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Peter Boghossian accused of hate speech for correctly defining “faith”

I’m not quite sure who “James Bishop” is, as I hadn’t heard of him previously, but he writes at the website Historical Jesus Studies, and the header of his public Facebook page is strange. Has anyone else described their official position as “apologist”?   What brought Bishop to my attention was his bizarre article called “Answering Peter Boghosssian—atheist hate […]

Heart eaten

Here is a screenshot of an email I got from Matthew that contained the message right below: Header: Message: Well, I’ve nommed my heart. Sometimes I think Twi**er may have its uses after all. . . And I’ve just noticed that Diane Morgan’s second episode of Drunk History, “Florence Nightingale’s First Patient,” is finally up […]

Iowa victories for Cruz, Clinton

Here are the latest stats taken from today’s New York Times: I’m not sure whether Cruz’s victory over Trump was “decisive” (and note that Rubio finished a strong third), but it’s essentially the end of Trump since he needed to win big. Frankly, I don’t much care who won the GOP race, as I think […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Benjamin Taylor sent a huge number of photos from Africa (see his portfolio), and it will take at least four posts to get through the rest of them. So I am putting them up at intervals in carefully apportioned dollops. He sent this in October and noted, “Last month I went on a camping […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

It’s Tuesday, the most depressing day of the week.  It’s gonna rain today and tomorrow (I know—at least it’s not snow), but the good news is that no snow is predicted for Saturday, the day I fly to Old Blighty. On this day in 1936 there were two broadcasting events: the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation was founded, […]

Three cartoons

One on atheism, one on religion + authoritarianism, and one on evolution. I’d say that’s a good haul for today. Given the level of rancor on the Internet about such matters, I feel that I need to say something about the cartoon below, one that’s bound to anger some folks and provoke a chuckle in others. It seems […]

Spiked “free speech” ratings for UK universities

Spiked has produced its annual review of British universities and their free-speech policies, putting both the student unions (often powerful determinants of what the students do or don’t get to see) and the university itself into one of three categories, to wit: Green, then, is good. When there’s a conflict between student union rankings and […]

Shameless self-promotion

A YouTuber named Agatan FND has compiled a group of videos with the “best of” quotes of various nonbelievers (the channel is here). Reader “walkingmap” tells me that they added a collection of Professor Ceiling Cat (Emeritus) clips, and I’ll put that up just because it’s there. The ones with the big guy looming behind me come […]

Mr. Deity, Reza Aslan, and “fundamentalist atheists”

In this episode of Mr. Deity, Brian Keith Dalton lauds Reza Aslan (remember, Dalton’s playing God), and then goes off on New Atheism, while Lucy (who, you’ll recall, is Satan), ties God in knots with a few judicious questions about “fundamentalist atheists.” (If you haven’t read Anthony Grayling’s nice essay “Can an atheist be a fundamentalist?“, […]

Guardian closes comments on three topics

In a post by the Guardian‘s “readers’ editor” Stephen Pritchard, it’s been announced that the website will no longer open articles to readers’ comments when they are about certain issues: But more concerning is the ever-rising level of abuse, trolling and “astroturfing” (propaganda posting – an artificial version of a grassroots campaign) currently polluting what are often illuminating […]


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