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Monday: Hili dialogue

Good morning! We’re into another week, for it’s Monday, June 26, 2017: National Chocolate Pudding Day. I haven’t had any of that stuff for years. but i do like it. It’s also Ratcatcher’s Day in Hamelin, and you know what’s reputed to have happened there. PCC(E) is tired today, having slept poorly due to a […]

RIP Isabella

Reader Eric has just lost his beloved cat Isabella, and requested that I honor her memory by posting her story and photo on this site. I am glad to oblige: I’m a long-time reader (and occasional poster) of WEIT.  I have some sad news and request to make. Today, my Ex and I had to […]

“Old Man Fibber”: GOP Healthcare

Political parody is a dicey proposition; often it’s not funny and falls flat on its face. But this parody of “Old Man River” by satirist Roy Zimmerman, which makes fun of Mitch McConnell and TrumpCare, is pretty damn good: h/t: Lesley

Bret Weinstein talks with Gad Saad

This hourlong conversation between Gad Saad and Bret Weinstein, apostate professor of evolutionary biology at The Evergreen State College, is worth a listen. Weinstein shows himself to be thoughtful and articulate, and deals with many of questions that have arisen among this website’s readers. One in particular is whether the requested “absence” of whites from […]

The anti-science views of third-wave feminists

Because of its connections with postmodernism, third-wave feminism has sometimes shown a disturbing trend of doing down science. That, of course, is because postmodernism rejects objective truth, valuing feelings and “lived experience” over science, which it sees as not only un-objective, but as a tool and embodiment of the patriarchy. This attitude was, of course, […]

Anti-Semitism of the day: Chicago lesbians ban “Jewish pride” flag from their Dyke March

I am deeply ashamed of Chicago’s gay community today. From both the left-wing Israel paper Haaretz and the Windy City Media Group, we get a disturbing report: at yesterday’s “Dyke March” in Chicago, a parade celebrating lesbian and LGBT pride and achievements, Jewish lesbians carrying the “Jewish pride” flag were asked to leave.  Why? Because […]

Ken Ham blames secularists for financial failures of the Ark Park

This story about two weeks old, but has been revived and supplemented by recent articles at Alternet,  The Raw Story, and The Friendly Atheist. The Ark Park (or rather “The Ark Experience”) apparently, isn’t the great success it was touted to be by Ken Ham and his organization Answers in Genesis. On the Answers in Genesis website. […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some nice insect and plant photos taken by Stephen Barnard in Idaho. His captions are indented: A few photos from the wildflower field. I don’t know the species of the insects. First, a Blue Flax (Linum lewisii) blossom. This plant visually dominates the garden (if you can call it a garden). A […]

Squirrel update

What with the warm weather and the 35-pound bag of sunflower seeds I bought, along with weekly purchases of peanuts, I’m attracting a lot of squirrels to my windowsill. I leave the window propped open when I sweep the sunflower-seed husks off their ledge and replenish their water dish, and when I do that they […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

Good morning on Ceiling Cat’s Day: Sunday, June 25, 2017. It’s National Strawberry Parfait Day, which leaves me cold, and World Vitligo Day. So it goes. On this day in 1876, the Battle of the Little Bighorn took place, resulting in the death of Lieutenant Colonel George Armstrong Custer and all his men. It was “Custer’s […]