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On creativity

I keep having weird dreams at night in Dobrzyn (typical of when I’m traveling), and keep forgetting them, as one is wont to do when you wake up and then go back to sleep. If I write them down, that act just keeps me awake for a long time, so I really need some kind […]

You won’t believe this girl’s amazing memory!

Yes, it’s clickbait; I like to do that sometimes even though it doesn’t work on this site.  At any rate, here are two videos from the Steve Harvey program showing a girl (or woman; I don’t know at what age the name is supposed to change) performing a fantastic feat of memory. Steve shuffles a […]

Last post of the workweek: ducks and skipping

It’s the end of the week and a heavy thunderstorm in Chicago has become a hot and humid day. To end the week, I’ll first show how my mallard ducklings have grown. This picture, with Mother Duck, was taken on May 31 when they were fuzzy little shavers: And this picture was taken today: June […]