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Scientific fame—Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin: the Wikipedia page hit data

JAC:  Last week my friend Andrew Berry, a lecturer at Harvard and expert on Darwin and, especially, Alfred Russel Wallace, was telling me about some interesting data he’d gleaned from Wikipedia about the two Fathers of Evolution. I suggested he write it up as a post for this site, and he kindly obliged: Scientific Fame […]

Jordanian writer indicted and then assassinated for sharing cartoon depicting Allah

Several sources, including The Independent and Al Jazeera, report the death of Jordanian writer Nahed Hattar, shot to death outside a courtroom in Amman. Hattar had put the following cartoon on his Facebook page; he didn’t draw it or create it, but merely shared it. (Cartoon and translation from Elder of Ziyon; neither the Independent […]

Canada plans Ark Park!

O Canada! How could you do this? According to several Canadian news sites, including the National Post and the CBC, there’s going to be an Ark Park in Canada. Reader Bryce alerted me to this noxious development in an email: I thought you might be interested, if you haven’t already gotten wind of the plans for […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Today we have a passel of birds from reader Ed Kroc, whose notes are indented: Here’s a batch of photos from San Diego taken this past summer. I was along the California coast for about a week in July collecting data on urban-nesting gulls, but of course I always try to make time for a […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

If you’re not reading this on Sunday morning, September 25, 2016, then you’re in church and don’t belong here. If you’re here, remember that it’s National Food Service Workers Day, so give your waiter an extra large tip. On this day in history (1789), Congress passed first ten amendment to the U.S. Constitution, otherwise known as […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Cat naps, goalkitty, Darwin the retriever cat

Once again you’re lucky enough to get three cat-related items today. The first, from the Daily Mail, shows moggies sleeping in weird positions.  There are a lot more; here are my favorites:   ********* From LoveMeow, meet Keys, aka “goalkitty”: Her human, Peter Mares from California, discovered her unique talent by accident. Peter noticed one […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Here are some gorgeous pictures I’ve shamelessly swiped (with permission) from the Facebook page of biologist/naturalist/photographer Piotr Naskrecki, who’s been spending a lot of time in Mozambique. His photography webpage is here; and the captions below (indented) are all his: And now, for a change, something that we can all agree on – isn’t it the […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

Good morning (if you’re in the right time zone)! It’s Saturday, Sept. 24, 2016, and also National Cherries Jubilee Day, which is basically ice cream, cherries, and rum: a dessert that went the way of bell-bottom pants.  On this day in 1890, the Mormon Church officially renounced polygamy under pressure from the U.S. government, though […]

Jesus gets de-platformed

Inspired by the article about Lionel Shriver I posted a while back, reader Pliny the in Between has created a new cartoon called “The De-Platforming on the Mount“. Click to enlarge.

A traveling-bar illusion

Matthew, who loves illusions, sent me this tw**t: Reality shatter. The two objects are traveling in exactly the same manner. Watch when it turns gray. — Cliff Pickover (@pickover) June 18, 2016 Now an explanation for this is published here (it’s based, as you might expect, on differences in contrast), but I can’t be arsed […]