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Two bears for Tuesday

For reasons indeterminate I’ve been unable to brain today, and so have been forced to simply proffer news items without adding value. I hope my brain will be in working order tomorrow, but until then you’ll have to be satisified with two bears. First, the National Zoo is about to put its new baby panda, […]

Deactivating a cat

This video shows a brilliant idea: calm a cat down at the vet’s by using a clip to make it think it’s being carried. It apparently activates the cat’s “go-limp” reflex—a holdover from its kittenhood—without hurting it. Try this with your cat (don’t hurt it!) and let me know if it works. h/t: Dennis

Google Doodle celebrates the marvelous “mountain of butterflies”

If you go to Google in the US, Mexico, and most of Western Europe and western South America (but not Canada, where they’re celebrating Simone de Beauvoir), you’ll see the screenshot below. When you click on it (do so), you’ll learn what it’s celebrating: the 41st anniversary of the discovery of the “Mountain of Butterflies”: the […]

Very Important Update: The raccoon finally scored

Remember the world’s saddest raccoon from yesterday? Given a big hunk of cotton candy (known as “candy floss” to Brits), it tried to wash it in a puddle, where it instantly dissolved. Result: one puzzled and flummoxed raccoon. I’m pleased to give this update, though: This has been an emotional roller coaster.

Wednesday: Hili dialogue (and lagniappe)

It’s Wednesday, and the weather is gonna get really frigid in Chicago, with lows of -16°F (-27°C) on the weekend. And so be it: as a long-term resident, I have the proper clothing. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is still trying to run Listy, though she is only an impediment (don’t tell her!) A: What are […]

The world’s saddest raccoon (and snake lagniappe)

Both of these items come from the eagle-eyed Matthew Cobb, who somehow finds time to trawl Twi**er and the Internet when he’s not teaching, doing science, or writing books. Plus he’s got two daughters, a wife, and three cats. At any rate, he found this raccoon on Twi**er, and it’s a very sad one, watching its […]

You won’t believe which vertebrate shows the greatest acceleration and power of its body parts!

Yes, a clickbait title again. Soon I’ll have fallen so low as to make lists like “Five facts you didn’t know about the wallaby.” Anyway, I’m glad to see that today’s New York Times Science section has some real science beyond human health. Click on the screenshot below to go to a short article and […]

A post-Christmas turkey

I guess this turkey felt safe after Christmas, for yesterday morning it ventured into the yard of reader G. B. James, who has a security-cam video of the visit. His notes: A turkey came to visit this morning. And I don’t refer to our governor. (FWIW… the flag on the right is Uganda, in honor of […]

End-of-the-week squee

We could all use one of these (be sure to start the video):

Reader’s wildlife video

It usually takes a bit of time to assemble this feature every morning, but fortunately reader Ernie Cooper called my attention to a video he’d made a few years ago. It’s a rare one, showing a bumblebee queen mating with a drone, something few of us would ever get to see. The species is Bombus […]


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