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Sequential shell swaps in hermit crabs

Here’s another Attenborough video featuring the lifelong attempts of hermit crabs to find shells that fit them as they grow. A hermit crab without a shell is a pathetic thing (see several at 2:39), easily taken by predators or cooked by the sun. Here’s a stunning behavior in which a line of crabs forms in […]

My last research paper is published

Thie paper below is the culmination of research started at least ten years ago in Chicago, but, due to various glitches and re-doing the research in a more thorough way, it didn’t see light for a decade. The paper also represents a collaboration between several investigators, starting with my last NIH grant, but was delayed […]

Turkish legislature to introduce a “marry your rapist” bill, legalizing statutory rape

The age of consent for sexual congress in Turkey is 18, so if a man has sex with a woman under that age, he’s guilty of statutory rape. But that mey be about to change. According to the Independent and other sites (mostly tabloids, as this stuff gets little attention in the mainstream Western press), […]

An example of opinion polluting journalism in the NYT

UPDATE: As evidence that the Times knew it was infecting its journalism with opinion, they’ve changed the headline in the last two hours. Here it is now:   ____________________ Opening my New York Times website this morning., I found this article as the banner headline, which isn’t supposed to be opinion but news (click on […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I think we’ll continue with evolutionary biologist John Avise’s Antarctic-region photos until they’re exhausted, which will be a few more days. The rest of them are penguins, which of course I feature with great joy. We’ll have one species each day. John’s captions are indented. Gentoo Penguin (Pygoscelis papua):  

Thursday: Hili dialogue

It’s Thursday, January 23, 2020, and I am back in Chicago, with snow showers already coming down; we may get a few inches by the weekend. But there are only a few short months until the mallards return to Botany Pond. It’s National Pie Day, celebrating America’s finest contribution to the dessert world (it’s National […]

What’s wrong with social media

The headline below could come from The Onion, though it’s not really that funny, even as a satire. But it’s not a satire: it’s true.  (Other sites—as well as the tabloids—give the same report.) You can read the story, from the entertainment site Kanyi Daily, by clicking on the screenshot below. Excerpts: A 19-year-old aspiring […]

History’s most amazing photo?

I almost never visit the My Modern Met site, but it must be good, as I often get suggestions from readers about articles there. I think I found this one on my own, but probably through Facebook. It’s the story of how an enterprising young photographer, Jon Carmichael, took a spectacular photo of a solar […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ the “conflict hypothesis”

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “kit”, came with the email note: “Science and religion again. And it won’t be the last time.” Indeed; one could have called this strip Faith Versus Fact, and I suppose it summarizes my book in just four panels. It’s a particularly good strip, but of course I’m biased. Voilà: […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We continue on with evolutionary biologist John Avise’s photos from the Antarctic and South Atlantic. Today we have mammals, and John’s captions are indented: Here are some prominent mammals on South Georgia Island. Antarctic Fur Seal (Arctocephalus gazella): Another common mammal on South Georgia, the Southern Elephant Seal (Mirounga leonina): Look at how big they […]