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Larry the Chief Mouser defeated in battle

Larry the Cat is the Official Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office, and his brief is to mouse at 10 Downing Street. (There has been such a mouser since the days of Henry VIII!) Sadly, Larry was an ineffectual mouser, and his job (but not his title) has been usurped by Palmerston, a tuxedo cat who mouses […]

A scary article about Trump

As I made a visit to Facebook last night, and saw that about 40% of the posts were about Donald Trump, all saying basically the same thing—the man is an idiot—I began to experience the phenomenon of Trumpfenschmerz, or “Trump Weariness.” I wanted to write on my page, “Can we talk about cats instead?”, but […]

Two tweets about the Milo kerfuffle

One from Dave Rubin: Indeed it is. And one from Maajid Nawaz:

Does evolution lead us to perceive reality, or is it all an illusion?

Donald D. Hoffman is a highly respected Professor of Cognitive Science at the University of California at Irvine.  He’s developed a “formal theory of conscious agents” that he describes in a new Atlantic article—or rather in an interview with Amanda Gefter called “The case against reality“. And for the life of me I can’t figure out […]

On Ghostbusters, Leslie Jones, and the duty of Twitter

Everybody knows by now that Twitter has permanently suspended the account of conservative Breitbart editor and provocateur Milo Yiannopoulos. His crime? Supposedly triggering a storm of abuse directed at actor Leslie Jones, one of the four stars of the new Ghostbusters movie. And as you also know, that movie has been extremely polarizing, largely because it’s […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

To get photographs from Phoenix resident Pete Moulton, I must see his work on his Facebook page and then beg him for some pictures for this site. The things I do for you readers! At any rate, Pete and I share a fondness for pie-billed grebes (Podilymbus podiceps), among the cutest of North American water birds […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

It’s July 21, 2016, which means it’s Racial Harmony Day in Singapore. I’m sure it will be peaceful there, as it always is—by decree. On this day in history, in 1865, what’s considered the first Western showdown took place, as Wild Bill Hickok shot down Davis Tutt in Springfield, Missouri. In 1944, Hitler’s minions executed Claus von Stauffenberg and other conspirators […]

Protestor builds wall around Donald Trump’s star on Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame”

I’m starting to weary of the endless Trump-bashing by people who delight in his every misstep, like the plagiarism of his wife in her speech. (Yes, I’ve been guilty of that., too!) But it’s becoming extreme, and the aims are not political, as they should be, but often sheer mean-spiritedness. Granted that Donald doesn’t seem […]

More ridiculous Facebook banning

Yesterday I wrote about how Melissa Chen, a moderate of the Global Secular Humanist Movement (GSHM) Facebook page, was temporarily banned from Facebook—put in “Facebook Jail”, as she called it—for calling Pakistani men “dumb” who tried to silence criticism of the honor killing of Pakistani model/singer/activist Qandeel Baloch. This demonstrates Facebook’s well known double standard when it […]

More bigotry at Britain’s National Union of Students

On the Right we have a bunch of regressive conservatives who demonize minorities and women and have no sympathy for the downtrodden, while on the Left we have regressive Leftists who try to censor people’s speech, take the side of extremist Islamists against women and gays, and shut down disagreement by other Leftists who aren’t pure enough. […]


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