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Philomena Cunk on Money

Until this week’s episode is posted, this will be the last “Moments of Wonder” for a while. I hope you’ve enjoyed your interlude with the dauntless Philomena Cunk (“Who are you and what are you an expert in or of?”); I know I have! In this episode Philomena tells us that “Moh-neh” is simply the […]

Hindu monks ask to be relieved of the burden of communicating with (or sitting next to) women on planes

Here’s a letter that came into my hands; it is given out to airlines when these Hindu monks check in for their flights, and requests special treatment on the grounds of their faith. That treatment involves not sitting next to women (or girls, I suppose), and not speaking to them directly. Nor are the monks to […]

The dumbest Republican move of the year: defending a religion’s right to murder its children

It’s only February, but I doubt we’ll see much Republican craziness to top this: a state representative defending a particularly crazy Christian sect that doesn’t believe in medical care, and defending their right to abjure scientific medicine in favor of prayer for their kids. That sect has already killed hundreds of its own children (and […]

Live long and prosper

by Greg Mayer Jerry of course has already noted the passing yesterday of Leonard Nimoy, and many readers have weighed in with memories and encomia in the comments. Jerry was not a big Star Trek fan, so I thought I’d add a few thoughts here above the fold. Star Trek, with Spock at its moral […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

The tank is running low again, so if you have good photos (and by “good,” I mean photos of the quality comparable to those that regularly appear here), by all means send them to me. Today we have two photos by a new contributor, reader Helen Iwanik, who photographed these mangrove tree crabs (Aratus pisonii) in […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Puss gets octopus on the puss, cat nurses hedgehog, and cats getting massaged (plus lagniappe!)

We have another trifecta today, and I hope you people appreciate the great labor it takes for Professor Ceiling Cat to collect these and present them in an attractive and appealing manner.  Where’s my treat? First, we have a cat who bit off more than it could chew, although one tentacle seems to have been nommed. The […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

Good news: it’s the weekend, and we won’t even get snow until tonight! The Big Question for today is whether I can get my car out of the mini-snowbank in which it’s mired. If I can’t, I won’t eat. But in Dobrzyn there is no snow and the spring is hanging in the air. On their […]

I’ll Follow the Sun

Remember that old Beatles tune? Anyway, it’s suitable as a title for this video taken from Neatorama, with these notes about a passel of Japanese cats: The approximately 8 cats that live in the house love to sunbathe. There’s only a narrow strip of sunlight available on the floor. During the day, the sun moves across […]

Philomena Cunk on Winston Churchill

After the “Evolution” segment, this is my favorite episode of “Moments of Wonder.” Here Philomena investigates the legend that was Winston Churchill. There are several great bits, including the opening question as well as her statement, “If he were alive today, imagine how good his tweets would have been.” Notice, too, how she pronounces Churchill’s first name and completely flummoxes […]

Mr. Spock is dead

When Greg just emailed me the news that Leonard Nimoy had died, I thought, “Not possible: he was too young.” But then I read his obituary in the New York Times and found that he was 83. Both the NYT and Time Magazine notes that he was fatally ill with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, also known […]


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