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Last post of the workweek: ducks and skipping

It’s the end of the week and a heavy thunderstorm in Chicago has become a hot and humid day. To end the week, I’ll first show how my mallard ducklings have grown. This picture, with Mother Duck, was taken on May 31 when they were fuzzy little shavers: And this picture was taken today: June […]

Gwyneth pushes more expensive woo

A while back, Gwyneth Paltrow, who is among the world’s most disliked celebrities for her hauteur and insouciance, was selling jade “eggs” on her Goop website to insert into women’s vaginas. Unfortunately, the porous stone could cause infections, and doctors strongly warned against this practice. Now she’s back with another quack remedy. Unlike the jade […]

It’s Grania’s birthday!

I erroneously wished Grania a happy birthday about a month ago here when I saw a Facebook notification. Sadly, it was for her sister Gisela, and I erred. But today IS Grania’s birthday, and I hope readers join me in extending congratulations to her for orbiting the Sun once again. Happy birthday, Grania, and thanks […]

White women should get abortions to end white supremacy

UPDATE:  Several people have suggested that this website is a fake–that is, the pieces are satirizing extreme social-justice warriorism. It’s possible, but as Ben pointed out in the comments, it’s not good satire since it’s indistinguishable from the object it’s satirizing. In other words, it’s not pure satire but a hoax, designed to be misleading. […]

Turkey orders secondary schools to stop teaching evolution

According to both the Guardian and The Independent, the Turkish government, with the approval of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has just stopped the teaching of evolution in secondary schools, saying that students in the ninth grade aren’t able to understand the idea. Although—according to a friend who teaches evolution in a Turkish university—evolution is often left […]

Friday’s verbal infelicity

I heard this phrase twice yesterday, which reminded me that it’s quite common—and I don’t like it: “The thing is, is that. . . . “ It’s used for emphasis, as in the sentence, “The thing is, is that I’d already done the job but I still got chewed out.” Now this is just wrong: the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Up first we have four photos from reader Will from Morris, Illinois, showing Nature red in scale and fang. His notes are indented: Yet another reason for me to like fishing:  I get out and see things like this.  While fishing the Fox River near Yorkville, Illinois, I came upon a northern water snake (Nerodia […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

It’s Friday, June 23, 2017, and didn’t this week go by fast? Now the days are beginning to shorten in the Northern Hemisphere, but you can console yourself by celebrating National Pecan Sandy Day. Not my favorite cookie (or “biscuit” to Brits), but I’d rather have them than, say, oatmeal raisin cookies, the health nut’s […]

A daft woodpecker

What the hell is it doing? He had too much coffee — HUMOROUS ANIMALS (@CUTEFUNNYANIMAL) June 22, 2017

You won’t believe the size of this spider!

Yes, I employed clickbait; my bad! I am not afraid of spiders; in fact, I used to have a collection of about half a dozen tarantulas when I was a graduate student, and would let them walk all over me. (I was never bitten.) They are fascinating creatures and mesmerizing to watch, especially when you […]