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How hamsters stuff their cheeks (and lagniappe)

I was going to do a somewhat complex post on consciousness today, but Duck Farming has been onerous and, as Matthew and I discovered on a Skype call today, we’re both having trouble concentrating during this period. Consciousness shall thus be postponed until tomorrow and instead we’ll have something not mindless but simple and biological. […]

Ssssh. . . Honey is nesting. And we have a new sign!

As of today, Honey has laid five eggs: one per day. I can see her nest when I peek behind the cover I’ve put up. She’s still laying, of course, and pops out one egg in the morning, after which she and Dorothy, who’s also nesting—but whose nest is hidden behind a locked door—head to […]

The National Rifle Association uses the pandemic to promote the sale of guns

I’m just going to drop this here and leave, because it makes me sick. This NYT article shows the National Rifle Association, facing budgetary constraints and increasing calls for more gun controls, fighting to get gun stores classified as “essential services” that must stay open during the pandemic. Why? Because the NRA sees “the government’s […]

Straight talk about coronavirus, and a chance to ask questions of a primary-care doctor

I don’t intend to fill this site with information or bad news about coronavirus, as you can get that most everywhere, including the New York Times, and most of the detailed stuff is above my pay grade. But I thought the information below was well worth passing along. Are you tired of hearing the advice […]

Chicago during the pandemic

This is just fog, but this picture of downtown Chicago, taken from my crib two days ago, makes me think that the fog is a metaphor for the virus plaguing our city—and everywhere else. The big building is the Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower. Click to enlarge.

Readers’ wildlife videos

Tara Tanaka has been isolating herself in her wildlife blind on her wetland property in Florida, and we are the beneficiaries: she sent two new videos. (Tara’s Vimeo page is here and her Flickr page here.) Be sure to enlarge these before watching. I’ll put her descriptions of the videos in indented text.  First we […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

Well, for many of us this isn’t the end of the work week because so many people aren’t working. And it’s useless to say “TGIF”. Nevertheless, it is Friday, April 3, 2020: National Chocolate Mousse Day. It’s also National Walk to Work Day (a no-brainer for me), World Party Day, National Don’t Go to Work […]

Thursday: Duck report

I have exciting news: both Honey and Dorothy have started nesting and laying eggs, and I know where both of the nests are. The bad news is that Honey has nested on a ledge on the wrong side of the building (the “non-pond” side), and her nest is 2.5 floors up from a cement porch. […]

Rowan Williams, Lord Oystermouth and former Archbishop of Canterbury, faults Dawkins and New Atheists for damaging Christianity and not knowing theology

Good God, here we go again! Rowan Williams, formerly a “sophisticated” Archbishop of Canterbury, now bearing the appropriate title of Lord Williams of Mealymouth Oystermouth, is still kvetching about Richard Dawkins and his supposed New Atheist posse, and on two grounds. First, Dawkins (and we) damaged Christianity, and it needs to be repaired. Second, New […]

Religion infects another 2500 with coronavirus, kills 17

The Sophisticated Theologians® had better get to work on this one, telling us why God would let people assemble to worship Him—and then strike down thousands of them, killing 17. Yep, it’s in the Evening Standard, but also in other places (click on screenshot); An excerpt: A pastor whose church service has been blamed for sparking a huge […]