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Words and phrases I hate

All our excursions and landings in Antarctica for the day have been cancelled because of very high winds (ca. 50 mph) and very low temperatures. Even a few minutes on deck without gloves or a hat will freeze your extremities. The sea is covered with bits of ice, large and small, and I’m not lecturing […]

A report on our first cruise from reader (and passenger) Paul

It’s a small world: one of this site’s readers, Paul Hughes, as well as his wife Corinne, were along with us on our first trip from Valparaiso to Antarctica and back to Punta Arenas. Paul, a Brit, sent me a summary of his experience on the Roald Amundsen’s first Antarctica trip, and left it up […]

Word of the Day: “lapidation”

by Greg Mayer Brian Leiter has drawn attention to a “working paper” by Cass Sunstein, a Harvard law professor and former Obama administration official. Entitled “Lapidation and apology“, Sunstein’s paper argues for a reinvigoration of the figurative usage of a rather obscure word: “lapidation”. Defined by the Oxford English Dictionary as “The punishment of stoning […]

Orne Harbor: a second climb to the chinstraps

At the moment we’re parked in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen, the Errera Channel, between the small Cuverville Island and Danco Island.  The ship’s map (below) shows that the channel runs between Rongé Island (the large island on the left) and the west coast of Graham Land, part of the Antarctic […]

Monday: Hili dialogue, farm rush hour and some murmurations

by Matthew Cobb In Poland, Paulina, a student and Malgorzata and Andrzej’s lodger, is working hard: Hili: What are you doing? Paulina: I’m preparing for the next exam. In Polish: Hili: Co ty robisz? Paulina: Przygotowuję się do kolejnego egzaminu. On the farm, it’s rush hour, and the fowl all come rushing out… Murmuration 1: […]

Caturday felid part deux: Update on Mietek the kitten

This is part two of Caturday Felids; Greg posted part one yesterday. Today’s CF is a brief update on the status of Mietek the Kitten, rescued by Elzbieta and Andrzej the Second (the staff of Leon). Mietek was badly hurt after he was kicked by a savage human, who created a big hernia that required […]

Williams College finally has a “free speech” policy

The short take: Williams College, a ritzy and well-regarded liberal arts school, but one infected with a bad case of Wokeness, finally published its policy on free expression. It’s not as bad as I thought from previous drafts, but still suffers from insisting that one can have nearly complete freedom of speech coexisting happily with […]

Back to Half Moon Island—and the penguins

The ship’s map (the Roald Amundsen is circled, but the circle doesn’t quite enclose the ship) shows us well inside the channel between the “maritime antarctic” islands and and the Antarctic Peninsula itself: Zoomed out: And the Panomax live shipcam shows what I see outside my cabin window: a scene of fog and gloom, with […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue, Leon monologue, farm rush hour and a handful of tweets

by Matthew Cobb In Poland, Hili, like all cats, is solipsistic. [JAC: the two people below are Andrzej and Malgorzata’s new lodgers, who live upstairs. Malgorzata tells me, “They are very, very nice young people. They bought treats for Hili and keep them upstairs to entice her to come to them. Both love cats!”] When […]

Caturday felid trifecta; Tiger, Lion, Serval, and Cheetahs (our four felids are…)

by Greg Mayer Jerry is working on a Caturday felid post, but, as we all know, he is traveling in Antarctica, and thus the timing of its completion could be delayed. So, here are some felids for your Caturday fix! First up, a Siberian Tiger (Panthera, tigris altaica). Siberian Tigers are the largest of the […]