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Update from the pond

Good news, everybody! Honey has returned to the pond but Phoebe is still AWOL.  Also, Anna reports that Honey looks good.   (this is short and sweet because PCC(E) is boarding a plane.)

Guess the dads!

These young men both had famous fathers, and their fathers played in the same band. Guess who they are. The answer is here, and it isn’t hard. If you guessed correctly, it shows, as I used to demonstrate to my class, that the variation among people in their facial features has substantial heritability: that is, […]

Old white male professors to be fixed by woke “reverse mentors”

This article is from the Torygraph, and I’ll assume the report is accurate, though you won’t find it discussed at any Left-wing websites. Click on the screenshot below to see the piece. The new policy: Male, pale and stale university professors are to be given “reverse mentors” to teach them about unconscious bias, under a […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Boris

This week’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “apt”, is about the fracas caused by Boris Johnson when, in a Torygraph editorial (now paywalled), he criticized the Danish niqab ban but also criticized the niqab itself, saying that its wearers look like a “letterbox”. So hated is Johnson that, although the letterbox comparison was offensive and inept, […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

I came to work at 5 a.m. to check on Phoebe and give her some food, and found these photos just sent by reader Tony Eales from Australia. Although I wasn’t going to do a wildlife post today, this is short, sweet, and interesting. Tony’s notes are indented. I came across what turned out to […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Hump Day: Wednesday, August 15, 2018, the Ides of August. This morning I’m to the KentPresents in Connecticut, which I’ll try to report about as “boots on the ground”. I’ll be back Monday, and posting will be light until then, but Grania will be doing the daily Hili dialogues (thanks to her!). Please refrain from […]

Baby goat befriends barn kittens

(Note: there may be an ad at the beginning of the video, which you can skip.) I’m feeling quite sad about the fracas at the pond today: Honey still hasn’t shown, and Phoebe is cowering on the duck island, though I managed to lure her out with some corn to dabble a bit in the […]

Troubles in the duck pond

The latest duck report is a bit sad. Without telling me, and despite their promise that they wouldn’t do anything to the pond, Grounds and Landscape Services sent two people to the pond this morning to cut down the tall reeds at the north end of the big pond, and they used small chainsaws and […]

Jeremy Corbyn celebrates terrorists who murdered Jews in the 1972 Olympics

We all know about the increasing anti-Semitism of the Labour Party. Some say that it’s simply catering to the Muslim vote, which is bigger than the Jewish vote, while others, like Nick Cohen (whom I trust) say it really is an anti-Semitism festering at the heart of Labour.  I’m rather eclectic on this, but Jeremy […]

The new regressive New York Times: op-ed defends Saudi Arabia’s human rights violations against criticism by Canada

As I reported two days ago, the Canadian government has called out Saudi Arabia for human rights violations, which include imprisoning “blasphemer” Raif Badawi and his activist sister Samur. These violations were initially highlighted by tweets from the Canadian government’s foreign policy site and Canada’s foreign minister, to wit: Canada is gravely concerned about additional […]