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Daily Kos removes anti-vax cartoon

I guess the liberal website The Daily Kos got a lot of heat for publishing Keith Knight’s anti-vax cartoon, which I highlighted yesterday. Readers here, like those at the site, were rightly appalled.  Well, now the cartoon is gone. It rests in peace and sings with the choir invisible: it is an ex-cartoon. If you […]

A bizarre deep-sea siphonophore

I originally made a typo in the title, calling this a “deep-see” creature, but in fact that’s what it is! The video and info comes from IFL Science!, and shows a bizarre deep-sea species of siphonophore. Siphonophores are in fact one form of what we normally called “jellyfish,” a group that actually comprises diverse creatures in the phylum Cnidaria.  This form falls […]

Canada bans prayers at all city council meetings

Several readers, most of them proud Canadians, sent me links to articles about the new ruling of Canada’s Supreme Court: there will be no prayers uttered in city council meetings—anywhere in that big and diverse country. Although I’m sure that practice is nowhere near as pervasive there as it is in the U.S., it’s still […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Ed Kroc from British Columbia sent some diverse photos: Here are some wildlife photos for your perusal. From early this week, a shot of the very first baby birds of the season! Five baby Mallards (Anas platyrhynchos) and their mother on Lost Lagoon. Next up, a pair of juveniles Hooded Mergansers (Lophodytes cucullatus) resting in […]

Friday: Hili Dialogue

It’s Friday!  What seat can you take? Mine will be on a Southwest Airlines flight to Greenville/Spartanburg (South Carolina) for a weekend of talks, noms, and schmoozing. Before the day is over I will have seen Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo, and had some nice Southern food. I’ll be back Sunday afternoon, and until then posting […]

The Daily Kos publishes an anti-vax cartoon

Here it is, by Keith Knight, who has the chutzpah to title this cartoon “The New McCarthyism”. He also adds below it these words: “I am NOT anti-vax.  I am PRO-choice.” What a mushhead! When it comes to public health (or children’s welfare), there is no choice. Should Typhoid Mary have had a “choice” about whether she was […]

Tennessee Senate kills bill to make Bible the Official State book, but passes anti-abortion legislation

Well cut off my legs and call me Shorty: the Tennessee Senate has resoundingly defeated, by a vote of 22-9, the Bible-as-State-Book bill that was passed by an substantial majority in the House yesterday (55-38). This time, though, the bill was defeated—or rather, sent back to committee—with the help of Republicans. I think even those dimwits finally realized that […]

Brown University student op-ed claims that censorship is “free speech”

If you were to ask me which American universities have the most odious instantiations of repressive “political correctness,” I’d say Stanford, Columbia, UCLA, Brandeis, and Brown (this is just an impressionistic view). And it’s sad, because those universities are good ones, and are supposed to provide a liberal education. But the student left often converges with fascism […]

Pinker on the Kosher Switch

The Kosher Switch post I put up yesterday, showing how some clever Orthodox Jews can circumvent the regulations not to turn on lights during the Sabbath, got 169 comments—three times more than the much harder-to-write post on the evolution of human altruism. Professor Ceiling Cat wept. Are kosher switches that much more interesting than why […]

Why I am not a Bayesian*

JAC: Today Greg contributes his opinion on the use of Bayesian inference in statistics. I know that many—perhaps most—readers aren’t familiar with this, but it’s of interest to those who are. Further, lots of secular bloggers either write about or use Bayesian inference, as when inferring the probability that Jesus existed given the scanty data. (Theists use […]


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