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Come on, subscribe!

With only 114 more subscribers, I can hit 40,000. Since I get no $$ from writing here, I must make do with subscriber stats—and 40K is a lovely number—though I promise to resist the urge to write things that attract views. (Clickbait is parody and doesn’t count.) As for the 39,886 people all being “amazing” (a […]

Darwin ignominiously dropped from Britain’s £10 note

Yes, they’re revising the British banknotes again, so hang onto your tenners. You might even get a crisp one at the bank and frame it. For the £10 note, which has carried the portrait of the World’s Best Biologist since 2000, is being given the boot. I always smiled when I pulled out a tenner in […]

Canadian parents convicted for killing son by giving him maple syrup and other nostrums for meningitis

On March 10 I told the story of David and Collet Stephan, a couple from Alberta who killed their son Ezekiel, afflicted with meningitis, by withholding medical treatment in favor of bogus “alternative” medicine. Here’s what the CBC said when reporting on their prosecution for criminal neglect. (Ezekiel died in 2012): In a bid to […]

Iran gives long jail sentences to reformist journalists

These four journalists were not only reformers, but supported Iranian president Hassan Rouhani. Nevertheless, they were sentenced to long prison terms on trumped-up charges. The New York Times reports: An Iranian revolutionary court handed down long prison terms on Tuesday to four journalists supportive of the government of President Hassan Rouhani, Iranian news media reported. […]

Don McLeroy responds to the evidence for whale evolution

The other day I put up a post showing a video by Jon Peters about the evidence for the evolution of whales. That’s one of the great stories of evolution, and is copiously documented with evidence from many areas: the fossil record, genetics, embryology, vestigial organs, and so on. (The reptile—>mammal transition is equally well […]

Asra Nomani discusses the eternal issue of the hijab this Saturday in Chicago

I’m an admirer of the work of Asra Nomani, a journalist, cofounder of The Muslim Reform Movement, and author of Standing Alone in Mecca: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam. I’ve posted about her before; she’s a genuine believing Muslim and so, unlike Ayaan Hirsi Ali—who’s dismissed partly, and unfairly, because she left Islam—Nomani’s efforts to expunge the […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ The Big Reward

Today’s Jesus and Mo, called “dippy”, is a bit of a mystery to me.

Readers’ wildlife photographs

As I mentioned when in Portland, I encountered reader Bruce Thiel at my free will talk; Bruce’s avocation is preparing fantastic fossils that he finds locally. I’ve featured some of his preparations before; have a look, as I’ve never seen anything like them. Using a dental drill and working slowly and meticulously, he produces fossils like […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

It’s Wednesday, or Hump Day, the 27th of April, and the temperature in Chicago has dropped 30 degrees Fahrenheit in the past two days; it’s now chilly.  On this day in 1521, Magellan was hacked and speared to death by natives in the Philippines. Also on this day, Herbert Spencer was born in 1820, and Ralph […]

It’s Astro Sam’s birthday!

Since Samantha Cristoforetti (the Official Website Astronaut™) returned from the ISS, we haven’t heard much from her, but at least I can report that today is her 39th birthday, and she got a special cake from a special person:


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