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Baby bears cross the road

A mother bear gets two distressed cubs to cross the road.Β  Things to note: FOUR cubs! That’s a lot; I thought the median number was about two. Note the babies’ squalling, which is incredibly cute. The babies appear to be following either the mother’s scent or the mother’s tracks I love the way the mother […]

Giant isopods on the sea floor rip apart an alligator carcass!

Reader J. J. sent me a link to the fascinating video below along with the commentary below, which, along with the video, tells you all you need to know. I’ll add, though, that this euthanized gator was placed ten miles off the coast of Louisiana and 1.25 miles down on the sea bed. And I […]

Hawks in a kettle

Reader Nilou sent a video of what seems to be a group of hawks (I don’t know the species, nor even if they’re hawks), circling in the sky. The YouTube notes say, “So today after flying I saw this odd formation of over 20-30 hawks that seams like they were having a ceremonial dance in […]

Leaping and kicking kangaroo rats ward off snake strikes

This is truly a “viral” video, not in the sense that it’s got a gazillion views, but because it’s ubiquitous on many of the news sites I visit, and also because the cute kangaroo rats have tricks to survive deadly snake attack. They not only leap well out of the way of the striking snake, […]

A woman who hugs sharks

Reader Michael found this short video of a woman who likes to pet and hug Caribbean reef sharks (Carcharhinus perezi). As the YouTube video notes say, “Cristina Zenato is the woman who isn’t afraid to hug sharks.” If you’re wondering how dangerous this shark is, the answer is “not much.” Wikipedia says this: Normally shy […]

Animals reacting to music

I like to end the work week with animal videos, and here’s a delightful 5Β½-minute series of animals reacting to music. Note the music-loving kittens at 2:43,Β  Paul McCartney vs. the locusts at 3:08, the concertina-loving cows at 4:19 and the green parrot at the end who, hearing the Titanic theme, plays “king of the […]

Male turkey acts as crossing guard for his flock

Here’s a video of wild turkeys (Meleagris gallopavo) that appeared on the Cheezburger site, and it’s amazing: In Litchfield, New Hampshire, a turkey fully stopped traffic and stood guard until all the other turkeys crossed safely! The turkey guard did not cross until the last turkey was passing. Thanks to resident Donald Pomerleau for capturing […]

Funky woodcock courtship

When one thinks of spectacular sexual displays, one thinks of the bowerbirds of Australia or New Guinea’s bird of paradise. But here’s one closer to home. This video, from The Center for Biological Diversity, shows the mating strut of the male American woodcock (Scolopax minor), a cute species that lives in Eastern North America. This […]

Mongoose vs. mamba: no contest!

Here we have a fight to the death between a slender mongoose (Galerella sanguinea) and the deadly black mamba (Dendroaspis polylepis), one of the most venomous snakes in the world. For some reason these YouTube battles of mongoose vs. snake always end with the snake losing, but of course there’s been strong natural selection for […]

Cats vs. cukes: citizen science

I’ve posted a video like this before, and some readers did try the experiment with their own cats, though some said it was cruel. As I recall, the results were inconclusive, as most cats didn’t react like these ones. My own theory, which is mine, is that cucumbers (which are thin on one end, fat […]