to solve complex problems. Here a wild crow figures out how to open a pizza box. The YouTube notes. Crow figures out how to open a pizza box. The Ferrari is not mine :( Filmed in Vancouver on a Samsung Note 3 on the 27th […]

Hail hurts!

Reader Diane G sent me this nice (well, in one way) video of a pair of ospreys weathering out a bad hailstorm storm on their nest. As she commented, These poor ospreys! Hail hurts! It is a bit sad, but touching at the end, seeing those great reproductive instincts take over again. (Sweet pair-bond; a little […]

Dinosaur 1, mammal 0. Bee-eater catches bat.

by Matthew Cobb PCC mailed me from holiday (can you spot the problem in that phrase?) and asked me to post these amazing photos by Shuki Cheled, which have just been posted on, where Jonathan Meyrav writes this: On Friday 26 June photographer Shuki Cheled was birding around the Judean plains with a Dutch […]

Raccoon invades beer warehouse with predictable result

It’s Friday afternoon, and that means GOOFY ANIMAL VIDEOS. From United Press International, we have a drunken procyonid: NEW YORK, June 18 (UPI) — A New York man shared video online of a raccoon [Procyon lotor] trying its best to walk in a straight line without falling over after getting into some alcoholic beverages. The […]

Parrot cries like a baby

Looks like today’s an almost all-biology day, which is fine with me; we need a day without godless ranting! To finish off our bird theme, we have this video of a green parrot that has obviously cohabited with a baby. I don’t know the species, but I’m SURE some readers do, so put the answer […]

How and why does this caterpillar whistle?

A piece in ScienceNews reported some new research (not yet published) that updated an old but good paper on the famous “whistling caterpillar.” I refer to the walnut sphinx caterpillar (Amorpha juglandis), which, when disturbed—as in a predator attack—emits a high-pitched whistle from its spiracles (the body openings used for respiration). An earlier paper (from 2010) by […]


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