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Words that should be deep-sixed

Grania found this tw**t, which I think is right on the mark: Updated my list of words/phrases that need destroying. BaeHolibobsChillaxTotesAmazeballsCray crayBanter/BantzFamNom nomWine o'clockYoloLolzWell jel CoolioAwksMethinksGawjusHunTellyboxHubs/Hubby/HubsterStaycationBe likeWhevsI know rightPreggersEpic — Amanda (@Pandamoanimum) January 17, 2018 The words I especially hate here are “bae”, “totes”, “amazeballs”, “cray cray”, “whatevs”, “be like” and “epic”. Some of them, […]

Science posts go unread. . .

I’ve kvetched before about how readers seem to ignore science posts, which started out as the heart of this website and are still dear to my own heart. In response, readers often say that they do read them but simply can’t comment because they don’t have the expertise. That’s fair enough and isn’t a problem for […]

Matt Damon forced to grovel after pointing out that not all sexual misconduct is the same

While I regard the house-cleaning in Hollywood as largely salubrious, purging the industry of sexual predators and empowering women in other fields to call out sexual misconduct, there are signs that these movements are going a bit too far. This overstepping is taking two forms: men who have been boorish but are not guilty of […]

North and South Korea to march together in Olympics under a unified flag (and a poll)

CNN reports that, after the recent thaw in relations between North and South Korea, or at least the resumption of talks and the participation of North Korea in the upcoming Winter Olympics, the two teams are going to march together under a unified flag and field joint teams: North and South Korean athletes will march […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Iceland

Today’s Jesus and Mo, called “adult,” came with an email message and a link: Hello to all J&M’s Icelandic readers, if there are any! This month it was revealed that 0.0% of you under 25 years of age believe in the biblical creation story. That’s still too many. The story, from Iceland Magazine, is in […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Today we have some of the most beautiful wild cat photos I’ve posted here. They were sent by reader Steve Adams, and his notes are indented: This is Steve Adams. I sent you some images last July of baby foxes. I was recently going through photos from a safari my wife and I took to […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

Good morning, and let’s see if we can get things right today. It’s Wednesday, January 17, 2018, and warming up in Chicago (we may get up to the freezing point today).  It’s National Hot Buttered Rum Day, but I have a lovely Cornas waiting for me at home tonight, so screw the rum. On this […]

Winter squirrels

It’s been pretty cold in much of America’s north and east, which gives us even more reason to feed the wildlife. Since my mallard hen has abandoned me—at least for the winter—I am left with a scurry of squirrels (yes, that’s the correct term for a group of these rodents). Although I didn’t feed my […]

A question to Brits (or Kiwis, or anyone who drives on the left)

On my way to the Divinity School for lunch—their cafe, called “Hallowed Grounds”, has a good selection of ethnic food though it bears the unfortunate motto “Where God drinks coffee”)—I saw that classes had just let out and students were crowding the sidewalks. I also noticed that students were walking like cars on a road: […]

Raoul Martinez on free will and the implications of determinism

I’ve published related talks by polymath Raoul Martinez before (see here), but not this one: a 17.5-minute talk delivered in 2013 and called “Creating freedom.” It has only a bit more than 36,000 views, and given the importance of its message, it deserves more. I suppose it’s because it’s delivered in a very low key manner, […]