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Sam Harris weighs in on “Is New Atheism dead?”

Sam’s been busy, as I thought, but he did take the time to answer the question that I asked this morning: “Is New Atheism dead?”  His answer is below, and so we have three of the four living Horsepersons all answering “no”—along with Steve Pinker. Here’s Sam’s take, which I’ll also add to this morning’s […]

Cheetah urine may help save the species

The song at the beginning of this cheetah video shows what it would sound like if Barry White got involved in saving wildlife. Here’s a cool video from VICE about breeding cheetahs (Acinonyx jubata), and I hope they’re breeding them for release. I still get queasy about saving a species by keeping it permanently in […]

Americans’ acceptance of evolution: does it depend on how you ask them?

One thing you learn from looking at surveys of American acceptance of evolution: the statistics vary dramatically depending on which organization asks the question. And it also depends on how the question is asked. About a week ago, a Pew Survey tested this by assessing acceptance of human evolution in two ways. Read their summary—and […]

Here’s the cat!

Did you spot the cat? This was one of those cases, at least for me, when the cat is obvious but you miss it. I’ve circled it below; it’s reclining on a tree branch. The cat’s name is Cupcake, she’s part Siamese, and here she is:

Is New Atheism really dead? Four New Atheists respond

Three articles bashing New Atheism have recently been published (here, here, and here). I already criticized the Guardian piece, and am not going to waste my time on the others. After all, we know the tropes, which have been repeated ad infinitum: New Atheism used to be a lively and going concern, then four old […]

Spot the cat!

Reader Margaret sent a “spot the cat” picture. Can you see it? I didn’t until it was pointed out to me. I’ll put up the reveal at 10 am Chicago time.

Readers’ wildlife photos

Be sure to send me in your good wildlife photos. Thanks! Evolutionary biologist John Avise sent another batch of bird photos, and they’re my favorite birds. His notes and IDs are indented. Note that although the males diverge strongly in their appearance, females often look pretty much the same. This indicates that the male divergence (and […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

Is it really Friday again? Indeed it is: Friday, February 15, 2019, and National Gumdrop Day. Lordy—I haven’t had a gumdrop in years. I like the fruit-flavored ones but disdain the more common spicy ones.  It’s also John Frum Day in Vanuatu, celebrating the fictional figurehead of the most famous Cargo Cult. After some warmish weather yesterday—enough […]

A man, a lynx, and a hare

I don’t think I’ve posted this 6-minute video before, but if I have, watch it again. It’s about an intrepid camerman (Sam Ellis), a wily and elusive lynx (Mad Max), and, after 76 days of tracking, how the cameraman got a fantastic video of a lynx chasing a snowshoe hare. Note that the CBC’s title […]

John Henry Newman gets his second (bogus) miracle; stay tuned for sainthood

As you know, to become a saint in the Catholic pantheon a candidate has to have performed two documented miracles, which are ostensibly debated in the Vatican after being stink-eyed by a hired nay-sayer, the literal “Devil’s Advocate“. (Hitchens was the Advocatus Diaboli for Mother Teresa’s canonization, but apparently they didn’t find him convincing.) Now, according […]