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More on the ‘kite runner’ fossil

by Matthew Cobb Regular readers may recall that a few weeks back we had a guest post from Ross Piper about the spectacular ‘kite runner’ fossil Aquilonifer spinosus, which Jerry posted about. Ross argued that the tiny organisms attached to the main fossil may not have been offspring, as Derek Briggs and colleagues, but instead […]

Bullied by Yale students, Erika and Nicholas Christakis resign their residential posts

In October of last year, Erika Christakis, child development expert and associate master of the Silliman residential college at Yale University, sent an email to students in response to a dean’s email about a big fracas involving “inappropriate” Halloween costumes. Christakis discussed the difficulties of determining whether costumes were potentially offensive and warned about the dangers […]

Physics explains it all

Reader Pliny the In Between has a new cartoon, “Time Dilation,” on his/her site Evolving Perspectives (click to enlarge): Making these cartoons is no easy job; in another new post, Pliny explains the work behind creating the characters and making the panels. It’s far more complicated and laborious than you’d imagine!

Readers’ wildlife photos

Stephen Barnard in Idaho is sending lots of photos, for the owls and the eagles on his property have young about to fledge. Plus he saw BABY COYOTES. So here’s the latest installment: Desi (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) taking off from the nest. When they take off they launch into the air and then drop to pick […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

It’s Friday, and about noon I’ll head to the American Humanist Association meeting downtown. That means that posting will be light here until Monday, and then on Wednesday I go to Boston for a week or so. Like Maru, I do my best. On May 27, 1703, Peter the Great founded the city of St. Petersburg […]

Pair of misplaced glasses mistaken for art

The latest book I’m reading is by the New York Times‘s film critic A. O. Scott: Better Living Through Criticism: How to Think About Art, Pleasure, Beauty, and Truth. It’s a mixed bag, but, to give him credit, Scott’s taken a hard look at the value of his own profession, asking what the purpose of criticism […]

DePaul President responds to the Yiannopoulos affair

I had already written to the President of DePaul University about the suppression of free speech shown in this morning’s video, but before he responded (if he even does), I got an email from a member of the DePaul faculty, who, among other things, enclosed a letter that President, Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, sent to the University community. […]

Here’s the iguana!

Stephen Knight spotted an iguana when checking into his hotel in Tulum, Mexico. I put up the quiz earlier, and now here’s the reveal. Did you find it? This appears to be a black spiny-tailed iguana, or Ctenosaura similis. Readers can correct me if I’m wrong, as it may be a green iguana.

Saudi man shoots obstetrician for helping his wife deliver her baby

Okay, pin this on Western imperialism if you can. According to Newsweek, a Saudi man shot a doctor in Riyadh for helping his wife deliver a baby: Saudi authorities have arrested a man for shooting a male doctor who had helped his wife’s delivery, after arguing that a female doctor should have overseen the birth. […]

Milo again proves his point as DePaul students go nuts and prevent him from speaking

Let nobody say I’m a fan of Milo Yiannopoulos, an editor of the right-wing website Breitbart and a professional provocateur. He’s embarked on a “Dangerous Faggot” tour in the U.S. (he’s gay), going from college to college talking about feminism, regressive Leftism, and politics. Or rather, attempting to talk, for his mere presence on U.S. campuses apparently constitutes […]


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