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My last meal

  UPDATE: This wasn’t meant to be a suggestion for a last meal when you’re dying, or in prison. Let me be more specific: you’re told that at a certain moment you will be quickly and painlessly vanished from existence. Those are the circumstances I envisioned here. ____________ No, I’m not gonna die, but I […]

New York outlaws child marriage

As I noted recently, child marriage in the U.S. is not only far more common than you think, but in many states there’s no minimum age for marriage if a judge assents. As Human Rights Watch notes: The vast majority of US states permit marriage under age 18 under some circumstances. In 27 US states, […]

An article in Mother Jones smears Dave Rubin; he fights back

Here’s Dave Rubin describing how he was characterized by a piece in Mother Jones magazine as being “alt-right”, and how he pushed back against that. The piece was “Cashing in on the rise of the Alt-Right” by Josh Harkinson  (see his other articles here). Harkinson appears to be on the Control Left (“Ctrl-Left”), a great […]

The origin and migration of domestic cats: a genetic study

I think about fifty people sent me articles about a new genetic study of domestic cats and their ancestor, Felis silvestris—an analysis published in a paper in Nature Ecology & Evolution by Claudio Ottoni et al. Thanks to all for calling this to my attention, as it combines two of my favorite subjects, cats and genetics; but […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ speech

The new Jesus and Mo strip, called “fall,” is a rare one not accompanied by the artist’s comment. But it needs no gloss, except to say that all too often Leftists will discount news they hear from a right-wing source, even if it’s true (Righties like Trump of course do the same thing with the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Don’t forget to send in your good wildlife photos; there’s always a need for more! Reader Don McCrady sent a terrific series of eagle-in-action pictures, and topped it off with a star photo. His notes are indented: I purchased a new Canon 6D camera a little while ago so I stuck my 400mm lens on […]

1,387 subscribers to go

We’re ticking down at a decent pace toward the 50,000 subscriber mark, and though some readers have had the hauteur to tell me that that’s a meaningless figure, it means something to me. 1387 subscribers to go, so we’re more than 97% of the way there. Then I can die a happy man, and no, […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

We’ve reached midweek: it’s Wednesday, June 21, 2017, and, after much confusion on all of our parts, it really does appear to be the first day of summer in the northern hemisphere. Or so says Google, which proclaims that “the summer solstice in the Northern Hemisphere began at 11:24 PM last night”. And they celebrated […]

Pair of elephants save calf from drowning

This incident, which must have happened yesterday, is going viral. The video shows two Indian elephants saving a drowning baby who fell into a pool in a Seoul zoo; they do it by working together to push the baby into the shallow end. There’s simply no doubt about their intentions. Sure, nature can be cruel, […]

More hijab-osculation

As PuffHo says in its latest osculation of Allure magazine’s “first ever hijab-wearing cover model”: “Yes to all of this.” But to all of what?  The wearing of a hijab—the Confederate flag of headgear—to ensure that you don’t excite the passions of men? The confusing juxtaposition of “don’t look at me” with “I’m on the cover […]