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Sunday funnies

Here’s two new cartoons by reader Pliny the in Between from his/her website Evolving Perspectives. The first one’s called “Accommodation made easy.” Does the faitheist look familiar? And this one is “Seat Map“. Careful inspection and an acquaintance with this site’s news will show all:  

The Smithsonian does theology: sets up committee to promote accommodationism and show no disparity between religious and scientific views of human origins

The National Museum of Natural History, part of the government’s Smithsonian Institution, has a nice traveling exhibit on human evolution called “Exploring human origins: what does it mean to be human?“. Well, the first three words would have sufficed, as I’m not sure whether the question “What does it mean to be a human?” has an […]

Contest: guess the winner of the 2016 Templeton Prize

As the announcement below notes (click screenshot for full announcement), the winner of the £1.1 million 2016 Templeton Prize (full name: “The Templeton Prize for Progress Toward Research or Discoveries about Spiritual Realities”, historically awarded to those who espouse comity between science and religion, will be announced March 2. Click the screenshot below to go to […]

NY Times editor proclaims that science and religion are compatible

  I’ve long maintained that both the New Yorker and the New York Times are unconscionably soft on religion, even though I suspect that many of their writers and editors are atheists. (A welcome exception is Lawrence Krauss’s recent New Yorker essays on atheism, such as this one). But the good gray Times remains a resolute “believer in belief”— […]

Are science and religion compatible?: a discussion TONIGHT between Larry Moran and Denis Alexander

Tonight there will be a debate at 7 p.m. on the topic of accommodationism: the announcement is below, and if you’re not in Toronto, you can watch it live on YouTube (see below). The participants are Denis Alexander, one of the more amusing accommodationists I’ve read, and Larry Moran, an evolutionary biologist and biochemist at […]

Simon Conway Morris drinks the Jesus Kool-Aid: human ability to do math proves God

If you’ve followed the career of Simon Conway Morris, the famous Cambridge paleontologist, you’ll know about his work on the Burgess Shale as well as his refutation of Stephen Jay Gould’s thesis that the animals in that formation represented fundamentally novel phyla that died out due solely to “historical contingency.” You might also know that Conway […]

Blackford vs. Pigliucci: scientism, religion, and the “demarcation problem”

Ah, the philosphy fracas continues! First Russell Blackford wrote a laudatory review of Faith versus Fact for Talking Philosophy. Then Massimo Pigliucci, who never fails to remind us that he has three—count them, three—doctorates, and is therefore more qualified than anyone to assess both philosophy and biology, took out after Russell’s review—without having read my […]

Surprise! National Public Radio touts unrepentant atheism, defends the idea that atheist lives have meaning

At last! After years of assailing our ears with the wet smacking of faith-osculation and the unbearable blather of Krista Tippett, National Public Radio (NPR) has published a piece defending atheism and dismantling one of the commonest criticisms tendered by the Unthinking Faithful: atheism sucks the meaning out of life. And I’m proud to see that the […]

Massimo Pigliucci takes out after Russell Blackford and me

Over at Philosopher’s Magazine (PM) online, Massimo Pigliucci takes it upon himself to review Russell Blackford’s review of my book Faith versus Fact—without in fact having read my book itself (his review is called “In defense of accommodationism: on the proper relationship between science and religion”).  Now I’ve done something like that before, but I’ve tried to […]

Russell Blackford on science, religion, accommodationism, and Faith Versus Fact

Over at the “Cogito” (philosophy) section of The Conversation website, Brother Russell Blackford discusses (and dismisses) the compatibility of science and religion in a short essay called “Against accomodationism: How science undermines religion.” A substantial part of his piece is also a review of Faith Versus Fact, which I’m happy to see is positive. I won’t summarize Russell’s […]


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