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An extended beaverian phenotype

A beaver dam is probably the most famous example of an extended phenotype in nature, though on the sexual side one could mention the bowerbird’s bowers.  Here’s a video of beavers working on their ‘lodge’ or home, which is situated in the middle of the lake created by the dam. It was sent in by […]

World’s coolest sleeping cat

Reader Linda Grilli sent this photo, and although some of you may cry “Photoshop!”, Ceiling Cat tells me that this is real. Anybody have tales of weird cat sleeping locations?

Caturday felid trifecta: Saturday Hili, Kitty (and a hoomin) play a theremin, and a bizarre road sign in Moscow

First, of course, we must have today’s Hili Dialogue: A: Are you coming or going? Hili: I’m in the hall and I wonder: does it lead outside or to the kitchen? In Polish: Ja: Wchodzisz czy wychodzisz? Hili: Jestem w przedsionku i jeszcze się zastanawiam, czy on prowadzi na dwór czy do kuchni? ***** I’m […]

Diana Nyad completes her journey

Thank Ceiling Cat that there weren’t any jellyfish this time. Here’s a video of Diana Nyad finishing her 100+ mile swim from Cuba to Florida. Note that, as she walks her shore, her team forms a ring around her to prevent well-wishers from helping her ashore.  The rules for the swim required that she walk […]

She made it

Diana Nyad has completed her cage-free, 103-mile swim from Cuba to Florida. It took her 53 hours. The Chicago Tribune reports: Nyad, 64, was “really hurting” as she neared her destination of Key West some 48 hours after she set off from Havana, according to blog updates on her website. “I am about to swim […]

Diana Nyad is gonna make it!

My CNN News alert has just emailed me to say that swimmer Diana Nyad, who is 64, is only two miles shy of finishing her swim from Cuba to Florida.  The journal is 103 miles, she’s not in a shark cage, and this is her fifth attempt. Now she’s not the first person to do […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Col. Meow wins a prize, Monopoly adopts cat token, and kittens rescued from NYT subway

Thanks to the readers’ interest in cats, I’m being literally (not figuratively) inundated with feline-related items.  I have three for today. The first is a report that the famous internet cat Colonel Meow, one of the most bizarre-looking cats I’ve ever seen, has won the Guinness Book of World Records prize for having the longest measured […]

Gaming the system

As usual, I’d like to end the week on a high note. No scraps for this bear: he wants the whole damn dumpster! And he gets it.  Hooray for the animals who outwit us at every turn. h/t: Reed

2131 books go down

Only in Seattle (well, it could have happened in Portland, too). . . On May 31, the Seattle Public library, with the help of many volunteers, successfully created the world’s largest domino chain of falling books—2131 of them. As the YouTube site notes: The Seattle Public Library launched the 2013 Summer Reading Program by setting […]

Penn and Teller expose a trick

I like magic tricks, but I like even more knowing how they’re done, something that magicians are loath to reveal. Penn and Teller are an exception, and here they do a cool trick and then reprise it with transparent apparatus, exposing the ruse. This takes good timing on the part of both magicians and substantial […]