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If science doesn’t make a case for God, what does?

Over at PuffHo Religion, we see a smart rabbi go wrong. The rabbi is Geoffey A. Mitelman, founder of an organization called “Sinai and Synapses,” whose motto is this: To my chagrin, that organization offers programs like “Scientifically grounded Judaism,” which makes sense only if they purge Judaism of everything that’s not scientific. And if […]

Obama still refuses to describe Islamic terrorism as “Islamic”

If you’ve heard the speeches and comments about terrorism that President Obama has issued over the past week, you’ll have noticed an obvious omission: there’s virtually no mention of religion or Islam as a factor in the terrorist acts of individuals or groups like ISIS. When the President does mention religion, he disavows that it has any connection with terrorism, and […]

Another Catholic defends the historicity of Adam and Eve

When I was in Mississippi last week, I was once again given Catholicism as an example of a faith that has no problem with evolution. I politely disagreed, noting that the Church’s official doctrine accepts Adam and Eve as humanty’s literal ancestors, that Catholicism sees humans as evolutionarily special since God vouchsafed us a soul, and that the […]

Saudi preacher proves that the Earth is immobile

Here’s another two-minute MEMRI clip showing the clash between the Qur’an and science. In this case the preacher doesn’t even try to reconcile the discrepancies, but just punts on the science. He asserts, in response to a written question, that the Earth doesn’t move, and by that he means it neither rotates on its axis […]

Muhammad on flies and disease: the scientific wisdom of the Qur’an and hadith

In my readings for The Albatross on how Muslims reconcile science and the Qur’an, I found a strong strain (not so prevalent in Christianity) of sycretism, or rather what I call “coincidentalism,” an accommodaitonist tactic I describe in my book. Muslims will parse the Qur’an or the hadith, find something that sounds vaguely scientific, and then […]

Ordering Faith versus Fact (i.e., do it now, please)

A kindly reader emailed me some information that I decided to investigate, to wit: It would be a good idea to encourage everybody who follows WEIT and who intends to make the purchase not to wait, but to pre-order. Your readers will help the book gain the attention of many more readers by pre-ordering at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, […]

Dan Brown the accommodationist

Dan Brown, author of the Dan Vinci Code (a book I read during a week’s vacation in Devon since it was the only literature available in the rental home), seems to be a pretty smart guy, even though I wasn’t keen on that book. His intelligence is palpable in the video below, which shows about half […]

Lawrence Krauss rebuts “Science increasingly makes the case for God”

On Christmas Day of last year, the Wall Street Journal published a short piece by Eric Metaxas called “Science increasingly makes the case for God” (The subtitle is “The odds of life existing on another planet grow ever longer. Intelligent design, anyone?”). If the WSJ link takes you to the subscription page, just Google the […]

Philosopher Maarten Boudry shows the incompatibility between science and religion—in the pages of NCSE Reports

Although I’m an admirer of the anticreationism work of the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), I’m not a fan of their pervasive accommodationism. They not only have a “faith project” designed to show that science and religion are compatible, but their writers and employees regularly defend the view that science and the supernatural are […]

My New Republic piece on the unnecessary death of Makayla Sault

I’ve rewritten Tuesday’s post on the death of First Nations child Makayla Sault. a martyr to her parents’ faith and the political correctness of the Canadian government (as well as the cowardice of some Canadian doctors); and it’s been published by The New Republic. The rewritten piece is called “A little girl died because Canada chose […]


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