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Spot the mantis!

Reader Mark Sturtevant has another “spot the. . ” picture. Click the photo to enlarge, and I’ll reveal the answer at 11 a.m. Chicago time. (I’d classify this one as “hard”.) As always, try not to give it away in the comments below, though you can say whether you spotted it. Mark’s notes: This summer has […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and videos)

Reader Lou Jost has some spectacular photos and videos from a recent foray into the rain forest. There will be several parts of this trip spread over the next week. Lou’s notes are indented: Tambopata Research Center Part 1: Clay licks   I’ve just come back from a visit to a remote part of the Peruvian […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

It’s September 23, 2016, a Friday, and National White Chocolate Day, a useless comestible that perhaps finds its best instantiation in white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. On this day in 1642 occurred the first commencement at Harvard University, now ranked the best university in the world (suck it up, Oggsford–you’re #10!).  On this day in 1980, […]

Texas blind salamander has optic nerves but no real eyes

This is the kind of post I originally intended to go on this site. When I started this website, I thought that every few weeks I’d publish a bit of new (or old) evidence for evolution, supporting Why Evolution Is True, which was a new book in 2009. Well, as you see, things kind of […]

Straight talk about Islam in the Los Angeles Times

You don’t often see an op-ed on Islam this straightforward, especially in a major newspaper like the L.A. Times. So the September 9 op-ed by Shadi Hamid, “From burkinis to the Koran: Why Islam isn’t like other faiths,” is refreshingly candid—albeit worrisome. The refreshing bit is that it doesn’t pull any punches about the nature […]

Conspiracy theories among Trump-ites

When Grania sent me this tw**t this morning, I thought for sure the guy’s statements were a joke: This guy is going to vote. Make sure you do too. — Jenn Martinelli (@jennmartinelli) September 21, 2016 Well, never underestimate the credulousness of those who support Trump. Even I couldn’t believe some of the stuff you’re […]

Matthew visits Newton’s house

Matthew emailed me that he was lecturing at Isaac Newton’s house today, and would send a picture of the apple tree that supposedly inspired the theory of gravity. I responded that I thought the story was apocryphal, and here was Matthew’s response (along with two photos): “Yes, the tree. And here’s the window the light […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Today we have some snaps by reader Susan Heller, as well as some d*g pictures proffered after popular demand. Susan’s notes are indented: Here are a couple of photos from the Best Coast; doing a little local natural history. We finally got some RAIN for the first time in months. Beach at Torrey Pines State Reserve […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

It’s September 22, the autumnal equinox in the northern hemisphere, and thus the first day of fall. If you live on the bottom part of the world, it’s the vernal equinox and the first day of spring. It’s also the 265th day of the year, which means we have only 100 days to go until […]

The FBI and terrorism: a satire

This clip was produced by a group of Israelis who did satirical cabaret, making fun of sacred cows. (The language is Hebrew with English subtitles.) The cow in this short video is the FBI’s attitudes toward Islamic terrorism; the Boston FBI locale and Chechen perpetrators make clear that this is about the Boston Marathon bombing. (The video was […]