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World’s oldest albatross gives birth—at age 63!

UPDATE: I mistakenly used last year’s article instead of this year’s. The fact is that, according to EarthSky, Wisdom produced another chick in early February of this year—at age 63! Here’s the photo of her with her offspring: She looks great for an old bird, doesn’t she? h/t to Reader Grania, who corrected me and […]

The Big Jump

This video of Felix’s Baumgartner’s famous 24-mile jump to Earth was posted on January 31 of this year and has already garnered over twelve million views. The new aspect of this video is that it’s filmed largely by GoPro cameras affixed to the jumper. Reader Jon, who sent me the link to the video, adds […]

Evolution of the door

Reader Gunnar called my attention to this really cool door, one that I’d love to have.  His comment was this: This is smart.  Off topic, but celebratory of human beings’ endless ability to re-create beautifully.  I’d love to know how the curiosity, thoughts, ideas, and pictures developed in this inventor’s mind.  

Woman pregnant with baby and cat!

Like God, Ceiling Cat can apparently impregnate women. Greg Mayer has been checking out this now-viral ultrasound scan from imgur: it first appeared last year, and there is no overt evidence that it has been Photoshopped. Yep, there’s a cat in there. . . This is the first in a “spot the cat for dummies” series (the […]

Another Alex Honnold climb

Alex Honnold, whom I’ve featured on this site before, is probably the best rock climber on Earth, and here’s a slo-mo video showing part of his recent free solo climb of a huge wall in Mexico. The YouTube notes say this: On January 15th, 2014, Alex Honnold made the first free solo ascent of El […]

Didga the cat on a remote-controlled skateboard—and a cat contest reminder

Business first: remember that the Cat Confession Contest closes this Sunday (Jan. 26) at 5 p.m. Chicago time. Email your entries to me; and remember—the confession must be honest. We have several dozen entries already, and I have to say that nearly all of them are hilarious. Now for the pleasure: your end-of-the-week Felid Reward, […]

The unbelievable tenacity of mice

This is part II of our one-day series on rodents tenacious in search of noms. The mouse won’t leave without that cracker (or whatever it is; some Russian-speaker please translate). via: Jezebel

The unbearable cleverness of squirrels

I guess I’ve got squirrels on the brain today, probably because they’re eating like gluttons, probably putting on fat for the winter. Matthew sent me this video showing the ingenuity of our favorite rodent.  As he said, “From a BBC programme in 1991. My kids had this on video and used to chortle with delight […]

Ohio State band does the Hollywood blockbusters

This wonderful video of the Ohio State University marching band performing at halftime of OSU’s game with Penn State was made just last Saturday, but already has over four million views on YouTube. Watch and see why. It’s a tribute to Hollywood’s blockbusters. Don’t miss the T. rex nomming the bandleader; that parts starts at […]

An extended beaverian phenotype

A beaver dam is probably the most famous example of an extended phenotype in nature, though on the sexual side one could mention the bowerbird’s bowers.  Here’s a video of beavers working on their ‘lodge’ or home, which is situated in the middle of the lake created by the dam. It was sent in by […]