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Religiosity and atheism: American scientists versus American public

There’s one sociologist who has made her name solely on accommodationism—funded by Templeton, of course. That’s Elaine Ecklund of Rice University, whose 2010 book Science vs. Religion: What Scientists Really Think, is a masterpiece of spinning one’s data to fit one’s ideology (and pecuniary master), namely, that scientists are more religious than one thinks. On […]

AAAS continues its incursion into accommodationism and theology

UPDATE: Dr. Swamidass has responded to my criticisms in a comment below (here), but my concerns are not allayed, as you can see from my response. _______________ The American Association for the Advancement of Science is America’s most famous umbrella organization for scientists, and publishes the influential journal Science. In the past few years, though, […]

Once again: Was Einstein religious?

Yesterday I reported on the new sale of an old letter by Albert Einstein in which the great man, after reading a religious book, wrote to its author and averred that he, Einstein, didn’t believe in God, the Bible, or the claims of religion. The letter was written in German, and contained a translation into […]

Einstein’s letter impugning religion, scripture, and the idea of God goes up for sale again

UPDATE: I wrote about this letter six years ago when it was up for sale, but forgot (my post is here). At that time commenter Wolfgang, a German speaker, said that most translations of this letter, including this one are somewhat inaccurate, in particular that the phrase “childish superstition” is simply not in the letter, […]

The AAAS commits the naturalistic fallacy (and gets the insect wrong!)

The American Association for the Advancement of Science is sending us all frequent emails urging us to join; perhaps they’re short of cash. (I’m not a member, as I oppose their DoSER program that tries to reconcile science and religion.) The AAAS often uses current events, like Trump’s election (they don’t do this explicitly, but […]

Templeton-sponsored accommodationist cartoon in Nautilus

Reader Michael called my attention to a comic-book presentation of accommodationism at the website Nautilus, a site founded and apparently still funded by the John Templeton Foundation. Click on the screenshot if  you want to see this heavy-handed presentation: The comic highlights a new venture, Science and Religion: Exploring the Spectrum (SRES), which is sponsored by the Templeton […]

William Lane Craig waffles on Adam and Eve

I’m both amused and bemused by William Lane Craig’s latest “Monthly Report” on his Reasonable Doubts website, a report that deals with a “Creation Project” conference he attended. Click on the screenshot to see the report: The meeting was a Dabar Conference called “Reclaiming theological anthropology in an age of science“, with the aim of  “orienting […]

Vote for the kakapo Lego set

Kakapos (Strigops habroptila), as you should know by now, are the world’s only flightless parrot, and as such—and being residents of once-predator-free New Zealand—are highly endangered, and have been moved to predator-free islands to try to keep the species going. They are also adorable, as well as being horny. Here is perhaps the most popular […]

Alan Lightman spouts accommodationist nonsense on PBS

Alan Lightman is an accomplished physicist and writer who has produced a ton of books, both fiction and nonfiction (I much enjoyed Einstein’s Dreams), and is Professor of the Practice of the Humanities at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His joint interest in science and the humanities is admirable, but if this video is any evidence, […]

Religion as therapy: Stephen Asma doesn’t care whether it’s true as long as it makes us feel better.

In its slow movement towards Regressive Leftism, the New York Times has just made a quantum leap: a really bad op-ed piece for “The Stone” philosophy column that, as Authoritarian Leftists are wont to do, coddles religion. One would think that such Leftists would be rational and not spend a lot of time touting the […]