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I have seen a kea

Well, just one, but it was a long story that almost ended in failure, with victory pulled from the flames at the last possible moment. And anyway, seeing one is sufficient. Details and more photos follow tomorrow.

Thursday: Hili dialogue

Good morning (and good night to those of you in countries with their noses on the International Date Line). Today is the birthday of the man who invented the safety elevator, Elisha Otis (1811). The invention was born out of necessity – he wanted to use hoisting platforms at his bedstead factory, but they were unreliable as the lifting cable […]

Iran sentences art gallery owners to death

By Grania Although it has been not been reported very widely in the Western press, on March 12th Iran sentenced Iranian-American Karam Vafadari and Afarin Nayssari to death. They were originally arrested on charges of serving alcohol in their home and hosting mixed-gender parties. Vafadari is Zoroastrian and thus is technically not bound to these Islamic laws. […]

Attack of the kea at Arthur’s Pass!

If I return without seeing one of these birds, I’ll be downhearted. Here is a kea attack on a car at Arthur’s Pass. The woman tried to feed one, which is forbidden, though I know it’s tempting. And here’s a video showing the infectious “play call” of the kea that incites other kea to playful […]

Terrorist attack in London: pedestrians run down, police officer stabbed

FURTHER UPDATE FROM THE BBC (Sadly, the policeman, and two others hit by the vehicle, have died. GCM): Summary A police officer has died after being stabbed outside the Houses of Parliament Two other people have died and at least 20 others are injured after the attacker drove into them in a car on Westminster […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Lent

The author of today’s Jesus and Mo strip apologizes for being late with the Lent humor. The strip appears to be unusual in that it’s almost straight Catskill humor without any explicit denigration of religion—unless that be criticism of how un-serious people are at giving up stuff at Lent. I’m off to see kea (I’ve learned that […]

The quest for the elusive kea: staging and preparation

Tomorrow is the day I head up to Arthur’s Pass from Greymouth to look for keas, the world’s only alpine species of parrot. I’m hopeful that I’ll get to see these remarkable birds, because the pass is where they are most easily found. In preparation, today I traveled from Fox Glacier north to Greymouth, took a […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue (& Leon lagniappe)

by Grania Good morning! Jerry is in dreamland after a day spent prepping for tomorrow’s Great Kea Hunt. More later on this. For the rest of us, it’s business as usual. Today is the birthday of William Shatner (1931) a man whose identity is now forever intrinsically merged with Captain James T. Kirk of Star […]

Jeff Tayler on Sarah Haider, Islam, and the betrayal of liberal values by the Left

I call your attention to Jeff Tayler’s new piece at Quillette: “On betrayal by the Left: talking with ex-Muslim Sarah Haider.” I’m a big admirer of Haider, a co-founder and director of outreach for Ex-Muslims of North America. I’ve heard her speak several times; she’s thoughtful and eloquent, and deserves a wider audience. Haider, along […]

“If there’s no God, murder isn’t wrong”: A ridiculous video from Prager University

Reader Kurt sent me this video with the note, “Sending you this for your listening pleasure in the hope you’ll never post anything from the execrable ‘Prager U’” again.” Sorry, Kurt: here it is. In fact, in this video Dennis Prager himself asks the burning question, “How do you know murder is wrong?” Science, he says gives […]