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Sunday: Hili Dialogue

Good morning! Grania here. Jerry is in the skies, probably quite close to his UK destination now, so I have been charged with sharing the Hili Dialogue with the world. Jerry has several posts scheduled for later today, and will no doubt join us again as soon as he gets online. Our four-footed cousins in […]

The TSA gooses me again!

Not only is my plane two hours late, so I have to cool my heels for four hours in the desolate International Terminal of O’Hare, but, though clean as a whistle, I was grabbed by TSA after the Full Body Scan and given the Goosing Treatment. That meant a preliminary explanation by the agent about […]

Racism, sexism, and bigotry at historically Jewish fraternity at University of Chicago

Well, much as I’d like it to have been otherwise, students at my own school have engaged in some racist and bigoted behavior, and the culprits, according to BuzzFeed, The Daily News, and many other sources, was a historically Jewish fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Pi. At the University of Chicago, fraternities aren’t formally a part of the […]

Maurice White, 1941-2016, and Cynthia Robinson, 1944-2015

by Greg Mayer It’s been a bad few months for musicians: David Bowie, Glenn Frey, and now Maurice White, the influential, productive, and popular performer, writer, and producer, have died. And I must add to this sad list Cynthia Robinson, the iconic trumpeter of Sly and the Family Stone, who passed away in late November. As the […]

OMG, more atheism in the New York Times: Susan Jacoby on “God Bless America!”

Can it be that the New York Times is finally recognizing that, yes, godlessness is an acceptable view in America? Perhaps, for they’ve published some atheist pieces lately, and the latest is Susan Jacoby’s “Sick and Tired of ‘God Bless America’” which is in this week’s Sunday Review section. Her pro-atheist-and-secularist piece is headed by the strange photo […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Adventure cats, station cat gets promoted; and cat gloves for your smartphone

We will keep up with the Caturday felids while I’m on my trip, or so I hope. A week from today is my free day in London, and I have to decide which museum—and which pub—to visit. First, meet Gandalf, a fluffy gray cat who happens to be a rescue cat, taken from a pet shop in […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

After today there may not be any photographs for a week or so, for while I’ll bring them with me to the UK, I may not have time to post them. Posting in general will also be light. As Maru says, “I do my best.” Today we have another sequence of birds nomming mammals, but this time […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

I’m off this afternoon to England, and for those of you going to the Oxford or London events, I’ll see you there. On this day in 1944, plutonium was first produced at the Hanford nuclear facility in the state of Washington, later to be used in the Fat Man atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki. On […]

A tight landing at Princess Juliana International Airport

This airport, right past the beach on the island of St. Maarten, is notorious for having little leeway for landing. Locals and tourists gather on Maho beach to watch the fun. The plane is a PAWA Dominicana flight, and an McDonnell Douglas 83 plane; the landing was on January 6 of this year. Not all the […]

The odious National Prayer Breakfast: Obama asserts that “Faith is the great cure for fear”

Do you have two hours and a lot of antacids? Then by all means torture yourself by watching a bunch of politicians pander to religion in the latest National Prayer Breakfast, which took place yesterday. You can skip the first 37 minutes as nothing happens: it’s just people coming in and sitting down. Then it’s […]


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