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Readers’ wildlife photos

Yesterday we had a photo of newly hatched baby spiders. Continuing on this theme, reader Mark Sturtevant sent some lovely photos on the theme of small arthropods. His notes are indented; check out the possible case of mimicry in the last photo. This batch of pictures has a theme, which is an exploration of adorableness in […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

It’s going to cool off this weekend in Chicago, with a high of only 78°F (25°C), and that’s predicted to last a week. Thank Ceiling Cat! After lovely temperatures in Poland, I came back to serious heat in Chicago. It’s Saturday, so I’m not sure who will be reading this. If you are, and know a […]

“Nuts for squirrels”

A while back the University of Chicago College Magazine, The Core, interviewed me by phone about my squirrels—the ones I feed on my windowsill. I gather they’d learned about my sciurophilia from this website, and they were doing a piece on the campus squirrels. Well, of course I obliged them with an interview as well […]

The burkini ban

As most of you know, three French towns, two on the mainland and one in Corsica, have banned the wearing of “burkinis,” a garment allowing Muslim women to go swimming while preserving their modesty and adhering to Islamic standards of body coverage. There are all kinds; this one, religiously correct, is offered by Marks and Spencer […]

A cat weighs in on the election

The only reason I’m violating my principle to avoid personal attacks on Presidential candidates is because a.) this is a cat, and b.) it’s funny without being ad hominem. Today’s a busy day for me, and there may be only one substantive post. It will be on the burkini ban in France. h/t: Arno

Readers’ wildlife photos (IDs needed)

We have some bird pictures from reader Karen Bartelt. She didn’t ID the bird but I suspect it’s a ruby-throated hummingbird (Archilochus colubris); readers please verify. We feed hummingbirds all spring and summer.  This little guy had a habit of landing on a milkweed near the house, so I shot some photos.  When I looked at […]

Friday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

For some reason I’m mad at much of the world today (it could be because Leftists are posting nude statues of Donald Trump all over Facebook, mocking his genitalia, not realizing how they’d feel if Republicans did the same thing with nude statues of Hillary Clinton). This is the kind of discourse that has so polarized […]

Biker encounters adorable skunk family

Several readers called my attention to this video on Facebook, but reader Michael D. found it on YouTube and sent a link to some information about it. Most people who sent it know that I had a pet skunk when I was a grad student and postdoc. His name was Pinkus (after my father’s fraternity brother […]

Toad rescue

by Greg Mayer I’ve mentioned in previous posts how I periodically engage in turtle or frog and toad “rescues”, taking animals that had fallen into human made traps, such as window wells and stairwells, and releasing them, sometimes after feeding them for a while in captivity to fatten them up prior to release. A couple […]

More on the Western fetishizing of Islamic worship

The Canadian ex-Muslim Eiynah, also known as “Nice Mangos” —it’s telling that many ex-Muslims, but not ex-Jews or ex-Catholics, must hide their identity—drew my attention to an article in Time Magazine with this tw**t: If this was a "show the power of xtianity" article, we'd all cringe. Religion…stop glorifying it cuz minority — Eiynah […]


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