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Teaching evolution in Kentucky—with accommodationism

When I first gave a talk at the University of Kentucky in 2010 (could it really have been five years ago?), I had the pleasure of meeting Jim Krupa, a biologist and natural historian with wide interests, and with a reputation as an excellent teacher (see here for my visit to his lab). Krupa has now written […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have a new contributor today, so say hi to Alex MacMillan, who has provided us with a bunch of photos of animals from several taxa, as well as two videos. I attach 10 of my favourite pics. Green frog, Lithobates clamitans. Picture taken in Kilally Meadows, London, Ontario. This is a female: the tympanum that covers the ear […]

Suicide by plane?

I’ve been hearing for two days about how the crash in France of the Germanwings flight from Barcelona to Düsseldorf was a complete mystery, as there was no sign of a mishap on the cockpit voice recorder nor any recorded response to concerned air traffic controllers. On the news last night there was a report that the pilot […]


Here’s another great song from Gordon Lightfoot’s 1966 album, “Lightfoot!” It’s one of three (out of 14 total) on the album not written by Lightfoot himself: it was composed by Phil Ochs (1940-1976). (Does anybody remember Ochs and his involvement in the protests of the 60s? Remember “I ain’t marching anymore“—an anthem for those opposed to the Vietnam […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

Today is Andrzej’s 75th birthday! Please join me in wishing him many happy returns, many more years of fighting for rationalism in an obstinate land—and many more Hili dialogues! The warm weather we were promised yesterday failed to materialize, and so all the forecasts were whack. And we may get a bit of snow again in the next […]

Family tries to include cat in 1911 census

Don’t ask me anything about this; it was tw**ted by Dapper Historian  (who noted “An extra family member was added here in 1911 but an angry enumerator has scratched it out & added “this is a cat”!), and sent to me by Matthew Cobb. For reasons lost in the mists of history, some family wanted […]

What is this bizarre animal? (Hint: don’t eat it with drawn butter)

Matthew Cobb called my attention to this creature which was featured on Butterfly Conservation. Here’s a photo (from itchydogimages): And here’s a video: It’s the caterpillar of the lobster moth (Stauropus fagi), which lives throughout the world in the Northern Hemisphere. Here’s the adult, which is cute, fuzzy, and rests with the hindwings sticking out […]

Jon Stewart interviews Ayaan Hirsi Ali (obtusely); Hirsi Ali has a new book

Well, if there’s anything that this interview of Ayaan Hirsi Ali on Monday’s Daily Show proves, it’s that Jon Stewart is no Bill Maher. As you’ll see from the 20-minute interview (click on the screenshot below to see the video), Stewart basically does everything he can to argue that Islam is no different in principle from any other […]

Now Ireland hops on the “offended student” bandwagon

Maryam Namazie, a prolific secular activist specializing in calling out the evils of Islam (she’s the spokesperson for the Council of Ex-Muslims), has now become the most recent victim of the Offended Students Movement—a mindset that has apparently spread to Ireland. According to The Journal ie., which relied on posts from Namazie’s own website (see also here), she was supposed to […]

Larry Wilmore tells it like it is

by Greg Mayer On Tuesday’s Nightly Show, Larry Wilmore and his guest panelists were discussing Ted Cruz’s presidential aspirations, when one of the guests stated that we must have “more respect in politics… for people who believe in creationism”. Larry was having none of it: Someone who’s making the most important decisions in the world […]


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