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Platypus loves belly rubs

Here’s a bit of squee to take us over the week’s hump. Who would have guessed that platypuses had this catlike behavior? Here are the YouTube notes for the video below: This beautiful platypus loved playing in the water and loved a tickle! She was so friendly and ate food right out of my hand! There is only one […]

The splendid and assiduous beaver

This National Geographic documentary on beavers (Castor canadensis) and their dams (the classic example of an “extended phenotype” as well as “niche construction”) is very good, and well worth watching if you have 45 minutes to spare. Why would anyone watch a reality t.v. show about the Kardashians if they can watch a reality show […]

The Centrifuge Brain Project

by Matthew Cobb Have you ever wondered why children love going round and making themselves dizzy, and what might be the effect of all that centrifugal force on their brains? If you haven’t, never fear, because Dr Nick Laslowicz has been doing that for you, as outlined in this excellent brief film from 2011 called […]

Personal space in Patagonian cormorants: a huge and neatly-arrayed group of nests

From Grind TV we have lovely video and photographs of 5300 pairs of Imperial Cormorants (Phalacrocorax atriceps, also known as “Imperial Shags”) nesting en masse in Patagonia.  The nests cover an area of 2000 m², which is less than half the area of an American football field. From the site: Dr. Flavio Quintana, who has studied cormorants […]

A squirrel three sheets to the wind

It’s Friday afternoon, and I can’t brain very well, so we’ll have animal videos. How about a drunk squirrel? This video, over a year old, has somehow been rediscovered and is all over the Internet. Apparently this squirrel became intoxicated after eating too many fermented crabapples, and the result is hilarious (I assume it’s not […]

Snow-covered eagle broods its eggs

This series of photos, from WTOP in Washington D.C., will of course make you go “awww” as you see the lengths an eagle will go to to keep his/her eggs warm (I don’t know the sex of this one). But of course it’s instinct, just like our own protective instincts towards our kids, for the eagles […]

The most incredible animal photo in the history of Earth (and lagniappe)

This morning we’ll skip the “readers’ wildlife photos” post in favor of a few striking animal pictures and videos that readers sent me. The first four items are either scary or gruesome, but, you know, that’s nature. I’ve seen a lot of animal photos in my time, but the first one in the series below takes […]

Owl threat display

From a tw**t by Roxanne Palmer via Matthew Cobb: Does anybody know the species? Look at that gorgeous plumage!

I’ll Follow the Sun

Remember that old Beatles tune? Anyway, it’s suitable as a title for this video taken from Neatorama, with these notes about a passel of Japanese cats: The approximately 8 cats that live in the house love to sunbathe. There’s only a narrow strip of sunlight available on the floor. During the day, the sun moves across […]

Seattle girl bonds with crows who give her gifts in return for food

There is some more bird news today, and this is at once fascinating and heartwarming. The BBC News reports that an eight-year-old girl in Seattle, Gabi Mann, is in a reciprocal trade relationship—one might call it “affection”—with a bunch of local crows. And it’s been going on for four years, since Gabi was four.  I can’t […]


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