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Sunday: Hili dialogue

Good morning; it’s another warm and sunny day in lovely Puebla Mexico: November 19, 2017. I’m speaking today, but for only 10 minutes. But I’ll have plenty of fuel in my belly! It’s National Macchiato Day, and maybe I’ll have one this morning at the Green Room coffee bar. It’s also an official UN observance […]

Aztecs and caricatures

I’ve just returned from a huge comida of goat stew (mole de caderas, a seasonal Puebla speciality), chalupas, mollejas, and guajolotes at an out of the way, very local, and fantastic restaurant, and oy, am I full! Pictures will be forthcoming, but not now as I have little time and uploading pictures is slow. Instead, […]

Religion tickles everything

I’m sure I’ve posted at least one clip showing the American Charismatic Christian preacher Kenneth E. Hagin (1917-2003). Born in Texas, he preached in that state and later in Oklahoma.  Wikipedia describes his conversion: Kenneth E. Hagin was born in McKinney, Texas, the son of Lillie Viola Drake Hagin and Jess Hagin. According to Hagin’s testimony, […]

Puebla: Arrival and breakfast

All the conference participants are staying in Puebla’s Hotel Camino Real, which is very nice—stupendous when you include the breakfast. But more on that in a second. I have to note that Puebla, with 3 million inhabitants, is Mexico’s fourth largest city, and a famous colonial town with a lovely old cathedral. When we arrived […]

Caturday felid trifecta: chimera cat, a GOOD cat artist, and Maru kneads a pizza

Venus is famous for being a “split face” chimera cat with different-colored eyes, but here’s a new and similar cat described by Bored Panda. Meet the lovely Quimera, who has her own Instagram page. As a geneticist, I should know the cause of this, but I’m not sure. It could either be differential turning on of […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

Good morning from sunny and warm Puebla, Mexico. It’s Saturday, November 18, 2017. It’s National Apple Cider Day, but I’m in Mexico and will have a libation made from the heart of the blue agave (they have a free tequila bar in the speakers’ Green Room, but more on that later!). It’s also “Married to […]

Day 3: HuffPo ignores story of its own sexual harassment

Once again, HuffPo, while calling out all kinds of sexual harassment and assault on its sexual harassment page, ignores Tuesday’s Gizmodo story that Arianna Huffington ignored such harassment at her own venue, transferring a harasser to India. If you want to hold their feet to the fire, just ask them about the Gizmodo story on some […]

Steve Martin’s “King Tut” routine offends Reed College students

If you’re a Saturday Night Live fan, you’ll surely remember the old King Tut routine of Steve Martin. In case you don’t, here it is, about forty years old now: According to both New Jersey 101.5 and The Atlantic, the video was somehow played in class as a joke at Reed College in Oregon. BIG […]

Friday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

Hola from Puebla, Mexico, where the weather is predicted to be full-on sunny for the three more days I’ll be here, with highs between 72 and 78° F  (22-26°C). Posting will be light today as I’ve a lot to see and do.  There are old friends here—I rode in from the airport with Robyn Blumer […]

I have landed. . . to find quantum quackery

. . . in Houston, that is. The George Bush airport is HUGE and not pleasant. Next I have a 2-hour flight to Puebla. I have no time for posting, but here’s something to examine very critically. The famed physicist Roger Penrose, over at the Daily Galaxy, says he has a reliable physical mechanism for producing […]