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Readers’ wildlife video and photos

Tara Tanaka (Vimeo site here, Flickr site here), has sent us yet another lovely 2 ½-minute  video, this time of a Great Egret (Aredea alba) displaying.  Be sure to watch it on the Vimeo site, enlarged and in high definition. Her notes: For the first time I’ve tried shooting photos from our Gheenoe [a boat], and as […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

Good morning: it’s Thursday, February 23, 2017, and National Banana Bread Day. Is anybody having some? It’s also Meteņi, a “national spring waiting holiday” in Latvia, described by Wikipedia thusly: “Meteņi is about people eating and drinking as much as they wanted.” I can truly get behind that, even if you have to dress like this: I see […]

Spiffy Darwin “Origin” tee shirt

Reader Peter called my attention to this lovely Origin of Species tee shirt. I know I’ve put it up before, but here it is again, and it has 40,000 words of The Origin on it imprinted by dye sublimation. That’s not the whole book by any means: as my friend Andrew Berry just found out by […]

Niche construction: does it represent a “vastly neglected phenomenon” in evolutionary thought?

“Niche construction” is a new term in evolutionary biology—indeed, a buzzword—although the idea has been around under other rubrics for years. It is the idea that the niche of an organism is not something static, imposed by its environment, but that the organism, as it evolves in behavior, morphology, and physiology, can change its environment […]

Here’s the katydid!

As promised, here’s the hidden katydid, photographed by Mark Sturtevant, that was presented this morning. Did you find it? Click photo to enlarge.

Hijab news: The Independent becomes HuffPo, touting “modest wear” for Muslims that’s quite alluring; Marine Le Pen refuses to don hijab

If you saw the headline below on a website, you’d think it was from the Huffington Post, right? The combination of fashion news (with Muslim attire called “modest wear”), gratuitous editorializing, and fetishizing of the hijab and body covering are all characteristic of that liberal clickbait site. But if you click on the headline, you’ll see that it […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ humanism

Today’s Jesus and Mo, called “best,” came with this accompanying note in the email: This one is in response to a story this week about the British Humanist Association sending out books to schools in the UK, and the ironic clerical reaction to it. There’s a religious curriculum in these schools, and the humanists are trying […]

Matthew on the BBC

Matthew Cobb was too modest to tell me that he was on Radio 4’s episode of The Infinite Monkey Cage (a science/comedy show) yesterday, but reader Kevin called it to my attention. You can download the broadcast by clicking on the screenshot below, and here’s the BBC’s summary: Making the Invisible, Visible Brian Cox and Robin Ince […]

Spot the katydid!

Reader Mark Sturtevant has another puzzler for us today. Can you spot the katydid? Click twice in succession (with a pause between clicks) to enlarge the photo. I’d rank this one “moderately difficult.” I’ll put up the answer at noon Chicago time.

Readers’ wildlife photos

Please send in your photos; there’s always a need. Today’s batch comes from reader Tony Eales from Queensland, who sends us pictures from the western part of his country. His notes and IDs are indented: I recently went to Western Australia for a very short visit. It is my first time there and it’s like […]