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Bogus accommodationism: The return of Adam and Eve as real people, as proposed by a wonky quasi-scientific theory

If you’re a liberal Christian scientist (no, not the Mary Baker Eddy kind, but the profession), and would like to persuade more fundamentalist Christians that evolution really happened, what do you do? Well, Joshua Swamidass at Washington University, with the help of his secular friend scientist Nathan Lents (a professor of biology at John Jay […]

Bret Weinstein unfairly disses evolutionary biology (and New Atheism)

While Bret Weinstein is a stalwart champion of free speech and progressivism because of his brave behavior at Evergreen State, his views on evolution often seem to me to be pretty wonky. And not just biology: look at these tweets he exchanged with Sam Harris: I’m a “New Atheist,” and I don’t know what you’re […]

A Templeton-funded researcher recommends five books on science and religion. Guess what take they have?

Five Books is generally a good site, and I’ve done at least two interviews with them. The site’s object is a good one: to get an expert in some field to recommend five books in their area of expertise, books from which the general public could profit. I did interviews about evolution and the incompatibility […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ accommodationism

Good luck: today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “wins”, has a caption with a link: Maybe they need to try the Discovery Institute? I can’t resist saying that religion has never revealed an empirical fact that science alone couldn’t find, despite God having many opportunities to do so. For example, Scripture could have said (assuming it […]

Templeton wastes more than $12 million

You want to see millions of dollars wasted—most of them in a desperate attempt to reconcile science and religion? Look no further than this monthly report of grants given by the John Templeton Foundation, or JTF (click on the screenshot): If you go to the page, you’ll see a list of grants on various topics, […]

God is both a metaphor and real: a serious mind dump by a possibly stoned comedian

(Re the title: perhaps you are old enough to remember this commercial.) Can anybody appear on The Big Think these days? Apparently so—if you’re willing to make nice to religion. Reader Kit, who called my attention to the misguided lucubrations of Michio Kaku yesterday, also pointed me to this 8-minute Big Think video by comedian, […]

Michio Kaku tries to osculate religion, fails miserably

Pardon my French if I emit a loud “Oy, gewalt!”  If you click on the video below, you’ll go to a miserable display of accommodationism by by physicist and science popularizer Michio Kaku (there’s also a transcript at the site). It’s sad to see a man spend down his credibility in such a way. I haven’t […]

The BBC osculates religion and touts accommodationism—with a little help from Templeton

Reader Mark Jones called my attention (as did other readers) to this three-part BBC show with an accommodationist theme (click on screenshot), whose first part aired yesterday morning in the UK. Mark did some digging on the show and its host, Nick Spencer, and found substantial Templeton influence and dosh behind it. His summary is […]

A (relatively) new book on the irreconcilability of science and religion

We’ve met Yves Gingras before, when a Templeton-funded reviewer, having a severe pecuniary conflict of interest with Gingras’s views, heavily criticized Gingras’s book Science and Religion: An Impossible Dialogue.  At that time, at the end of 2017, I defended Gingras on the grounds that the reviewer, Peter Harrison, had an out-and-out bias, having been funded […]

Templeton Prize winner spouts more nonsense in Scientific American

The other day, theoretical physicist Marcelo Gleiser of Dartmouth College won the £1 million Templeton Prize for “affirming life’s spiritual dimension.” At the time I used his quotes reported by the media to show that, while Gleiser may be a good physicist, he’s not exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to […]