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Krauss promotes “militant atheism”—in the New Yorker, of all places

Well, you could have knocked me over with a feather when I heard that Lawrence Krauss had published a piece called “All scientists should be militant atheists“—and in The New Yorker, a venue not known for antagonism to religion. It’s amazing! Not only that, but look again at the shrill and strident title. But Krauss […]

Templeton hosts a biology-and-faith conference where the outcome is—surprise!—predetermined

As I claim in FvF, the largest monetary force behind accommodationism in the U.S. is the Templeton Foundation, which hands out millions of dollars annually to blur the borders between faith and fact. In my latest book I put the net worth of the Foundation at 1.5 billion dollars, but after FvF was in press I […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Elaine Ecklund

This weeks Jesus and Mo strip raises the burning question: Has the Templeton Foundation paid off Moses?

An unholy alliance: Templeton and BioLogos

Readers know well that I’m a frequent critic of the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) and BioLogos, both of which are accommodationist groups that try to harmonize science and religion. I’m not alone in my criticism, at least of the JTF: others in my camp include physicist Sean Carroll, philosopher Dan Dennett, and Richard Dawkins. Here’s a […]

Accommodationism in Nature: A prestigious scientific journal lauds the Pope on global warming, neglects his retrograde stance on birth control

Many people were excited by Pope Francis’s Encyclical on Global Warming, for Francis acknowledged that global warming is largely caused by humans, and also has a disproportionate effect on the poor. Although I’m not sure how much a Pope’s words on such issues can affect public policy, especially given the inertia of nations and the influence of […]

Templeton keeps up the woo

My science friends who criticize me for going after the John Templeton foundation too critically, saying to me, “Hey, they fund real science and not just woo,” should have a look at this 6-minute video (click on screenshot) called “Science and the Big Questions”.  It shows how reputable scientists like Brian Greene (physics) and Martin […]

The Agenda: Science vs. religion

The Agenda television show broadcast yesterday on TVO is now archived at this site, but you can see the individual segments in order by clicking on the screenshots below. The theme of Steve Paikin’s show was “Science, Religion, and Atheism.” I went first, with the segment described like this: Since Galileo’s lifetime house arrest in 1632 for his […]

Are any criticisms of theism kosher? (Open Thread)

by Grania Spingies In the wake of complaints such as this one and angry reviews of Jerry’s new book Faith vs. Fact, one has to wonder whether any criticism of theism is acceptable or valid to a believer. One of the complaints that irks Jerry the most is the charge that he – or indeed we […]

Eugenie Scott and Ruth Bancewicz hold a science-religion lovefest

Over at Premier Christian Radio (!), Eugenie Scott, former director of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), and Ruth Bancewicz, a research associate at the Templeton-funded Faraday Institute for Science and Religion at Cambridge University (and author of the new book God in the Lab: How Science Enhances Faith) have an 80-minute discussion called “Unbelievable? Is faith […]

A graphic demonstration of the incompatibility between science and religion

Reader Chris sent me this graphic, which has apparently just been shared over 800,000 times on Facebook: Now imagine the word “Christian” replaced by “scientist”. Such a person would be ridiculed as being close-minded and impervious to reason. Is refusal to examine counterevidence really something to be proud of?  


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