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Transgender athletes sweep races

Below is a tweet in which two of the first three winners in the “girls’” 100m dash in a Connecticut competition were transgender women, one of whom, at least, apparently hadn’t begun to transition either physically or hormonally.  The Connecticut Post reports on the result and the issue: The results of the CIAC State Open […]

The issue of transgender prisoners: Where do you place them?

Like all liberals, I favor equal treatment for transgender people, including using the pronouns that they choose for themselves. Previously, though, I’ve drawn the line at sports, in which transgender women, some of whom have undergone neither surgery nor hormone replacement, are allowed in some places to compete with biological women. Given the greater strength […]

Andrew Sullivan’s weekly trifecta. Part 2: Transgenderism in athletics and sexual attraction

The second issue that Andrew Sullivan takes up in his New York Magazine column this week is that of transgender athletes and transphobia. The inspiration for his piece was the actions of Martina Navatilova, an openly gay ex-athlete who was a friend of the LGBTQ community. That is, until she recently declared that it was […]

ACLU joins lawsuit allowing biological males to compete in women’s sports

A few days ago, and previously as well, I discussed the difficult issue of transgender women seeking to compete in women’s sports. The thorny issue of “what do you do with males transitioning to the female gender?” or with those who have completed their transition, is often resolved by many with the simple Diktat: “Transgender […]

ACLU continues defending the right of medically untreated men who claim they’re women to compete in women’s sports

I used to admire the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU); I used to donate to the ACLU and was a member of the ACLU; the ACLU took my case when I was drafted illegally, and got me (and several thousand COs) out of our alternative service when the courts ruled unequivocally that the government had […]

The ACLU defends the right of biological men to compete in women’s sports

I don’t think anyone reading or commenting on this site would deny a transgender person the right to be considered whatever sex they want; the rub comes when that consideration conflicts with other considerations of justice—as in sports. As I reported in June of last year, two transgender women in Connecticut—women who were born biological […]

Andrew Sullivan is mad as hell at the Republicans

. . . and he has every reason to be. I know many people around here don’t trust Sullivan in view of his conservative past and stands on several issues, but about Trump and his misdeeds he’s been unsparing. In today’s column at New York Magazine, he’s also angry at the American people (and the […]

J. K. Rowling demonized for defending another woman who considers trans-women different from “biological women”

Well, it finally happened: writer J. K. Rowling, who’s been vocally progressive in her politics since she became famous, has now become demonized for being a “transphobe”. What that means is that she gave support, on Twitter, to another woman who was fired from her job (a charity) because she refused to recognize transsexual females […]

Andrew Sullivan on women’s sports and the testosterone issue

I’m spending more time reading Andrew Sullivan’s Friday columns in New York Magazine than I used to, as he takes a refreshingly thoughtful and non-ideological approach to many topics. Once a conservative and frequent writer on things religious (he’s a gay Catholic), he seems to be getting more liberal and less religious. I’m hoping he’ll […]

The binary nature of sex: a column by Deborah Soh

I’ve maintained in several posts that biological sex is not an arbitrary social construct, but an objective phenomenon into which the vast majority of humans (and most animal species) fall into the clearly delineated categories of “male” and “female”. The frequency of exceptions for sex is about 1%, or less if you omit transgender individuals […]