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HuffPo goes full SJW

Hufffington Post is now HuffPost, has changed its look and format (many of the sections, like “religion”—which gave me much mirth and fodder—seem to be gone, and the rag is now explicitly devoted to giving voice to the marginalized. There’s nothing wrong with that, except that they frequently do it wrong, can’t distinguish who’s really “marginalized,” and […]

In the NYT, NYU professor defends suppressing some speech (guess what kind?)

We find in yesterday’s New York Times’s “The Stone” column a professor defending the suppression of speech in a piece called “What ‘snowflakes’ get right about free speech“. It’s by Ulrich Baer, identified as “vice provost for faculty, arts, humanities, and diversity, and professor of comparative literature at New York University, and the author of We Are […]

Spot the sparrows!

Robert S. sent a picture of a tree in which there are three sparrows (there may be more). Can you find them all? Reveal at noon Chicago time.

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have a series of photos by reader Keira McKenzie that might be called “Eight Ways of Looking at a Raven (and Two Ways of Looking at a Cat)”.  The photos are from Oz, featuring the Australian raven (Corvus coronoides) and Felis catus. The ravens of Matilda Bay (a reserve on the Swan River, adjacent […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

Good morning to all; it’s Tuesday, April 25, 2017, and it’s both National Crotilla Day (think “croissant + tortilla” and National Zucchini Bread Day. I’ve never had a crotilla, and I don’t like zucchini bread (I despise the ubiquitous and easily-grown vegetable), though for some reason I love carrot cake, especially with cream cheese icing. Here are crotillas, devised […]

Jonathan Wells’s new book attacking evolution

Sixteen years ago, Jonathan Wells, now a senior fellow at the creationist Discovery Institute, published an intelligent-design creationist book Icons of Evolution: Science or Myth? Of course they were a myth to him, but the book was dreadful and a totally misguided attack on evolution. I reviewed it for Nature (free link here), and said this: Wells’s […]

This is science, Bill Nye?

It’s no secret that I am not a big fan of Bill Nye, regarding him as a buffoon who will engage in any shenanigans that keep him in the public eye and help him retain the fame he desires—fame accrued as “The Science Guy”. I never saw the old show, and realize that many people liked […]

Once again, is female genital mutilation connected with Islam?

According to CBS in Detroit, Michelle Hoitenga, a state representative in Michigan, has introduced a bill (see it here) that in effect bans sharia law, although U.S. law already supersedes sharia law and the bill seems completely unnecessary and anti-Muslim.  The bill doesn’t specifically mention sharia law, but that’s clearly its aim: A bill to […]

A successful cat experiment—and a failure

Last Caturday, I put up an item about some cats having a propensity to enter and sit in squares of tape on the floor. I also urged readers to try it. What do you have to lose besides a bit of tape? Anyway, three readers tried it: one failed utterly, one succeeded, but only when […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Reader Tony Eales sent some lovely spider photos from Queensland, in a country where everything is poisonous! His notes are indented: A few of my favourite spider shots. The first is a cute little orb-weaving spider Araneus rotundulus. Only a few millimetres across, it can roll up into an almost perfect ball. JAC: Here it […]