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Immigration: Senate fails to pass anything

The “compromise” in the Senate between Democrats and Republicans on immigration has failed miserably. The bill, which would continue the DACA program, went down by a vote of 54-45, presumably because of Trump’s vehement opposition. (For chrissake, can’t we give those people a future in the US?). But then Trump’s alternative bill, which “would have […]

Duckling rescue

I’m a tired boy and have a children’s book to work on. It’s nearly finished, but whether it will get published remains a mystery (my agent doesn’t handle this stuff, so I have to use other approaches). One thing I’ve discovered, and should have realized, is that writing children’s books is no walk in the […]

My profile in the Chicago Maroon

Well, I’m informed by the writer, Lee Harris, that the Chicago Maroon has just posted her profile of me, and you can see it by clicking on the screenshot below. I suspect it will be controversial since I repeat my support of euthanasia for terminally afflicted newborns, call out the Identitarian Left for its shenanigans, and […]

Bari Weiss slammed by censorious NYT colleagues for an innocuous tweet

I’ve long maintained that liberal media like the New York Times and the New Yorker are increasingly tilting toward the Regressive Left. The strongest proof of this is what just happened to New York Times columnist Bari Weiss. Weiss is a Left-wing progressive who’s repeatedly criticized the Authoritarian Left. She’s committed the ideological sins of […]

Michigan town will sell houses only to good churchgoing Christians

The Guardian recently had a piece on the extraordinary town of Bay View, Michigan, which is located here: It’s a lovely, leafy town, full of big and expensive houses that look like this: The bizarre aspect of this town, unique in America so far as I know, is that only Christians who have a certificate […]

More calls to ban Steve Bannon at my university

Posters like this one, or related ones, are now plastered all over campus, relating to the student and faculty movement to disinvite Steve Bannon from speaking at the University of Chicago this fall (see my earlier posts here). I photographed this one, put up by the UChicago Socialists, on a lightpost near the campus. Note […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

My tank is about half full, so again, please send in your good wildlife photos! I think the readers are getting spoiled with so many good photos each day, so today I’m putting you on a one-day diet. We have but three pictures, but they’re all good ones, and come from reader Mark Otten. His […]

A correction

Yesterday I wrote about a talk at Cornell given by Middle East scholar Dr. Yunus Telliel. The report of his talk in the Cornell Sun was confusing, but could have been interpreted to say that Dr. Telliel endorsed the prescience of the Qur’an in predicting scientific advances to come. Telliel wrote me privately and told […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

It’s now Thursday, February 15, 2018, and National Gumdrop Day. I like only the fruit-flavored ones, and abhor the “spicy” ones. And on Vanatu it’s John Frum Day, honoring the Cargo Cult figure who, sadly, has never returned to the islands. The death toll in the Florida school shooting remains at 17 but could rise; […]

Another school shooting in Florida: At least 17 dead

I’ve just heard on the news that at least 17 people (CNN says 16, but another has died) have been killed in a school in Parkland, Florida: the shooter was a former student who has apparently been taken into custody. What can one say when school shootings like this become an everyday affair in America? […]