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Readers’ wildlife photos

I again implore readers to send me their good wildlife photos, as the tank is dropping. (I still have a reserve). Today we’re featuring some of our favorite birds–GREBES! The photographer is John Riegsecker, and his notes and IDs for these lovely photos are indented: Keeping with your recent posts about grebes, here are some […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue (and baby Leon monologue)

Good morning! It’s Sunday (Ceiling Cat’s Day), August 13, 2017, and mirabile dictu, I have overslept. I guess I needed it. It’s National Filet Mignon Day, and while that may be the most tender cut of beef, I prefer the tougher but more flavorful (and bigger!) portions like hanger steak or ribeye, though I rarely […]


Hell of a day for the President to forget how to tweet. — J.K. Rowling (@jk_rowling) August 12, 2017 Well, he said something, and it’s lame. From the New York Times: In his comments, President Trump condemned the bloody protests, but he did not specifically criticize the white nationalist rally and its neo-Nazi slogans […]

Honey’s still here

Despite ferocious competition from big red-eared sliders and huge goldfish for her food, my duck Honey remains at the pond. She’s fed twice daily and hangs around with me afterwards. (I have an endless ability to sit next to a floating duck.) Here she is, and you can see that her flight feathers (primaries) are […]

More attempts to find out what happened to Amelia Earhart

In my continuing presentation of new evidence for what happened to Amelia Earhart—evidence that always turns out to be wrong—I’ll add this new article from National Geographic: “Forensic dogs locate spot where Amelia Earhart may have died.” This summer, an expedition sponsored by National Geographic (which has an obsession with Earhart’s story) as well as […]

Nicholas Winton: the man who saved 669 children from the Holocaust

This morning Matthew Cobb sent me a tweet that reminded me of this story—a story I’d known about but never mentioned. It’s about Nicholas Winton—now Sir Nicholas Winton—a British stockbroker who, on a visit to Czechoslovakia in 1938, managed to launch a rescue operation that ultimately saved 669 children, most of them Jewish, from the Holocaust. […]

Ajax, the kea conservation dog

Reader Mike Hannah, a professor of paleontology and evolution at Victoria University in Wellington, New Zealand, sent me a link to this short (3½ minute) film about a man named Corey and his dog Ajax, who’s been trained to sniff out underground kea nests (he wears a muzzle). It’s all in the cause of conservation, […]

Caturday felids: Cats in the sun, popsicles for house cats, an 1895 cat dictionary

We have the usual three cat-related items today, and some lagniappe. The lagniappe first: a bonus!   ********** From Bored Panda, we have some photos of “sun-kissed cats” by Japanese photographer Seiji Mamiya. He’s published a book (in Japanese) featuring more of his cats. Here are some of my favorites from the Bored Panda piece: ********* Although […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Keep sending in your good photos, folks—I’ll be here all year. The first two photos come from reader James, but he says to credit the photo to “Lusoman”. It’s a very unusual deer, and here are his notes: This is a piebald Columbian black-tailed deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus) that was born last spring, and which we […]

Hili dialogue: Saturday

Good morning: it’s Saturday, August 12, 2017, and the weather in Chicago promises to be lovely. On the other hand, it’s the worst food day ever: National Julienne Fries Day, which are just thinly cut fries (chips or frites to Europeans), and contain many poisonous carbs. On the upside, it’s World Elephant Day, dedicated to […]