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The reptile-mammal transition

by Greg Mayer Update: An alert reader, has objected to the theory presented below, or at least the specific evidence used; he has proffered much more pertinent evidence, which I append below. Jerry posted a couple of days ago on a specimen of an early tetrapod, Ossinodus, which seems to have had a partially healed […]

After the party: what the Yes vote in Ireland means for the Catholic Church and its position on homosexuality

by Grania Spingies Quite a lot of headlines around the world announced that Ireland’s voting for equality by endorsing same-sex marriage last week was the dawn of a new era for the position of the Catholic Church in Ireland. The truth of the matter is that it was really just the most recent and most […]

Virginia lawsuit filed to ban teaching evolution since it’s a “faith”

To paraphrase Clarence Darrow, creationism is always busy and needs feeding, and their lawsuits and incursions into the schools won’t stop until religion is no longer with us. Fortunately, this latest lawsuit, reported by the National Center for Science Education (NCSE), is a bull-goose loser. (The short 3-page complaint is here.) The state is West […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ hornets

Once again the Jesus and Mo author, in a strip called “nest,” manages to convey in four panels a complex behavior: the double standard of coddling the feelings of Muslims when their prophet is insulted, while turning a blind eye to criticisms of other faiths:   Reader Cindy, by the way, called my attention to a nice […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

We have moar hippos today, this time from reader Richard Bond: I am not sure that these hippo (Hippopotamus amphibius) photographs are up to Bob Lundgren’s standard (WEIT 23/05/15), but, after his and your encouragement, here they are anyway. The first three were taken in the Masai Mara [Kenya]. We were standing on a bank above the […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

I’m off to Washington D.C. for a book event tonight (7 p.m.) at Politics and Prose, a famous independent bookstore. If you’re in the area, do stop by, and if you buy and book and say the magic word (“Maru”), you’ll get a cat drawn in it.  I’ll be back in Chicago on Friday afternoon. […]

An interactive periodic table

TED-Ed has created a nice interactive periodic table of the elements. If you click on the screenshot below, you’ll go to the site, and then just click on the element of your choice for a several-minute video that explains it. (Alternatively, if you click on “get full lesson” below the video, you’ll go to a […]

Purity balls: an American Christian phenomenon

You may know this if you’re an American, but probably not if you’re from elsewhere. Conservative Christians in the U.S. have come up with the creepy concept of “purity balls,” in which young women, dressed in white, go to venues where the daughters make pledges of “purity” (i.e., virginity until marriage) to their fathers. Everyone’s dressed […]

The ageing cohort of nuns

I can’t vouch for this fact myself, but it seems credible since it appears in an ABC News article about how some aging nuns, rather than living out their days in their nunnery, have had to move to a Jewish old-people’s home in the Bronx. Why? Because there aren’t enough younger nuns to take care of them. […]

Putative amphibian fossil shows “broken” bone; said to be first indication of terrestriality

Now this paper is way above my pay grade, as it involves all kinds of complicated scanning, computer, and mathematical analysis of a “fishapod” fossil. The conclusion, from a new paper in PLoS ONE by Peter Bishop et al., is that the fossil, Ossinodus sp., shows a callus on its radius (one of the two lower […]


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