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Times they are a-changing, but there are still miles to go

by Grania Spingies There have been Pride Festivals all over the world this weekend and perhaps they were celebrated most joyfully this year in the USA and Ireland, following on the momentous victories for same-sex marriage in both countries, by popular vote in Ireland and by Supreme Court ruling in the US. Ireland’s own version […]

Dinosaur 1, mammal 0. Bee-eater catches bat.

by Matthew Cobb PCC mailed me from holiday (can you spot the problem in that phrase?) and asked me to post these amazing photos by Shuki Cheled, which have just been posted on, where Jonathan Meyrav writes this: On Friday 26 June photographer Shuki Cheled was birding around the Judean plains with a Dutch […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

I have arrived in Colorado Springs, where I’ll be till July 1, and where’I’ll decompress (there is nothing like driving 12 hours and seeing only cornfields and grain silos), buy a belt (which I left in Chicago for some reason), and get ready for the trip to Aspen over Colorado’s highest paved pass, Independence Pass (12,095 feet). In […]

The power of numbers, and why things must die.

by Matthew Cobb This little calculation popped up in my Twitter feed from Savraj Grewal. TL;DR: a single E. coli cell, if left alone and with unlimited food/space, would in three days produce a sphere of bacteria the size of the solar system, expanding at faster than the speed of light… The calculation is by […]

Our New Overlords

by Grania There’s an entertaining article over on CNET about an actual conversation between a human (and an annoying one at that) and a Google computer program. The program has apparently been fed a database of movie scripts which is either cruel and unusual treatment of innocent unsuspecting software or really clever because that’s probably […]

Monday: Hili Dialogue

Good morning everyone, it’s Monday so it is back to the grindstone for most of us, alas. May the Force be with you. Our furry princess is doing well, and still has a clear grasp of her priorities as well as being a prime example of the Endpoint of the Three Phases of Civilization*. A: […]

The Great PCC Odyssey, Part 1

by Grania We have word from Jerry on his progress on the road. I’m sure he will add more detail when he gets a chance (and more stable wi-fi). In the mean time, here are the highlights. Jerry writes: I had a lovely afternoon with Hugh and Lynn Britten in Vermillion SD and a gathering […]

What are you reading now?

by Grania Spingies I am ashamed to say that I hadn’t heard of James Rhodes (I don’t own a TV, never have) until I saw a tweet from Stephen Fry. James Rhodes is a concert pianist, and when he tried to publish his autobiography his ex-wife sought an injunction to bar it on the grounds […]

Mini Reader’s Wildlife photos

Reader Joe Dickinson sends us this:   I know Jerry is fond of ducklings, so here is a family of mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) caught on June 23rd and again on the 27th  near the mouth of Aptos Creek, CA.  The growth (and change in plumage) over just four days is quite noticeable. Mallards are distributed […]

Sunday: Hili Dialogue

Welcome to Sunday, which is either the first day of the week or the last day of the weekend, depending on your priorities. Over in Dobrzyń, our four-footed duo are being cryptic. Maybe it’s just me, but I can almost hear William Shatner’s voice doing Cyrus’ line. Hili: What’s been walking there? Cyrus: Something that never […]


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