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Chipmunk caught red-pawed purloining seeds

In line with the end-of-the-day-feel-good policy, here’s a chipmunk caught at the bird feeder, dumping his ballast to make a hasty exit. Look how many seeds it can pack in those pouches! Poor thing. . .

The Cincinnati gorilla incident: what would you do?

As many of you know, a 4-year-old boy, with his mother’s attention distracted, went through the fence separating the gorilla enclosure from the visitors at the Cincinnati Zoo last Saturday. The child then made his way through the vegetation, falling into a deep moat around the gorilla space. Hearing the splash, a male silverback gorilla named Harambe jumped […]

You won’t believe the cutest animal video ever!

Well, if there’s a mom-and-brood animal video cuter than this family of Procyon lotor, I don’t know what it is. Look at the solicitude with which Mom Lotor ensures that all her babies are inside, helping the clumsy and recalcitrant ones. h/t: Taskin

Do chimps grieve?

Over on the BBC website, there’s a piece and a video (click on screenshot below) that raises the provocative question of “Do chimps grieve?”  What you see in the 5-minute clip (apparently an excerpt from a 20-minute clip) is the reactions of groupmates to the death from pneumonia of a nine-year-old chimp, Thomas, in a reserve […]

Afternoon squee: capybara with ducklings on its back

I’ve noticed that the evening news on television always ends on an upbeat note, clearly designed to leave the audience feeling good—and perhaps to tune in the next day. So today I’ll do the same, showing two adorable beasts interacting in the bathtub. The capybara (Hydrochoerus hydrochaeris), is, of course, the world’s largest rodent, and can weigh […]

Do ravens have a theory of mind? A new experiment suggests “yes”

A new paper in Nature Communications by Tomas Bugnhyar, Stepehen Reber, and Cameron Buckner (free download; reference below) examines the question of whether ravens, already known to be really smart, have a “theory of mind.” What do we mean by that? Well, according to the authors, a “theory of mind’ means that animals can have a representation of […]

Jaguar catches a crocodile

Reader Merilee called my attention to this video on Facebook, showing what appears to be a jaguar catching a crocodile. The cat simply leaps into the water and snags the beast, dragging it away for lunch. What an amazing feat, and what a brave cat! Click on the screenshot to see the 44-second clip: I […]

Goose appears to ask cops for help with offspring tangled in string

I got this video from several readers, and then found it on YouTube to show all of you. The story is almost unbelievable, and the video doesn’t show the striking part. But it’s still nice. The bizarre part, as recounted by WKRC in Cinncinnati, is that a mother goose apparently pecked at the door of a […]

A pounce and a miss

We all know by now that foxes not only hear rodents beneath the snow, but appear to use the Earth’s magnetic field to zero in on the hapless prey. This fox, however, miscalculated. By the way, the US Department of the Interior Twi**er site has some nice stuff.

Crab: armed and dangerous

Don’t mess with this Gangster Crab: It’s time these crustaceans fought back against the cruel process of boiling them alive. But what are those kitten noises?


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