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National Geographic allows Francis Collins to spout theology in its pages

Okay, this really burns my onions: the latest National Geographic has a piece by Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, in both the paper and online version: “Why I’m a man of science—and faith.” Aside from science popularizers like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Collins is probably America’s most visible (and certainly its most powerful) scientist—and […]

BBC hosts debate on whether and where the Dalai Lama will reincarnate

What the bloody hell is up with the BBC? Reader Steve (with the side comment “fookin idjits!”) called my attention to a discussion on the BBC News site in which four people debate whether and where the present Dalai Lama will reincarnate. That’s like the Beeb having a serious debate on whether Xenu stored preserved […]

British primary school prevents kids from watching eclipse because it might offend their faith

Speaking of religion in Britain, here is some news that’s been widely reported on secular sites, so I won’t dwell on it long. But it does show how ridiculous the British school system is when it comes to religion. Not only are there faith-based schools—an offense to an enlightened democracy—but there are also state-run “council” schools like North […]

The BBC coddles faith, falsely claims harmony between science and religion

There’s a new accommodationist piece on the BBC’s website called “Can religion and science bury the hatchet?” It’s written by Caroline Wyatt, the Beeb’s Religious Affairs Correspondent, and of course the answer to her question is “YES!” When reader Jim sent me the link to her piece, his email was headed, “There’s £700,000 down the drain then”, […]

The eclipse with lagniappe: the International Space Station goes by!

Here’s a swell time-lapse picture and real-time video of today’s solar eclipse that fortuitously captured a transit of the ISS. Photo and video by Thierry Legault from the Real Time Eclipse Gallery. Legault’s words; I had to drive a lot trying to find clear sky, finally the sky was covered with thick high clouds but I […]

Elaine Ecklund still taking Templeton cash to show that science and religion are compatible

Oh Lord, Elaine Ecklund is at it again. And by “it,” I mean “taking money from the Templeton Foundation, making a survey, and then interpreting the data to show what Templeton wants: a finding that science and religion are in harmony.” Ecklund’s latest efforts, which haven’t yet been published but were the subject of a talk at the American […]

Mirabile dictu: Krauss publishes pro-science and anti-religion piece in The New Yorker

It’s well known to us New Yorker fans that the magazine doesn’t much countenance criticism of religion. That’s always baffled me since it’s a magazine run by left-leaning New Yorkers. And I wish they’d get with the Zeitgeist: their current avoidance of the issue not only enables superstition, but bucks the tide of increasing secularism in America. There’s a […]

If science doesn’t make a case for God, what does?

Over at PuffHo Religion, we see a smart rabbi go wrong. The rabbi is Geoffey A. Mitelman, founder of an organization called “Sinai and Synapses,” whose motto is this: To my chagrin, that organization offers programs like “Scientifically grounded Judaism,” which makes sense only if they purge Judaism of everything that’s not scientific. And if […]

Obama still refuses to describe Islamic terrorism as “Islamic”

If you’ve heard the speeches and comments about terrorism that President Obama has issued over the past week, you’ll have noticed an obvious omission: there’s virtually no mention of religion or Islam as a factor in the terrorist acts of individuals or groups like ISIS. When the President does mention religion, he disavows that it has any connection with terrorism, and […]

Another Catholic defends the historicity of Adam and Eve

When I was in Mississippi last week, I was once again given Catholicism as an example of a faith that has no problem with evolution. I politely disagreed, noting that the Church’s official doctrine accepts Adam and Eve as humanty’s literal ancestors, that Catholicism sees humans as evolutionarily special since God vouchsafed us a soul, and that the […]


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