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Sunday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

Good morning on Sunday, October 20, 2019. Tomorrow I’m off to Chile, where I’ll spend a few days in Valparaiso before heading out of that port towards Patagonia, Antarctica, and, at the end, the Falkland Islands. I will be giving three lectures on a cruise (“The Fuegians, The Beagle, and Darwin,” “Science on Scott’s Terra […]

Van Jones on Hillary Clinton’s smear of Tulsi Gabbard (and Jill Stein)

The Democratic race got even hotter this week when Hillary Clinton decide to pronounce Tulsi Gabbard a “Russian asset.” As CNN reported, Clinton alleged that the Russians, using “sites and bots”, are grooming a female Democratic candidate, which must be Gabbard, for a third-party run. Gabbard, as is her wont, struck back: … powerful allies […]

Ridiculous Offense of the Week

As if society couldn’t be any more censorious about things that aren’t hurtful, have a look at this HuffPo article about a “thoughtless use of a racial slur”. That could be bad, but when you read what actor Gina Rodriguez actually did, it’s ridiculous to cast opprobrium on her. (Click on the screenshot.) Rodriguez, by […]

Bret Weinstein on free will and moral responsibility

Bret Weinstein posted this short video on free will, and then, as often seems to be the case, he added on Twitter that it doesn’t really encapsulate his ideas. At any rate, in the video Bret says that he accepts free will (without defining it—a necessary first step in any such discussion), and adds that […]

Caturday felid triefecta: Adventure cats, residents of Japan’s “cat island” saved before typhoon,

Today’s trifecta—the last Caturday post for a while—includes a readers’ cat section featuring moggies from two readers. First, the CBC has a featuring on Bodhi the Adventure Cat (click on screenshot), as well as a few other traveling moggies: While most would opt for dogs for outdoor pursuits, this Canmore resident says cats are the perfect […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Tomorrow morning is the last time you’ll be able to send in readers’ wildlife photos or photos of yourself (“photos of readers”). Today we have a multi-photographer contribution, beginning with another chipmunk photo by Diana MacPherson. Everyone’s captions are indented. Probably the last Eastern chipmunk [Tamias striatus] of the season. This one was startled & […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

This will be the last Saturday and Caturday posts for a while, though Matthew has promised to post the Hili dialogues (just the dialogue itself) every day when I’m gone. With luck, Matthew and Greg may weigh in on other matters from time to time. At any rate, good morning on Saturday, October 19, 2019: […]

Photos of readers

Today we have another Man and his Toy: reader Garry VanGelderen. Garry’s notes are indented: Here is a picture of me sitting in the cockpit of my sailboat. This is my summer residence. Marina at Gore Bay on Manitoulin Island, Ontario, Canada I do go out sailing frequently in the North Channell of Lake Huron. […]

Kid describes sounds coming from his parents’ room

I’m not sure whether those who put this on YouTube were thinking clearly, but it’s pretty funny.  Still, the interlocutors of this little kid shouldn’t have been egging him on; after all they surely knew what was gong on.  Still, ten to one the parents go buy a television set immediately!

New Pew survey shows that Americans are rapidly becoming less Christian and more secular

The Pew Organization conducted surveys for their Religious Landscape Studies in 2007 and 2014, assessing the religiosity, non-religiosity, beliefs, and churchgoing habits of Americans. They continued these surveys last year and this year, though on a more restricted scale. Nevertheless, the new Pew Survey, whose summary you can see by clicking on the screenshot below […]