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Was Carl Sagan an accommodationist?

The PuffHo Religion and Science page is a real hoot—if you can stand its endless and annoying attempts to reconcile the two areas. It’s relentlessly accommodationist and invariably silly. Although the posts aren’t frequent, I saw a newer one today, which is both funny and sleazy, as it misrepresents Sagan’s views on religion. The piece is “Listen to Carl Sagan […]

Nautilus is supported by Templeton

Just a note so you’ll know: the Nautilus online magazine is partly supported by the John Templeton Foundation. I wasn’t aware of that (correction: see below), and I’ve seen articles on the site by people who, like me, won’t take Templeton dosh; they might not have been aware of who’s behind it all. From the site: Maybe that’s […]

Templeton invades the World Science Festival (again)

Every year the World Science Festival, organized by physicist Brian Greene and CEO Tracy Day, gets a dollop of cash from Templeton (the sponsors are here), and every year it has a few “Big Ideas” Symposia directly sponsored by Templeton. Most of the ones for this year (program here) look fairly tame, but then there’s […]

Angry Cat Man vs. The Sophisticated Theologian™

My adventures as an unrealistically muscular Angry Cat Man continue, as depicted by reader Pliny the in Between on the website Evolving Perspectives. I give you “Super Felid Vision Among the Stacks“. You might recognize my masked adversary. Click to enlarge; you might want to see the titles:  

The science versus religion issue in five words

Reader Randy E. found this on tw**er, and it’s pretty funny: Of course “pics” here means “reliable evidence,” as of course there was no photography when most religions arose. But just think how many words theologians have written to circumvent this criticism!

A new tee shirt for me

As if the “Angry Cat Man” tees shirt wasn’t enough, reader Pliny the in Between has designed another shirt—this time an anti-accommodationist one. He/she should really sell these! From Evolving Perspectives (click to enlarge):

Tom Todesca responds to my critique of his accommodationist comic

A while back, I wrote a critique of a project proposed by Tommaso Todesca and his colleagues: a comic book (or “graphic novel” if you will) designed to make the point that science and religion are fully compatible. (I found a description of the project on PuffHo.) Todesca a Catholic of Italian extraction and a wealthy […]

New article claims that science is killing religion

It’s refreshing to see an anti-accommodationist piece like the one published by Ross Pomeroy in Real Clear Science: “Will science drive religion extinct?” The piece violates Betteridge’s Law of Headlines (“Any headline that ends in a question mark can be answered by the word no“), for Pomeroy’s answer is clearly “yes.” He first adduces data that […]

Templeton wastes $11 million in attempt to change evolutionary biology

For some time, a group of biologists have been promoting the idea that the Modern Synthetic Theory of Evolution (which they call “Standard Evolutionary Theory,” or SET) is incomplete in major ways, and needs a reboot. Their main contention is that the SET is too “gene-centric”, and ignores environmental factors—like non-genetic developmental plasticity, epigenetic modification,  and ‘niche […]

Oy! An accommodationist comic book

Excuse me; I should have said “graphic novel” in the title, but I can barely bring myself to describe this venture as having the gravitas of real graphic novels like Maus or The Rabbi’s Cat. The bad news is that the science-and-faith-are-friends juggernaut is rolling on. The good news is that this project may not reach […]