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Photos of readers

Reader Bob Terrace met a famous person and got a selfie. Here are Bob’s two photos and narrative: Here are 2 photos of me for the “Readers Photo” posting. I travelled this past weekend from Florida to NY for my 50 year high school reunion. After I sat down on the plane and others boarded, […]

Watch this livefeed NOW! Whalefall: deep sea whale skeleton covered with worms, eels, and octopuses!

The tweet (h/t: Matthew Cobb), who adds about the video: Amazing. If you rewind 30 mins or so you can watch the moment they find it! It’s 3km down! The poor thing’s body drifted all the way before becoming lunch! WHALEFALL! The Nautilus team just discovered a whale skeleton on the seafloor covered in bone-eating […]

Words and phrases I hate

It’s that time again: time to blow off steam by kvetching about language. If you’re one of those tolerant people who says, “Language evolves, deal with it,” then you should simply skip this post. Otherwise, be ready to enlighten us with words and phrases that grate on you. Here’s my latest list, and be aware […]

The issue of transgender prisoners: Where do you place them?

Like all liberals, I favor equal treatment for transgender people, including using the pronouns that they choose for themselves. Previously, though, I’ve drawn the line at sports, in which transgender women, some of whom have undergone neither surgery nor hormone replacement, are allowed in some places to compete with biological women. Given the greater strength […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ evidence

Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called “flood”, came with an emailed addendum: There was a rabbi on Radio 4’s Thought for the Day last week. It was one of the better episodes, but he did make the reference in today’s strip. I think only UK readers can access it. Actually, I can access the three-minute […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

To all those with photos, including both wildlife photos and photos of readers (i.e., you), please send them in by Sunday morning. After that my access to email will be spotty for five weeks, and I can’t be sure that things won’t get lost in the crush. Today’s photos come from Barbara Wilson, whose descriptions […]

Wednesday: Hili dialogue

It’s now Wednesday, October 16, and both National Liqueur Day and World Food Day, celebrating the wonders of FOOD. It’s also World Anaesthesia Day (see below) National Boss Day, National Dictionary Day, and related to that, National Learn a Word Day. Here’s a word I’ve often heard but only recently bothered to look up (one should […]

Tonight’s Democratic debate

I didn’t think I’d learn anything, and I really haven’t. The only change in my attitudes is that I like Elizabeth Warren less and Pete Buttigieg more, and everyone else pretty much the same as before. Even though “Mayor Pete” seems to have little chance to be the Democratic nominee, Warren’s evasion of questions grates […]

Photos (and a video) of readers

Today we hear from reader Paul Monne, who also sent a video of his band; his captions are indented: I’ll play.  I think my most notable contribution to your blog is that I took $10.00 from you on the results of the last presidential election.  [JAC: Assuming that Clinton would win, I made “sucker bets,” betting […]

The Woke get hold of SpongeBob with predictable results: he’s deemed racist, colonialist, pro-nukes, an eraser of women, and a normalizer of colonial and military violence

This article is not a joke: it was published in the journal The Contemporary Pacific (a University of Hawaii journal) and was written by Holly Barker, a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Washington. By now the article, which is all over the media, will surely drive Dr. Barker into hiding, […]