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Here Be Dragons

by Grania April Fool’s Day is drawing to a close, and it was a surprise to see the noble publication of Nature get in on the act with a paper on dragons by Andrew J. Hamilton, Robert M. May & Edward K. Waters claiming that “that anthropogenic effects on the world’s climate may inadvertently be paving the […]

Observer interrupts mating giant tortoises, gets chased away at 1 kph

Do not interrupt giant tortoises when they’re making the Beast with Two Backs! From YouTube: In this video from a Pristine Seas expedition to the Seychelles, under way now, expedition leader Paul Rose stumbles upon mating giant tortoises on Assumption Island. The angry male pursues Rose and a cameraman … very slowly. The only slower […]

C. J. Werleman jumps a gazillion sharks, accuses New Atheists of being white supremacists

I believe I said that I would never again write about the execrable atheist-bashing atheist C. J. Werleman, whose credibility went in the dumper when he was found to be a serial plagiarizer. His contrition was obviously not genuine, for he’s now attacking New Atheists in the most vicious way possible. It’s almost as if, blaming […]

The True Meaning of Ēostre

There’s an old-new strip up at Jesus & Mo. Apparently True Meanings ™ are time-specific. The trick is knowing which True Meaning is the Real True Meaning. I suspect this can be deduced by means of Sophisticated Theology (also ™ ). (Readers in Pakistan and other comic-censoring countries may be able to view the strip by using […]

National Geographic allows Francis Collins to spout theology in its pages

Okay, this really burns my onions: the latest National Geographic has a piece by Francis Collins, director of the National Institutes of Health, in both the paper and online version: “Why I’m a man of science—and faith.” Aside from science popularizers like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Collins is probably America’s most visible (and certainly its most powerful) scientist—and […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Today, Stephen Barnard is back with a passel of photos from Idaho. First, we have three ways of looking at a black-billed magpie (Pica hudsonia): This is a super common bird, but in my opinion one of the hardest birds to capture. They’re smart, wary, and fast. And Desi, one of the two bald eagles (Haliaeetus leucocephalus) […]

TSA blues

It is 6 a.m., I have gone through security at Midway Airport, and once again I have been violated by the TSA. After passing through the See-You-Naked Machine, the agent asked me to turn around and look at the video output of my scan. Sure enough, on the screen there were bright yellow outlines on the buttockal and […]

San Diego Zoo shows off its new jaguar cub

by Matthew Cobb Some lovely video of the new jaguar cub at SDZ, only 18 days old. Lots of love from mum, too…

Wednesday: Hili Dialogue

Good morning! Grania here (for now) while our host heads off to Boston this morning. He won’t be out of contact, this is more of a BACKSON BISY kind of a moment. Today is a day for being skeptical about everything as it is April Fool’s Day which may or may not result in tall […]

The Rolling Stones back on tour

Well, I never really liked the Stones much anyway (I was a Beatles guy), but I was amazed to hear that they’re going back on the road. And I was even more amazed to hear this from the NBC News reporter: “Their average age is greater than that of the Supreme Court.” And instantly, I thought of […]


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