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Sunday: Hili dialogue

by Grania Good morning! There are 50 days remaining until the end of the year. 1863 – Paul Signac, French painter and educator (d. 1935) who helped to develop the pointillist style 1901 – Sam Spiegel, American film producer (d. 1985) who won Best Picture three times. 1926 – Maria Teresa de Filippis, Italian race car driver and first woman Formula […]

Asia Bibi reportedly denied asylum in the UK because of “possible unrest” among “certain sections of the community”

Not long ago I wrote about the plight of Asia Bibi, a Pakistani Christian who was sentenced to death for blasphemy after she got into a row with the Muslim women in her village. As I wrote at the time: The details of her case show a country steeped in hatred, ignorance, and faith (some […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Lego cats; cat and dog rescued together; robotic cat–and lagnaippe

It’s Caturday, and Grania reminded me that I need to put up a felid post so that the streak remains unbroken. If you’re into Legos, Skeptical Kitten reports and advent of Lego Cat Kits, which aren’t cheap: $66. Here are a few examples: *********** And from LoveMeow, we have this heartwarming story (click on screenshot):: […]

Nevertheless, he persisted: Sammy the seal begs for fish

In a small seaside town in Ireland, Sammy the seal makes a daily appearance to beg fish from the fishmonger. I don’t know how this behavior started, but I suspect someone from the store gave him a fish. The rest is history. The YouTube notes: Sammy the Seal begs for fish outside a restaurant in […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

by Grania Welcome to another weekend. It’s the birthday of writer and illustrator Neil Gaiman (1960) ; Martin Luther, leader of the Protestant Reformation (1483); George Jennings, inventor of the flush toilet (1810); Tim Rice, lyricist and writer (1944). Tim Rice created the lyrics for these songs, the music for the first was written by  […]

Alyssa Milano repudiates the anti-Semitism of Women’s March founders

Alyssa Milano, the actor and activist (she was a prime mover of the #MeToo movement), has taken a principled stand that I have to admire even more, as it pits her against her fellow feminists who fall on the Control-Left. As reported by several venues, including The Independent and the left-wing Jewish site Haaretz, Milano […]

Two meals in Paris

Wednesday lunch was at a rare venue for me: a Moroccan restaurant. Le Sirocco, near the Gobelins Métro stop, was highly rated, but I haven’t been to a non-French restaurant in Paris since 1990. Feeling a jones for tagine and perhaps a break from heavy French food, this was the place to go. It turned […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

by Grania Good morning! Welcome to the end of the week, I hope the weather is better where you are than here in Ireland where the the skies are black with rain, alas.   Today’s birthday candidates hail from all over the world. 1914 – Hedy Lamarr, Austrian-American actress and inventor of a radio guidance system for […]

Paris: Random photos

I’ve had two big feeds that I haven’t reported on, but stay tuned. Here are some photos of things that got my attention in Paris: The church of Sacré-Coeur, sitting atop a hill in Paris, affords a great view of the city. It was finished in 1914: Among; the touristy streets at its base is […]

Is age a social construct?

Race is now a social construct, gender is a social construct, and even species is a social construct (remember the “otherkins“, who identify as members of a nonhuman species?). Well, this is the logical result, as reported by the Guardian: And why not? Mr. Rateband feels he’s being discriminated against because of his age and, […]