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A philosopher asserts that there are “moral facts”, and we’re messing up our kids’ education by not telling them that

One thing that disturbs me about naturalism is the increasingly frequent contention that there are objective moral “facts” or “truths,” which can somehow be discerned scientifically. I don’t agree with that, since at bottom I think that what one sees as “right” or “wrong” ultimately rests on a set of subjective preferences that can’t be […]

Hili has a Big Announcement about Professor Ceiling Cat

Hili has something to tell you: here’s her dialogue with Andrzej: Hili: Open the Wikipedia entry with Jerry Coyne… A: It’s open now… Hili: It must be updated: my Jerry just got the Richard Dawkins Award from The Atheist Alliance of America! A: How do you know?! Hili: I knew it for ages but it […]

Bill Nye revises his anti-GMO views

Since I’ve criticized Bill Nye for his scientifically unjustified warnings about GMOs (genetically modified organisms; see here and here for my earlier posts), I thought it only fair to add that he now seems to have modified those views. According to Dan Arel, Nye’s walked back his unwarranted fears, which of course could have been influential given his […]

Guest post: A new anti-theist (but popular) song:

I wasn’t aware of this song at all, and it mystifies me why I wasn’t. Reader Carvaka brought it to my attention in an email, and rather than paraphrase what he/she said, I’ll just put up the email, along with my thanks for permission to reprint it: ******* by Carvaka I’m writing to draw your attention to an […]

Tennessee representative proposes bill recognizing God’s absolute governance over his state

In any country other than the U.S.—save perhaps in the Middle East—this headline would be assumed to be a spoof. But here in the U.S. it’s business as usual, especially in the South.  The Johnson City Press in Tennessee reports that state representative James (Micah) van Huss, who has a bachelor’s degree in computer science […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We’re back, and I have a full tank. Today we have both color and black-and-white pictures from a new contributor, Danish Meman.  His/her notes: I took these images during a very wet autumn day at Omega Park in Quebec. It’s essentially a Canadian Safari. I took all the pictures from the driver’s seat in the […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Karen Armstrong

Today’s Jesus and Mo, called “Ineffable,” takes a poke at those hypocritical Sophisticated Theologians™ who claim that we can’t say anything about God, for he’s a Great Apophatic Mystery, but then go ahead and tell us all kinds of things about who he is (loving, ubiquitous, etc.) and what he wants. (And yes, I’m talking […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

So much to write about on this site: so little time. There are a gazillion things I’d like to post about today, but I have a day job and a Science Paper to write, and no idea how I’ll be able to fit all this in.  There’s John Gray’s misguided attack in the Guardian on […]

Today’s banner for the Indianapolis Star

What’s wrong with this newspaper heading? Now how objective do you think this paper can be about matters religious? h/t: A

Matthew and Harry

Matthew Cobb is sometimes a bit of a curmudgeon (especially when he’s yelling at me), but he’s a softie inside. You can see that from this one tw**t he made about his new kitten, Harry, and the two pictures he sent to me.


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