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A year in the life of a log

Here’s a log in Pennsylvania, filmed by Robert Bush over a year.  In this five-minute film you’ll see nearly two dozen species using the log.  I particularly like the wood ducks and bobcats. Note as well the kingfisher beating its catch against the log. Thanks to reader Richard for the link.

Airport etiquette, and an example of how not to behave

Even HuffPost can occasionally publish something useful. After all, they put up gazillions of pieces, most of them garbage, but occasionally, due to the law of large numbers, one of them might be useful. This is one example, though I already knew that the ten behaviors they singled out here were rude. Rather, I thought […]

Asiatic lioness adopts leopard cub

by Greg Mayer A paper just published by Dheeraj Mittal and colleagues in Ecosphere reports an Asiatic lioness (Panthera leo persica) that adopted a leopard (Panthera pardus) cub, nursing and feeding it along with its own two cubs for six weeks. As WEIT readers know, Asiatic lions survive in only a single relict population in […]

Nature red in tooth, claw, and mandible: amazing behavior of predatory wasps, monkeys, lobsters, fish, and orcas

Here’s an 18-minute video from an old (1990) BBC “Trials of Life” series, featuring of course the inimitable Attenborough. I recommend viewing, as the behaviors on display are simply amazing. Granted, parts of this are more than a little bit grim for its theme is predation and parasitism. I had of course heard of potter […]

Golden snub-nosed monkey baby passed around the troop; every female gets a cuddle

Here’s a National Geographic video about the Golden snub-nosed monkey (Rhinopithecus roxellana)—a pretty accurate description of its appearance.  The baby comes in for some rough treatment when all the females want to hug it. Here’s its range (it’s endangered because of habitat loss): h/t: Vera

Birds that weave and sew

Here are a few videos of the amazing behaviors of some birds—birds that sew and birds that weave. After you see these, perhaps you won’t see the term “birdbrain” as pejorative. Here’s Orthotomus sutorius, the Common Tailorbird (not common in any way), a warbler-like passerine that lives in tropical Asia.  It has a stunning way […]

Reader’s wildlife videos

Tara Tanaka (Vimeo page here, Flickr page here) has graced us with two more of her videos, one very short. (I’ll see her, her famous blind, and her wetlands, the site of many of her videos, in March when I give a talk in Tallahassee.) Tara’s captions are indented, and be sure to play the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos: Stunning animal architecture

Nicky Bay is a superb photographer of small animals. I don’t think he’s technically a “reader” of this site, but I wanted to put his pictures under this category. Nicky has a Flickr site here, a Twitter page here, and a website, Macro Photography in Singapore, here. I’ve featured his photography three times on this […]

Juvenile striped eel catfish form a coordinated, roiling ball to avoid predation

Both Matthew and reader Dom sent me this link to The Colossal describing and showing another amazing animal behavior, this time in the striped eel catfish (Plotosus lineatus), a smallish species (average size about 14 cm) found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans, as well as the Mediterranean where it’s a recent invader. It’s the […]

A tweet: amazing behavior of ants and termites

Posting may be light today as I had to spend much of the morning in the Social Security Office securing a replacement card. These offices could be called the Waiting Room to Hell, because they’re crowded, ugly, uncomfortable, and the wait is long, even with an appointment. (A logistic error on their part made it […]