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America’s Fattest Bear

The Cut has a summary of Fat Bear Week: an annual competition among the grizzlies of Katmai National Park in Alaska to see who is the Bear of Greatest Size. But don’t worry, for this is healthy obesity—packing on pounds for the Winter Sleep. The website gives details: Fat Bear Week — a fleeting celebration of […]

Saturday duck report: A mallard fight at Botany Pond; sadness ensues

The soap opera continues at Botany Pond, culminating yesterday in a terrible duck fight between James and an invading drake, and then the apparent displacement of James from Honey’s affections by the new interloper duck.  That incident also included the interloper getting trapped in a window well, and me having to rescue him. But let’s […]

Father lion plays with cubs

Or rather, the cubs are playing with him. Either way or both, this is an adorable video, and a meet way to end the week. I need this because James has just been displaced as Honey’s mate by an interloper drake—after a bitter and vicious duck fight in the water (more tomorrow). This involved me […]

Animals eating pumpkin (and sports lagniappe)

Halloween will soon be upon us, and we’ll get lots of videos of animals eating pumpkin. You see it here first, with animals nomming pumpkins last year at Chicago’s Brookfield Zoo. The YouTube notes: Several of the animals at Brookfield Zoo near Chicago enjoyed Halloween treats on Friday. They included the western lowland gorillas; Hani, […]

Male lion roars, cubs try to imitate him

A friend posted this on Facebook, and I found a YouTube video showing the same scene. Here a roaring male lion (listen how he makes his calls resonate!) is imitated by his cubs. (Matthew asked, “But what is the male trying to say?” My answer is “These are MY cubs!”) The cubs can’t even come […]

Kiwi slapped in face with octopus by a seal

Reader Michael first called my attention to a video that’s all over the internet, but rightly so. After all, it shows a guy in a kayak paddling along peacefull, and all of a sudden a seal emerges from the water and slaps the guy in the face with an octopus! What the bloody hell is going […]

Pearlfish hides in sea cucumber’s butt

Just to end the work week, here’s a BBC video of one animal (a fish) hiding inside the nether orifice of another (an echinoderm).  A lot of people think this is gross, but being a biologist sort of immunizes you against that kind of reaction. And if you think it’s gross, you miss how interesting it […]

Mississippi flyway cam

Ducks in the central part of the U.S. migrate (when they do migrate) down the Mississippi Flyway, which is not only an obvious road South, but provides the wetlands and food that migrating ducks need. (Other birds of course also use this route, but for some reason I’m most concerned with ducks.) This map shows […]

A parrot sings “Oklahoma” in the shower

If you’re of a certain age, like me, you may know of the great Rodgers and Hammerstein musical Oklahoma!, which opened on Broadway in 1943. My parents had the original cast album, and I listened to it a lot as a kid, with the result that I know most of the songs by heart. Here’s […]

Whale watching and mass predation

Here are just a few photos and videos of our whale-watching trip that left from Moss Landing, California, and took four hours. I was accompanied by UCSC ecologist/ornithologist Bruce Lyon, who also showed us on this trip peregrines and the elephant seals I wrote about previously. Bruce has contributed many photo series to this site. […]