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Robert Wright’s rant against New Atheism

On his Templeton-funded “MeaningofLife.TV” site, Robert Wright fulminates about New Atheism (click on screenshot below). I’m pleased to see that both Krauss and I are included on Murderers Row along with the remains of the Horsepersons (sadly, Wright identifies me as a “paleontologist,” which is bizarre.) His beef: New Atheists lack “intellectual humility,” instantiated by their […]

AAAS refuses to consider population growth as a cause of environmental degradation, and promotes Catholic point of view

I’ve had my worries about the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), especially its cozying up to religion. They’ve collaborated with Templeton in funding an accommodationist program, the Dialogue on Science, Ethics, and Religion (DoSer), and have engaged in other religion-coddling activities unseemly for a secular science organization (see, for instance, here, here, here, and […]

Was Carl Sagan an accommodationist?

The PuffHo Religion and Science page is a real hoot—if you can stand its endless and annoying attempts to reconcile the two areas. It’s relentlessly accommodationist and invariably silly. Although the posts aren’t frequent, I saw a newer one today, which is both funny and sleazy, as it misrepresents Sagan’s views on religion. The piece is “Listen to Carl Sagan […]

Nautilus is supported by Templeton

Just a note so you’ll know: the Nautilus online magazine is partly supported by the John Templeton Foundation. I wasn’t aware of that (correction: see below), and I’ve seen articles on the site by people who, like me, won’t take Templeton dosh; they might not have been aware of who’s behind it all. From the site: Maybe that’s […]

Templeton invades the World Science Festival (again)

Every year the World Science Festival, organized by physicist Brian Greene and CEO Tracy Day, gets a dollop of cash from Templeton (the sponsors are here), and every year it has a few “Big Ideas” Symposia directly sponsored by Templeton. Most of the ones for this year (program here) look fairly tame, but then there’s […]

Angry Cat Man vs. The Sophisticated Theologian™

My adventures as an unrealistically muscular Angry Cat Man continue, as depicted by reader Pliny the in Between on the website Evolving Perspectives. I give you “Super Felid Vision Among the Stacks“. You might recognize my masked adversary. Click to enlarge; you might want to see the titles:  

The science versus religion issue in five words

Reader Randy E. found this on tw**er, and it’s pretty funny: Of course “pics” here means “reliable evidence,” as of course there was no photography when most religions arose. But just think how many words theologians have written to circumvent this criticism!

A new tee shirt for me

As if the “Angry Cat Man” tees shirt wasn’t enough, reader Pliny the in Between has designed another shirt—this time an anti-accommodationist one. He/she should really sell these! From Evolving Perspectives (click to enlarge):

Tom Todesca responds to my critique of his accommodationist comic

A while back, I wrote a critique of a project proposed by Tommaso Todesca and his colleagues: a comic book (or “graphic novel” if you will) designed to make the point that science and religion are fully compatible. (I found a description of the project on PuffHo.) Todesca a Catholic of Italian extraction and a wealthy […]

New article claims that science is killing religion

It’s refreshing to see an anti-accommodationist piece like the one published by Ross Pomeroy in Real Clear Science: “Will science drive religion extinct?” The piece violates Betteridge’s Law of Headlines (“Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no“), for Pomeroy’s answer is clearly “yes.” He first adduces data that […]