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Pair of elephants save calf from drowning

This incident, which must have happened yesterday, is going viral. The video shows two Indian elephants saving a drowning baby who fell into a pool in a Seoul zoo; they do it by working together to push the baby into the shallow end. There’s simply no doubt about their intentions. Sure, nature can be cruel, […]

The world’s worst sheepdog

Something has gone badly wrong here. Meet Nelson, who has things arse-backwards. Watch this very short video soon, as copies are being removed from YouTube: Surprisingly, there are about a half dozen contenders for the Worst Sheepdog Award, but I give this one the blue ribbon.

End of Saturday Squirrel

I’m busy at the INR meeting, and am putting the finishing touches on my talk for tomorrow. In the meantime, what a privilege it is to be the hiding place for a squirrel’s food (tw**t sent by Matthew Cobb, of course): I must hide this cheeto for later consumptionūüėĀ — Gaml .y (@m_yosry2012) June […]

Foxes hunting under snow

I’ve posted before on the amazing ability of foxes to find prey beneath a thick cover of snow, and on recent evidence¬†(see here as well) that they use the Earth’s magnetic field as a beam, achieving the greatest success by far when jumping (in Czechoslovakia) toward the north-northeast or (180¬į around) south-southwest. (Question: are the […]

Killer sea lion nabs little girl (she’s okay)

This video of a girl being dragged into the ocean by a sea lion (and then saved by her father) has gone viral, but perhaps there are a few people who haven’t seen it.¬†According to The Global News, the incident occurred at Steveston Wharf in Richmond, British Columbia: The video, captured by Vancouver resident Michael […]

Friday animals: Tired bird rests on head, sugar glider reaches for the skies

All I know of this short video is what’s in it: the boat is 16 miles offshore. I don’t know the species of the bird (readers?) nor whether it was migrating. But I’m glad it found a head to rest on. And here’s a video that’s been made into a great tw**t. This is surely […]

Red panda sees insect on rock

I wrote this in New Zealand on the 12th of April, but never posted it. Enjoy¬†the tw**t: I’m off to lecture at Massey University. I’ll be home in five days, and simply have no time to write meaty posts. In ¬†the meantime, enjoy this red panda¬†(Ailurus fulgens) reacting to seeing an insect on a rock, […]

When eating trumps breathing

My excuse for linking to HuffPo¬†UK: I found the video on another site and, looking for information about it, found a description on the Regressive Rag: A man named Joel Rosenthal discovered a family of raccoons living under his house, so he did the logical thing and made them internet stars. His first genius step […]

Bats use sonar to locate cactus flowers

Many cacti bloom at night, and that’s when the bats and moths¬†are available for pollination. But since most bats locate prey by echolocation via¬†sonar, how do they find the flowers? This is particularly crucial when those flowers stick out of cacti, for the bats approach the flower fast and hover before it while lapping nectar; […]

Beaver herds cattle: in Canada!

Ed Kroc sent this curious video taken in Ituna Saskatchewan and reported by the Regina Leader Post: Adrienne Ivey and her husband Aaron were out checking their 150 cattle near Ituna on Good Friday when they noticed something odd. The cattle were gathered together and walking slowly behind a beaver, with some of the heifers […]