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Heather Hastie on the statue-removal frenzy and other issues

I’m a bit conflicted about the mania to remove Confederate statues that’s going on throughout the U.S. Yes, some people are offended by them, but they’re also a part of our history—an unsavory part, to be sure, but something we shouldn’t forget. After all, the remains of Manzanar, the California prison camp where many Japanese-Americans […]

The new Turkish curriculum: more Qur’an and jihad, less evolution and Ataturk

Over the past year I’ve written repeatedly about the terrible things happening in Turkey since Recep Erdoğan took over as the country’s President in 2014.  Once a vibrant and largely secular nation thanks to the vision of Kemal Atatürk, Turkey is being ground down by the heel of its new pro-Islamic government, which clearly intends to […]

My fickle duck

Honey has disappeared again, and who knows if it’s the last time I saw her. She was there much of the day yesterday, but came when I called only once out of three visits. She preferred to stand on the “duck island”, fitting herself in between the red sliders sunning themselves. Perhaps the eclipse discombobulated […]

Scientific American goes full Regressive Left, makes women’s rights depend on recognizing the “gender spectrum” and denying sex differences

An editorial (yes, an editorial, with the byline “BY THE EDITORS”) in the new online issue of Scientific American,”The new science of sex and gender“, is not only biologically misleading, but philosophically unsound. Its purpose appears to be that the “new picture” of sex and gender, which is no longer “simple” but supposedly confused by […]

A book on Darwin damned in New Scientist

A while back, several readers sent me an Evening Standard article by A. N. Wilson, “It’s time Charles Darwin was exposed for the fraud he was.” That turned out to be a precis of a new book by Wilson, Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker (out on September 7 in the UK, December in the U.S.). Of course the […]

The eclipse from Wisconsin (and Texas and Canada)

by Greg Mayer In Kenosha, Wisconsin, the eclipse yesterday was at about the same time as in Chicago, 11:54 AM to 2:40 PM, with the peak at 1:18 PM, and slightly less complete (85%). The eclipse glasses worked fine, but drifting cloud cover obscured the view for much of the time. And, without specialized cameras, […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

It’s Tuesday, August 22, 2017 and the first Post Eclipseolyptic Day. It’s National Pecan Torte Day, which shows how picayune the Foodimentary site is getting. Nota bene: I have arm therapy this morning and a tooth cleaning Wednesday, and then hand therapy on Thursday, and other miscellaneous things like repair of my new iMac, which […]

A question from PCC(E)

I’m admitting my ignorance by asking this, but if I don’t ask I won’t learn. Here is my question: “Why, when there’s a solar eclipse, is the Moon exactly big enough to blot out the Sun? Does this have something to do with the laws of physics as manifested in orbits, or is it just […]

Didja see the eclipse?

As I start this post, those of you in Charleston, the easternmost point of totality, will be experiencing it in about two minutes.  Here in Chicago, the peak was 1:18 pm, about half an hour ago, and it was 86.6% of totality. I was out in the quad with my eclipse glasses, and although it […]

A Freud contretemps in the Guardian

The other day I gave a positive take on Fred Crews’s new book, Freud: The Making of an Illusion, which pretty much demolishes—if it weren’t already wrecked—the image of Freud as a relentless truth seeker who remade our view of humanity. Crews has been examining Freud and his “science” for years, and this is his latest […]