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Vote for the kakapo Lego set

Kakapos (Strigops habroptila), as you should know by now, are the world’s only flightless parrot, and as such—and being residents of once-predator-free New Zealand—are highly endangered, and have been moved to predator-free islands to try to keep the species going. They are also adorable, as well as being horny. Here is perhaps the most popular […]

Alan Lightman spouts accommodationist nonsense on PBS

Alan Lightman is an accomplished physicist and writer who has produced a ton of books, both fiction and nonfiction (I much enjoyed Einstein’s Dreams), and is Professor of the Practice of the Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His joint interest in science and the humanities is admirable, but if this video is any evidence, […]

Religion as therapy: Stephen Asma doesn’t care whether it’s true as long as it makes us feel better.

In its slow movement towards Regressive Leftism, the New York Times has just made a quantum leap: a really bad op-ed piece for “The Stone” philosophy column that, as Authoritarian Leftists are wont to do, coddles religion. One would think that such Leftists would be rational and not spend a lot of time touting the […]

Accommodationism at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation

I thought that, by and large, Aussies were nonreligious, though I’m aware of the hold that the church has on certain Australian states. I’m also aware that the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is the national public television network—an organ of the government. And its website has just published a pretty dire piece—in its “Science” section, […]

A mis-misconception about evolution

I may have written about this this before, but reader Ivar just called it to my attention, so it’s worth going over again. The “Understanding Evolution” website produced by the University of California at Berkeley is an excellent resource, and is especially good for its list of “misconceptions about evolution” page. There are eight categories […]

Did someone make science and religion compatible?

Apparently so. This article, sent to me by reader Snowy Owl, appeared on Quartz (click on screenshot to read it): And the first sentence notes that “bridging the gap” means making science and religion compatible: Katharine Hayhoe is here to challenge the idea that science and faith are incompatible. Okay, well, I’ll bite. How does […]

Stephen Hawking to rest in Westminster Abbey, whose Dean touts it to demonstrate the comity of science and faith

The BBC has announced that Stephen Hawking’s ashes will be interred in Westminster Abbey, next to the grave of Sir Isaac Newton. People can argue about whether he deserves such an honor given that other scientists and artists, some of whom were atheists and Nobel Laureates (e.g., Francis Crick) are buried elsewhere—in Crick’s case at […]

Templeton gives millions of dollars to promote “intellectual humility”

Perhaps readers can help me out with this one. First, remember that the goal of the John Templeton Foundation (JTF) has always been what its namesake specified in its will—Sir John’s money was to be used to promote the use of science as a way of helping make “spiritual discoveries”, i.e., entangling fact and faith. […]

More accommodationism at “The Conversation”

I think it’s time I contributed an article to The Conversation showing why science and religion are incompatible, as that site appears to be very soft on faith. As I wrote last year in a piece called “The Conversation kisses the rump of religion again“: I thought that The Conversation was largely a news and scholarly opinion […]

Ethan Siegel damns those who claim that science and religion are incompatible

Reader Steve sent me an email with a link and his comment: “I enjoy reading Ethan Siegel’s posts. This one goes a bit too far in support of religion in my opinion.”  I didn’t really know who Siegel was, but he’s apparently pretty well known: his Wikipedia bio describes him as is “an American theoretical astrophysicist and science writer, […]