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Mutant creatures of the air

From Matthew we get a tweet of an albino bat. It sure sticks out from the other bats, and I hope it will be okay. A rare and incredible find today. An albino cave myotis (Myotis velifer). A little white jewel standing out in the crowd. #Albinism #bats @BatConIntl — Winifred Frick (@FrickWinifred) February […]

The first Neanderthal cave art

There has been some debate about the artistic ability of Neanderthals, and to date no art has been found, though their “spirituality” has been suggested from traces of ochre in burial sites. That suggests either that living bodies were decorated before burial or were adorned after death in some kind of ritual.  People seize on […]

My letter in the student paper promoting free speech

I guess I’m on some sort of free-speech-on-campus kick since I heard that many students, alumni, and faculty were protesting an upcoming debate at the University of Chicago featuring Steve Bannon. Given our University’s liberal free speech policy, I was surprised—indeed, sandbagged—by this protest. It’s actually is more than just peaceful protest (I also think Bannon […]

Spot the cats!

Reader Tim E. sent a “spot the cats” photo. I rate this one “pretty easy”, so if you’re a beginner start here. I was in Rome last week taking a tour of the ancient ruins.  There was one I thought you would take a particular interest in, Largo di Torre Argentina.  As the tour guide was […]

Readers’ wildlife photos (and video)

Reader Tim Anderson has some astronomy photos for us: Here are three astrophotographs assembled using my 10″ Newtonian telescope and a monochrome camera using narrowband filters to pick out wavelengths emitted by specific kinds of material. The first is the Horsehead Nebula (officially known as Barnard 33 – Barnard was a fascinating personality, well worth […]

Friday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

Good morning on Friday, February 23, 2018: National Chili Day and National Banana Bread Day. It’s also the Christian Feast day of Serenus the Gardener (Do Christians really feast on feast days? If so, I want in!) And, according to reader Chris, it’s National Drink Wine with Your Cat Week (see the link for cat-safe wine). […]

Corvid altruism?

Reader Amy called my attention to this new video, which seems to show a crow not only sharing his bread with a mouse, but actually bringing it to the mouse. Could it be he’s trying to trap the mouse to eat it? I don’t think so. Could it be altruism? Hard to believe! Judge for […]

Am I the bad cop?

Apparently so! Matthew sent me this strip from Existential Comics with the note, “You are Bad Cop.”  (Click to enlarge; it’s gonna overlap with website text on the right.) I am sad. . . .

The Perpetually Offended, east and west: Dresses, saris, diapers and square-root signs

When I woke up this morning there was one notice of how the Perpetually Offended were acting, and then it multiplied through today, so now I have four instances and no time to write about them. I’ll just give brief notices about these four episodes, which combine to show that people are looking for any […]

UoC President Bob Zimmer talks about free speech on campus

The Wall Street Journal has a week-old interview with University of Chicago President Bob Zimmer (a mathematician); the topic is free speech and Steve Bannon. The piece below (click on the link) is paywalled but judicious inquiry might yield a copy—if you really want it.As I’ve noted before, Luigi Zingales, a professor at the Business […]