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Hawk and owl fight over a nest

Reader jj sent a video of an owl and a hawk fighting for a nest. The owl eventually won. jj’s notes: Perhaps others have sent these links; in case not, here’s a link to a cool video showing a pair of Great Horned Owls displacing Red-tailed Hawks from their nest.  At the end of the […]

Bird versus chameleon

No animals were harmed in the making of this video, but one got scared. The YouTube notes: “I have 2 white bellied caique and originally I had 30 chameleons all hatched in my house after warming the eggs for 6 months without expecting them to hatch. He is one of them. The others, I donated […]

Honey badger saves its offspring from a leopard

Honey badgers (Mellivora capensis), of course, have a well deserved reputation for fierceness. In fact, their name is synonymous with “badass.” But I didn’t think one would take on a leopard. Yet it did—when that leopard was trying to kill the badger’s offspring. Here’s a video of a badass honey badger (a redundancy) driving off […]

Alligators apparently swallow stones for ballast

Alligators and crocodiles are known to swallow stones, which are called “gastroliths” when they settle in the creature’s stomach. Some birds do this, too, but to help grind up their food. (Other marine creatures like seals also swallow stones.) Why do crocs and alligators do it? In the paper below, published in Integrative Organismal Biology […]

Asiatic honeybees make “The Wave” to deter predators

Reader Mehul called my attention to a phenomenon of which I was unaware. It’s amazing too: a “wave” of honeybees in a colony, created to divert or scare away predators. One honey-sipping moth makes it through the bee cloud, but that’s because of another evolutionary trick. Have a look at this stunning Attenborough segment.

Threatened by a hungry polar bear!

Here’s a scary clip from BBC Earth showing a guy who feels secure in his anti-polar-bear cage, but gets a bit nervous when the bear tries to extract him.  The caption: “Gordon Buchanan comes face to face with a huge wild polar bear who is keen to get to what smells like a tasty meal.” […]

Unique video of anglerfish mating in the wild

This is a short but stunning video of a rarely-seen fish, the fanfin anglerfish Caulophryne jordani, one of 160 species of deep-sea anglerfish.  It shows a bizarre female with her huge mouth and onboard lights to attract prey (and mates) in the dark, as well as the tiny male, who, because population density is low, fuses to […]

Otter cries for treats

This is the instantiation of “nom nom nom”: a hungry otter getting treats. There is no YouTube information on this, nor do you need any:

Do crows instigate cat fights?

In lieu of Readers’ Wildlife Photos today (I have a comfortable backlog), please watch these three short videos and tell me what’s going on. In all of them, hooded crows (Corvus cornix) are associated with vicious cat fights.  And while the third video purports to show a crow “breaking up” a cat fight, that’s simply […]

Surrounded by 13 polar bears!

This clip, from BBC Earth, shows 13 specimens of Ursus maritimus, the world’s largest land carnivores. I presume these scientists had a rifle with them, just in case. (As the YouTube notes say, “Gordon Buchanan and his crew find themselves surrounded by thirteen cute but incredibly dangerous polar bears: cubs and their deadly mothers.”) Some […]