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Sunday: Duck report

All is still well at Botany Pond, though it’s hot today (about 35°C), and I fed everyone early so they could nap during the heat of the day. When I was approaching the pond this morning, a rather large mammal was walking on the nearby sidewalk. I thought, “Holy jeez: that’s a big cat!” before […]

The beautiful game: The Economist’s choice of five classic World Cup moments

The Economist has an article (click on the screenshot below) that describes five epochal moments in the World Cup. You can read the article, but I’ve also dug up videos of all five moments and put them below. I’ve also added the Economist’s introduction (indented) and an excerpt from each event PELÉ was nine years […]

Title IX violations: does gender affect how they’re seen?

There’s a lot of kerfuffle this week about a female professor—a feminist professor—accused of a Title IX violation (sexual harassment or malfeasance), and how feminists and other authoritarian Leftists are defending her in a way that they presumably wouldn’t defend a male professor.  Much of the tale is laid out in the Chronicle of Higher […]

“Ballooning” crab spiders spin silk parachutes, and take off after testing the wind with their legs

A new study in PLoS Biology by Moonsung Cho et al. (free pdf here; reference below) uncovers some of the mysteries of how spiders (in this case crab spiders) balloon. “Ballooning” is an amazing form of spider dispersal. The spiders, usually very young ones, climb up on some high spot like a blade of grass […]

Don’t forget to enter the World Cup contest

If you missed yesterday’s post about the World Cup Contest, you have the chance to win an autographed book by PCC(E), with a special soccer-playing cat drawn in it to your specifications. All you have to do is guess the two teams in the World Cup final, and the score of that game. Go here […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

We have two photos today from Tara Tanaka (Vimeo page here, Flickr page here) in Florida, as well as a video she took a while back that I’ve never posted. First, the photos.  Meet Marshall the marsh rabbit. Note the small ears, the long legs, and the square face, almost like a capybara. Wikipedia says […]

Secular Jihadist podcast today: Ali ‘n’ Jerry

Today, as Ali Rizvi’s Facebook page notes below, I’ll be on his Secular Jihadist podcast at 11 AM EST. If you subscribe to Ali’s podcast through Patreon, you’ll be able to see it live (it’s a Skype interview); but even if you don’t, it will be available for free later.  Patrons can see the podcast […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

It’s Sunday, June 17, 2018, National Apple Strudel Day. It’s also World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought. And of course it’s Father’s Day. Word has it that my own and only kids, the ducklings of Botany Pond, will be presenting me with algae as a thank-you. Google has a special Father’s Day Doodle (below); but […]

World Cup contest: guess the teams in the final game and the final score, and win a prize (act quickly)

Thanks to the urgings of reader George, I’m going to repeat the World Cup contest I held four years ago.  So here are the rules for this year’s contest. The contest: Guess the two teams who will play in the final World Cup match, the victor, and the score.  Deadline for entering:  Tomorrow, Sunday, June 17, […]

Creationism and Coyne-dissing at The Daily Caller

It’s never wise for a serious conservative website to throw in its lot with creationism. Evolution is so well established—and my book gives only a small part of the evidence—that you just appear ignorant to question it—that is, unless you have some serious scientific knowledge and questions. And even then, I can’t imagine any evidence […]