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Best cinematography Oscar winners—all of them!

Film School Rejects put up this video of every movie that ever won a “Best Cinematography” Oscar.  It’s 7½ minutes long, and if you know every movie, I’ll eat my hat. You will certainly be intrigued by some of the more obscure movie and want to watch them—at least if you’re like me. FSR‘s notes: […]

Does demonizing Trump supporters help the Left?

As you will know from reading this site, I have no love for Donald Trump. I fear he’s going to destroy America, and that this comes from his narcissism—his caring more about being loved and admired than about the welfare of America (or anyone but himself).  But what I see now among the Left is […]

Stop the gratuitous slaughter of Alaska’s wildlife

According to the Dodo, the Sierra Club, and other sites, the U.S. House of Representatives just voted to overturn a prior ban on hunting in the wildlife refuges of Alaska. The resolution allows hunters to enter dens and slaughter entire families of bears and wolves, as well as to lure animals with food and shoot them […]

“Feminist government” of Sweden dons hijabs and body-covering coats in Iran

The official website of the government of Sweden proclaims this: A FEMINIST GOVERNMENT Sweden has the first feminist government in the world. This means that gender equality is central to the Government’s priorities – in decision-making and resource allocation. A feminist government ensures that a gender equality perspective is brought into policy-making on a broad […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Remember to send in your photos, or I’ll run out within a week!  Reader Tim Garrett sent some of his local wildlife, but we should never neglect those plants and animals that live close to humans! Tim’s notes and IDs are indented: My wildlife photos are mostly of the backyard variety but we have a good […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

Good morning on Ceiling Cat’s Day: Sunday, February 19, 2017. The temperatures reached another record in Chicago yesterday: the news reported a high 70° F, or 21° C. That’s a record for this date—by a long shot. And for the next couple of days it will be almost that warm. It’s National Chocolate Mint Day, […]

A cat saves a tiny puppy

Whoever thinks cats are useless, ponder this video! And can you imagine the reverse situation? h/t: Malgorzata

Milo appears on Maher

Last night the controversial Milo Yiannopoulos appeared on Bill Maher’s show, which is like putting a match on gasoline (Maher would be the gasoline). I received that information from several readers, and here are some quotes from their emails (I’ll not give their names): Interesting Bill Maher show with Milo. Really reinforces the idea that […]

Terrible science reporting at the Guardian: woolly mammoth “on verge of resurrection”? I doubt it, and Matthew corrects it

George Church, a well known geneticist at Harvard, is renowned for his contributions to methods of sequencing DNA as well as of “bioengineering” DNA by changing it using the CRISPR technique, which he helped develop. CRISPR gives us the ability to precisely edit DNA, inserting individual nucleotides, bits of genes, or whole genes and groups of […]

Planet Earth II comes to the USA

by Matthew Cobb Readers may remember that in the autumn, we sang the praises of the BBC’s Planet Earth II series, narrated by David Attenborough. It is quite extraordinary. Tonight it comes to BBC America, so US readers will be able to watch it: Hey USA, #PlanetEarth2 launches today on @BBCAMERICA at 9/8c – […]