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Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributions today: frogs and birds. The first set (frogs) comes from reader Jonathan Wallace. All readers’ captions and IDs are indented. These pictures were taken at a small nature reserve near where I live (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK).  My wife and I visited a couple of times after dark this week enabling […]

Here’s the frog!

Did you spot the frog in Douglas Pew’s photo this morning? Here’s the reveal: Ha! Here is the frog, crouched near the bones of the unfortunate fellow. [A predecessor who didn’t get out.]

Spot the frog!

Reader Douglas Pew sent a “spot the. . ” photo, this time an amphibian. The first picture is the puzzle, while the second shows the rescued frog. As I finished clearing out the leaves of my window well I noticed this heretofore unseen inhabitant.  Either it leapt into the now leafless depression or I was […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Send in your photos, please. I’ve gotten some recent batches and have a backlog, but one can never have too many. Today’s batch comes from Aussie Tony Eales of Brisbane, whose notes are indented: It’s been a while since I sent any chordates and I do run across them occasionally when looking for more interesting […]

Reader’s wildlife photos

by Greg Mayer A corespondent from Florida sends the following photos from Fort Myers. First up, a giant or marine or cane toad (Bufo marinus) that is living under a beehive. In this first photo, you can see that the variegated coloring is fairly cryptic against the leaf litter background. Getting a little closer, a […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Tomorrow morning is the last time you’ll be able to send in readers’ wildlife photos or photos of yourself (“photos of readers”). Today we have a multi-photographer contribution, beginning with another chipmunk photo by Diana MacPherson. Everyone’s captions are indented. Probably the last Eastern chipmunk [Tamias striatus] of the season. This one was startled & […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Although I have a few more batches of wildlife photos to post, I’m running low, and may have to put up photos more sporadically. If you have good photos to send, by all means submit them. Today we have some diverse photos by regular Mark Sturtevant, whose flickr photo site is here. Mark’s notes are […]

Here are the frogs!

Did you spot any frogs in this morning’s challenge?  There are at least two, which I’ve circled, and there may be more. (If you spotted more, let us know.) Here’s Peter’s photo from Japan with two frogs circled. Enlarge the photo to get a better look:

Spot the frogs!

Reader Peter took this photo today, and it contains frogs. Can you find at least two? (I’ve seen two but no more.) Be sure to enlarge the photo for your hunt. I’ll post the reveal at noon Chicago time.  I’d call this one pretty difficult. If you saw them, let us know in the comments, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some reptile, bird, insect, and amphibian photos from reader, physicist, and origami artist Robert Lang. They were taken on a trip to Panama, where he was invited to lecture on origami. Robert’s notes are indented. We’ll start with the American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus). It prefers salinity, but they are fairly common throughout […]