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Photos of readers

Reader Kurt Helf sent a photo and a bit of information (indented). Here is an image of me kayaking in Echo River, an underground river in Mammoth Cave National Park, as part of my duties as an employee of the Cumberland Piedmont Network.  My colleagues and I were moving inflatable kayaks from one site to […]

My upcoming talk on free will at Williams

I’m headed to the lion’s den: Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts, to give a talk on free will (or rather the lack thereof) sponsored by the Biology Department, the Science and Technology Studies Program, and Phi Beta Kappa. It’s on October 3 at 7:30 p.m. and open to the public; the venue is the Wege […]

What are we reading?

Well, I don’t know what you’re reading, and whether you like it, but that’s what this post is for. In fact, a lot of the books I’ve read, and a few I’m reading now, have come from readers’ comments on posts like this. I usually read only one book at a time, and have been […]

Is the religiosity of the Right driving the secularization of the Left?

In this piece from last Wednesday, Amelia Thomson-DeVeaux in Five Thirty Eight (henceforth “538”) discusses the increasing religious nonbelief of liberals, as opposed to that of conservatives or moderates. (Click on screenshot to read.) There’s little doubt that liberals are losing their faith (or not taking up faith) at a higher rate than are other […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

Send those photos in, folks! I can always use more. Reader Ralph Burgess sent some swell photos from Kruger National Park, a place I hope to visit one day. His notes are indented below: As requested, a selection here, all from the past couple of weeks in Kruger NP.  I’ve eschewed the more conventional iconic […]

Sunday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

We have but one more day until summer goes away: it’s now Sunday, September 22, 2019, and National Ice Cream Cone Day. It’s also Daughter’s Day (note misplaced apostrophe: we’re not celebrating a single daughter), National Hobbit Day (although The Hobbit was first published on September 21), National Girls’ Night In Day, and National Elephant […]

Photos of readers

Send your photos, in please (2 max); I have a decent number but there are a lot of subscribers. Today’s reader is Loren Parfitt from Vancouver, and his notes are indented (cat photo is lagniappe): I have been following your blog since 2014.  I am an atheist, likely for my whole life (haha I cant remember […]

Postmodernism explained—and criticized

The title of this 2017 article in Areo by Helen Pluckrose (also editor of the site) pulls no punches, and the piece is well worth reading—unlike the tedious and impenetrable lucubrations of the postmodernists themselves. Pluckrose not only explained postmodernism clearly—well, as clearly as one can—but also outlined the dangers it poses to academic education […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Mother cat carries food to her one surviving kitten; rude cats; cheetahs vs. lions: one roars, the other meows and chirps (and lagniappe)

We have four items today, including lagniappe.  The first video is of a feral mother cat carrying off a bag of food provided by kindly humans. Watch where she takes it. If this doesn’t make you tear up, you’re made of stone. What a lovely story! ************** From BuzzFeed, we have a selection of rude […]

Watch Bill Maher’s show while you can

This, sent by reader Michael, is a video of Bill Maher’s show last night, featuring Andrew Sullivan and Sarah Haider, as well as Samantha Power, Timothy Naftali and Heather McGhee Watch it while you can, because these things are taken down soon. I haven’t even watched it in my rush to make it available here. […]