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Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Joe Dickinson has some nice Sunday pinnipeds for us. His notes: Walking recently at Seacliff State Beach, CA, I encountered a California sea lion (Zalophus californianus) doing the same, providing nice views of two features that distinguish sea lions (and fur “seals”) from true seals: an external ear flap and the ability to rotate the […]

A panacea

I could use a dose of this nostrum right now!: I want the one that’s Bengal-flavored. h/t: Dennis

Monday: Hili dialogue

It’s raining here, dampening the spirits and plans of the the many Chicagoans who hoped to celebrate Memorial Day with a barbecue along the lake or other outdoor activities. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, the presidential runoff election results have not gone the way liberals hoped, with the pro-Catholic candidate winning. As Malgorzata commented: This dialogue is, […]

Kin selection in waterfowl

This is from the pond right outside my office. I can’t count the ducklings, but people tell me that there were once nine of them. There’s a slow attrition over the summer as feral cats, raptors, and male ducks kill them. I’m hoping we’ll fledge at least six. (Poor quality attributable to my using my […]

The correlation between rejection of evolution and rejection of environmental regulation: what does it mean?

I was sent the following Washington Post tw**t, which refers to an article by Chris Mooney, an accommodationist who now works for that paper. Of course I was intrigued, so I went to both Mooney’s article and the source of that graph, an analysis of Pew-poll data and a post by Josh Rosenau, another accommodationist who works for […]

Jeffrey Tayler’s Sunday Salon secular sermon

Brother Tayler has once again gone after religion in the Sunday Salon. This time his piece, which discusses—nay, eviscerates—Jeb Bush’s commencement address at the fundamentalist Liberty “University,” is called “Jeb Bush cozies up to haters: Jerry Falwell, Liberty University, and the real story of religious right evil.” I’ll leave you to luxuriate in Tayler’s anti-theism, but […]

Irish parents with a gay son urged a “yes” vote on the gay marriage referendum

Although some folks who favor gay marriage are still grousing about yesterday’s great victory in Ireland, calling out the Irish for not legalizing abortion at the same time, those are curmudgeons who can’t appreciate that big step forward, or realize that legalization of abortion will follow in time. What happened this weekend was a slap in the face of retrograde Catholicism, […]

John and Alicia Nash die in taxi crash

The news of the death of this well-known couple just came from my CNN news feed: The man whose life story was the inspiration for the film “A Beautiful Mind” died in a car accident Saturday in New Jersey, according to the New Jersey State Police. Famed mathematician John Forbes Nash Jr., 86, and his wife […]

Some reviews of FvF

So far Faith versus Fact hasn’t been widely reviewed, which I find a bit puzzling (and hope it will be remedied); but here are three reviews that appeared recently. 1. The Chronicle of Higher Education: The review, by the religious scholar Timothy Beal, is called “Fundamentally atheist,” so you know what it’s going to say. It is, of […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Perhaps many Americans won’t be on the Internet today, it being a long holiday weekend and all; but I can’t withhold our usual nature snaps from those who online, or from foreign readers. Here’s today’s installment from reader Tony Eales in Australia. And keep those pictures coming in—the tank is a bit low! Tony’s notes, sent on […]


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