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And the scientist shall lie down with the d*g; and a little cat shall lead them

The Pope performs a miracle!

Well, it looks like one. And if this is real, he needs only one more before he can canonize himself! h/t: Taskin

San Francisco’s last gun shop closes; Ben Carson puts metatarsals in mouth again

If we’re to reduce gun violence in America, which I think is ineluctably connected to the easy availability of guns, it will have to be a bottom-up phenomenon. We can’t count on the Supreme Court, which has construed the Second Amendment as allowing a “right” for private citizens to own guns, nor can we count […]

Obama apologizes for airstrike on Doctors Without Borders hospital, DWB demands independent investigation

According to the New York Times, President Obama has apologized for last Saturday’s airstrike at the Doctors Without Borders (DWB) hospital in Kunduz, Afghanistan. The death toll has risen to nearly two dozen, including both doctors and patients.  We now know two things: the attack on the hospital was ordered and carried out by American forces—via an […]

Writer Svetlana Alexievich of Belarus wins Nobel Prize for literature

The Nobel Prizes I follow most closely are those in biology (“Physiology or Medicine”) and literature. This year’s literature prize was just announced, and it went to Svetlana Alexievich, a writer from Belarus born in 1948. I’m ashamed to say I hadn’t heard of her, but the Nobel Committee cited her for “her polyphonic writings, a monument to […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

It is a fact universally acknowledged that most of the photographs that readers send me are of birds. There are millions of birders out there, but why so few “snailers” or “froggers”? I suppose it’s because birds are beautiful, colorful, and abundant. Their beauty is certainly on tap in these photos sent by reader Damon Williford, who […]

Lecture music

by Matthew Cobb I was reading the Times Higher Education this morning, and my attention was drawn to a set of articles about how to deal with sullen students. One suggestion, from Tara Brabazon, caught my eye as I had a 10 o’clock lecture this morning. I tw**ted: Hmm. Should I try this with 500 first […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

I have two more days in Dobrzyn before I head to Warsaw and then Sweden. Fall has set in with a vengeance here: the leaves are turning quickly, and the temperature has dropped below freezing. Unfortunately, lack of space in my luggage has prevented me from bringing very warm clothes (plus I’m going to Atlanta, […]

The world’s best boss

I suspect that this cartoon, sent to me by Matthew Cobb, expresses both his and my feelings. He’s overworked with lectures and writing; I’m largely done with the work I set myself in Dobrzyn and simply want to cuddle with the Furry Princess of Poland on this very cold morning. Would that bosses could be so understanding! […]

Wednesday funnies

Too true! And it’s from Non Sequitur by Wiley Miller, courtesy of reader Linda Grilli:  


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