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You had one job

No commentary is required. Hat-tip: Steve Kurtz

Jesus & Mo: Known

by Grania Jesus and Mo are revisiting the subject of Blasphemy again. Although this is a subject that largely holds no terror for those of us who live in largely secular nations; its victims are inevitably members of minority religions and they pay the price for believing in the wrong god with their blood and their […]

Snake fossil supports the existence of Adam and Eve. Huh?

by Greg Mayer A commenter on my post about the four-legged snake, Tetrapodophis,  quoted a line from Genesis about the snake in the Garden of Eden going on its belly in retribution for bamboozling Eve; I thought (and still think) it was a poe. But apparently there are real people who think this fossil demonstrates […]

Quote of the Day: Camille Paglia

I’ve blown hot and cold over Camille Paglia, and have gone to see her speak several times, especially because the Q&A after her talks is, predictably, incendiary. I like that fact that she’s a contrarian and says exactly what she thinks. But as she’s gotten older, she’s become extremely self-centered and arrogant, repeatedly claiming that anything interesting […]

Rabbi doubts evolution, “but not because of religion”

The title of the article at issue is a masterpiece of dissimulation, because if you read the piece you’ll find that its author, a rabbi, is skeptical completely because of religion. In fact, I’ve known of only one evolution-denier who didn’t form that opinion on religious grounds (it’s David Berlinski, and I suspect he’s a secret believer), although […]

Readers’ Wildlife Photos: fledgling harriers

WEIT regular Bruce Lyon sent Jerry fantastic photographs of some young harriers that we have visited before here and here in June when the parents were nesting.   As always, click through on a photograph twice to see it in its original size.   Bruce writes: Jerry kindly posted two previous batches of photos of nesting harriers I […]

The secrets of life – two videos

by Matthew Cobb In June, the Royal Institution in London hosted two talks about the origins of life, one by myself, the other by Nick Lane of UCL. The talks were partly a way of publicising our books (my Life’s Greatest Secret: The Race to Crack the Genetic Code, and Nick’s The Vital Question: Why […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

It’s Hump Day, and fortunately several readers have contributed items for posting today, as I’m still unable to write much. Matthew Cobb has also come through with two pieces that will go up later. Meanwhile in Dobrzyn, Hili is being a duplicitous cat, which is probably a redundancy. A: What are you doing? Hili: I’m waiting […]

How do you want to die?

I’m surprised nobody has thought of this before: collecting doctors’ wishes about how they would like to die. That collection was done by Tom Chivers, announced on Twi**er, as below, and published on BuzzFeed. Click on the screenshot below to go to the article, which is a lot better than usual pieces on that aggregator site: […]

Three owlets and a fly

My old friend Hempenstein sent this video, and at first I couldn’t figure out what was going on: I thought the owlet nestlings were listening for their mother. But then I realized that they were following a fly that was loose in the nest box.  As Hempenstein commented on the video: Jesus they’re strange-looking, but […]


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