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Raccoon rides the Toronto subway

Some animal fun for the afternoon from Blog TO: a raccoon rides the Toronto subway, and just this morning! Toronto’s unofficial mascot was spotted on the TTC earlier today, to the surprise, amusement and chagrin of morning commuters. The raccoon was seen lurking around the subway platform sniffing at people’s feet before boarding the train at […]

Snapping shrimp and handstanding skunks

I have well over a thousand draft posts in a 51-page list on this site’s dashboard, and most of those posts will never appear, moving ever father back in the unrecovered past. But sometimes I go back a bit to see if I’ve forgotten anything cool. Today, on page 3, I found three nice animal videos, […]

Russian snow hare surfs avalanche – and survives

by Matthew Cobb As featured on the BBC Winterwatch programme, this video shows a Russian arctic hare getting caught up in an avalanche  triggered by a snowboarder. The hare runs across the onrushing snow, and manages to escape – just. Put it on full screen – it is really rather impressive. RT notes that this was […]

Afternoon squee

The pictures speak for themselves, but you can read more about it here. I’ll just add that these photos were taken in the wild, not in a zoo, and required 117 hours of observation by photographer Daisy Gilardini to get the shots. It was worth the waiting!

A spandrel for the panda

Everything in D.C., so I hear, has been shut down by The Big Storm.  But at least one creature is enjoying the weather: h/t: Matthew Cobb for tw**t

Dance of the baby stringrays

From reader Gina. Be sure you watch past the beginning:

Convergent migration strategies in birds (an excuse to show a cool bird gif)

There’s a new paper in the Proceedings of the Royal Society (B) by Frank La Sorte et al. about migration routes surveyed in 118 species of birds. I’ve only scanned it, as this is an excuse to show you a lovely new gif of bird migrations. But first the paper (reference at bottom; free download) and […]

Don’t mess with snapping turtles

Rochard Wilson was very foolish: h/t: Matthew Cobb

Wild rabbit falls in love with house bunny, pair tragically separated by a screen door

Here are the Heloise and Abelard of lagomorphs, as described in The Dodo and the video below.  A wild rabbit came by and was apparently smitten by a pet bunny named Pep. Sadly, the amorous coupling was not to be—foiled by a screen door. (The Dodo notes that wild rabbits can’t successfully breed with domesticated ones, […]

You won’t believe how this crazy spider tricks females into mating!

Yeah, I did it again—clickbait. It’s an experiment to see if I get more than ten comments on a science post. But this piece really does deserve an attention-getting headline, for the behavior of this spider, connected with its unique morphology, is astounding. You can read a short review in New Scientist, but I’m getting my facts […]


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