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Sola fide: Does Christianity always promote morality?

When I was chatting with Linda Calhoun at the goat dairy, she brought up the “justification by faith, not works” issue as an argument against religion. What kind of God, she argued, would forgive someone who lived a life that harmed others (Hitler is the classic example), if that person simply confessed on his deathbed that he […]

Faith vs. Fact is an audiobook

I’ve learned that Audible has produced an audiobook of Faith versus Fact, and if you’re into such books you can order it here. It’s $26.59, is unabridged, and you can hear a free five-minute snippet at the site. It sounds pretty good to me. The cover (I think):

My dinner last night

From RJ Bar-B-Que in San Angelo, a highly rated establishment. It was very good, and authentic, but better specimens are available in my favorite places, notably the City Market in Luling, Texas. I also had their homemade peach cobbler, which can’t be shown because it’s in my belly. Combo plate: brisket/ribs, potato salad, beans, jalapenos, […]

Readers’ Wildlife photos: Snakes!

by Grania Tony Eales sent Jerry a fantastic email and photographs of snakes. He writes:   Snakes and lizards I’ve seen on various jobs. A big ole Black-headed Python (Aspidites melanocephalus). I find them interesting because they don’t have the classic diamond shaped python head. I think this is because they hunt reptiles and so don’t […]

Wednesday: Hili Dialogue with bonus Leon & Cyrus

Good morning! Happy midweek. Today in 1598 William Shakespeare’s play The Merchant of Venice is entered on the Stationers’ Register, in 1977 Elvis Costello released his debut album My Aim Is True, and in 1942 it was an awful day in Poland when Jews were deported from the Warsaw ghetto to the concentration camp at […]

I’m in Texas!

Yes, I know that Texas is full of goddies and Republicans, but somehow when I enter the state I always get a warm feeling—and it isn’t the 100-degree temperature today. Texas is big (880 miles across!); full of oil wells and friendly, no-nonsense folk; there are ranches; there are cowboy boots; and there is BARBECUE—of which […]

Another contest: photograph yourself with FvF in an incongruous place

Okay, we already have a photograph of reader Tom Czarny holding up Faith versus Fact in front of the Vatican. Now reader Mark Cagnetta has sent in a related photo, which came with this caption: In tribute to your recent visit to Arizona I took this shot in front of the new Mormon Temple in Phoenix. […]

The Last Trump

Ceiling Cat (PBUH) has communed with His Emissary on earth and announced the close of the Trump Your Cat contest. Here are a few last entries. Pauline sent us this note: This is our skinny, no svelte, black Zelda of 18 years, working the Trump do. At this golden age, she’s still a master mouser. […]

Readers’ Wildlife photos: ‘roos & emus & squirrels

bu Grania Michael Glenister wote in with some wonderful photos. He writes: Just got back from our annual trek to the Kangaroo Farm in Kelowna.  Here are a few shots I thought you would enjoy: – a few shots of the (very friendly) Columbian ground squirrels at Manning Park – a praying mantis my eagle-eyed son spotted […]

Tuesday: Hili Dialogue

Good morning! Today was a terrible day back in 365 AD when a tsunami hit Alexandria, in 1925 the infamous Scopes trial ended with a conviction and a fine of $100 for teacher John Scopes. It was also the day in 2011 when NASA’s final shuttle mission ended, and in 2005 two weeks after a […]


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