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Elaine Ecklund publishes more Templeton-funded accomodationism: “many scientists aren’t atheists”

The sociologist Elaine Ecklund is on a mission, one funded by Templeton: to show that scientists are more religious than most people think, and that the general perception of a conflict between science and religion is overblown. I don’t care so much about the perception of conflict (though according to a recent Pew poll, 59% […]

A religious philosopher argues that New Atheism and fundamentalism are “secretly sympathetic”; offers lame reconciliation between science and faith

UPDATE On both and PsyPost, I’ve made a comment calling attention to the post below, and in both cases the comment has either not been accepted or has been expunged. Here’s the comment that wasn’t accepted: As you see, my comment wasn’t nasty or strident, but they were obviously too hot for these cowardly […]

A teaser for BioLogos’s “Big Story” (i.e., more toxic mixing of science and faith)

What “a miracle of love and creativity” is Homo sapiens!! Or so we’re told by this BioLogos flak in a video describing the organization’s new and super secret Big Project (possibly funded by Templeton). All we know from this teaser is the following (from the flak’s quote): “What if we told that Grand Biblical narrative with the […]

Templeton’s at it again, wasting money promoting Christianity

Not long ago, an executive with the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) invited me to dinner on his dime. His aim was twofold: to discuss my latest book, which he was going to review (clearly not positively!), and, more important, to convince me that I had the Foundation all wrong: that it wasn’t really interested in advancing religion, […]

Anthony Grayling chastises Oxford for holding a Templeton “philosophy” conference on the Trinity

I reported earlier (see here and here), that the Templeton World Charity Foundation (TWCF), as well as two seemingly reputable philosophical societies (the Analysis Trust and the Aristotelian Society), are sponsoring a conference in Oxford next March on “The Metaphysics of the Trinity: New Directions“. This is part of a larger TWCF project on “Metaphysics of Entanglement,” which of […]

Studying the Trinity: More dollars wasted by Templeton and philosophy groups

Here’s part of an email announcement sent out by the “Philosophy Admin” of Oxford University, which may mean (but may not) that this ridiculous conference, part of an initiative that I’ve mentioned before, has the blessing of Oxford University. It certainly has the blessing of the Templeton World Charity foundation, the Analysis Trust (publishers of the reputable […]

Rosenhouse on Ruse on atheism

The amiable and temperate Jason Rosenhouse has cut way back on posting on his Evolutionblog, which is a great pity as he always had thoughtful and substantive things to say. Perhaps he’s tired or writing or is occupied with other things, and I can understand that; but I’d like to see him to post a bit more often than […]

A bishop in L.A. is fed up with scientism

Yesterday’s Los Angeles Times has an op-ed by Robert Barron called “The myth of the eternal war between science and religion.” Barron happens to be the Auxilary Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Los Angeles, and is somewhat of a religious media star, with a YouTube channel, his own ministry (Word on Fire), and lots […]

Accommodationism at the American Astronomical Society

Here’s an abstract from a current meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS), along with a transcript below if you don’t have a magnifying glass. This was sent to me by an attendee (who wishes to remain anonymous) of the annual meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences of the AAS. When I read this, I was flummoxed: why […]

Mr. Deity on the incompatibility of science and religion

Reader jsp sent me this new Brian Dalton video, “Science and Religion are Mortal Enemies (Part I)”, saying it was “right up my alley.”  In fact it is, as it emphasizes one big difference between science and faith—the value of doubt and questioning—that I discuss in Faith versus Fact. Dalton’s correct in saying that it’s too […]


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