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Suicide bomber sets off explosives at Port Authority bus terminal in New York City

This just happened, and is reported briefly by many venues, including NBC News. An explosion occurred during the Monday morning rush hour near New York City’s Port Authority, police said. One suspect is in custody following the incident at 42nd Street and Eighth Avenue, a senior NYPD official said. The suspect sustained a minor injury […]

Monday: Hili dialogue

Good morning. It’s Monday again: December 11, 2017. To paraphrase James Joyce, snow is general not over Ireland, though there’s enough to close schools and disrupt flights. But snow is general over the UK, severely disrupting flights and closing schools. To my friends over there, I’m sorry about this, but you’re a bunch of weenies! Chicago eats that kind […]

A holiday joke

I just remembered this one, and it’s appropriate for the upcoming Christmas season. The Three Wise Men, having followed the star, finally make it to Bethlehem. As they enter the stable, one of them, being tall, hits his head on the door frame. “Jesus Christ!!” he shouts in pain. “Hey!” said Mary, “That would be […]

Sundogs and halos!

Here’s a lovely Sun halo from December 1 sent to me by Matthew Cobb (be sure to click on the arrow to see the video). You can see why such phenomena were once taken to be evidence for God or the supernatural. Spectacular Sun halo display, with a 22° halo, parhelic circle, sundogs and a […]

Is Lindsay Shepherd still in trouble?

Most of you know know about Lindsay Shepherd, the graduate student at Canada’s Wilfrid Laurier University (WLU) who was threatened by her advisor and her University for showing a short clip in class of Jordan Peterson’s views on using different pronouns for different genders.  Her university has apologized, as has her advisor, but it created a […]

Does hate have a home on the Left?

I’m seeing these signs all over Hyde Park, the part of Chicago where I live: And of course they’re supposed to be signs of inclusivity and welcome, which is good. But are they sincere? According to Frank Bruni’s editorial in today’s New York Times, they’re not always true for the Left. Bruni is distressed by […]

New evidence for the multiverse—and its implications

As skeptical as I am, I think the contemplation of the multiverse is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the nature of science and on the ultimate nature of existence: why we are here…. In looking at this concept, we need an open mind, though not too open. It is a delicate path to tread. […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

My photo tank is getting low, so send me your good wildlife photos, please.  Posting will probably be light today as I’m crazy busy getting ready to go to India. A week from today, jet-lagged, I’ll be on the train from Delhi to Chandigarh to begin the first leg of the Jerry Coyne All-India Tour. […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue

It’s Sunday, December 10, 2017, both Ceiling Cat’s Day and National “Have a Bagel” Day; also, by UN decree, it’s International Mountain Day. There’s snow on the ground in Chicago right now, and the daily highs will be either below or just above freezing all this week. And be aware that EVERYTHING THAT I LIST BELOW […]

A compendium of atomic bomb explosions

Here’s a compilation of various tests of atomic bombs which I’ve put up just because they’re mesmerizing and because this is one of the things that we have to worry about with North Korea.  It’s also amazing—and terrifying—that the human brain is able to manufacture something like this out of our neurons and substances in […]