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Eagle flies from a balloon

This is the closest I, at least, will ever come to know what it’s like to be a bird. Apparently someone strapped a camera to a trained eagle and released it from a balloon. I find the video amazing—especially the landing, where the bird comes in at high speed and rapidly decelerates. It’s like a […]

Corvid altruism?

Reader Amy called my attention to this new video, which seems to show a crow not only sharing his bread with a mouse, but actually bringing it to the mouse. Could it be he’s trying to trap the mouse to eat it? I don’t think so. Could it be altruism? Hard to believe! Judge for […]

Wake up! Baby goats are prancing!

Nobody should be sleeping now if there’s this to watch. (Be sure to turn the sound on.)

Crows pulling tails

In my dotage I’ve decided to cut back on work on Saturday, and I’m sure readers will forgive me if I take a weekly break (that means lighter posting, not no posting). So let’s end Professor Ceiling Cat’s writing day with a simple series of photographs of “Tail pulling” given on The Corvid Blog. Corvids are […]

No ant left behind: Ants carry injured comrades back to the nest and tend to their wounds

This is a science post, and if you don’t read it I’ll shoot this kitten: Today we learn of an amazing behavior of termite-hunting ants, who carry their wounded comrades back to the nest and tend their injuries, licking them in a way that appears to heal them. It’s the first time that anybody’s shown […]

Bombardier beetles in action, escaping toad digestion

I’ve only scanned this new paper from Biology Letters (reference and free access below, pdf here), but it’s a report involving one species of the famous bombardier beetles, comprising over 500 species in four “tribes” of the family Carabidae in the order Coleoptera (beetles). They all secrete a hot and toxic spray from their abdomens, […]

Cormorant fishing off the skin of a whale shark

I had to put up this video because it’s so cool and unusual (Matthew alerted me to it). It’s a cormorant grabbing remoras affixed to the skin of a whale shark off Cabo San Lucas, and a one-off video. (Remember that the whale shark, Rhincodon typus, is the world’s largest fish.) Now that is avian inventiveness! Earth Touch News […]

A king penguin pops bubbles

From Sydney, posted just 4 days ago, we have a King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) trying to spear bubbles with its beak. Curiously, if you look for “penguins pop bubbles” on YouTube, you’ll get several videos (e.g. here). The notes: “A King Penguin [ptenodytes patagonicus] was caught on film having loads of fun with bubbles! Bubbles are used […]

A newspaper-stealing coyote

A coyote in San Francisco (yes, they’re there) was found to be the source of missing newspapers that had been delivered but disappeared. The deliveryman then observed the coyote playing with the purloined papers as if they were toys. He managed to solve the problem, though, and guess how? Click on the headline to find […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

We have a nice mix of photos and a video today. First, reader Rick Longworth struck up a friendship with an African owl. His notes: A few years ago my wife and I did a flying vacation (rented Cessna)  across South Africa.  We encountered dozens of species, mostly in parks and preserves. We stayed for […]