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A new study on how humans are evolving

I’ve often said that the most frequent question I’m asked in public lectures about evolution is this: “In what direction are humans evolving?” I’ve addressed it in several posts, including here, here, and here. The answers aren’t exciting, and are usually limited to just one population, since such studies involve following a cohort of humans for […]

Wikipedia is an error multiplier

by Greg Mayer Close readers of WEIT will know that I rarely cite or link to Wikipedia (other than for images), and that I have occasionally promised to at some point say more about this. This won’t be a full account, but a recent spectacular example of Wikipedia’s ability to spread error has been reported […]

Science class in Louisiana, ctd.

by Greg Mayer In my previous post I noted that Zack Kopplin, at the time a Louisiana high school student and now a Rice University undergrad, has led efforts to repeal Louisiana’s creationist Science Education Act of 2008. Zack saw the post, and contacted Jerry, asking us here at WEIT to highlight some of the […]

Are humans still evolving?: a Radio 4 show.

The other day, BBC Radio 4 presented a half-hour show hosted by  Adam Rutherford:  “Human evolution versus cultural evolution,” the first of a two-part series called “In our own image: evolving humanity”.  You can hear the show at the link, and I understand it will be up for a week. The show features evolutionary luminaries […]

Are we still evolving? Part 2

The perennial question I’m asked in public lectures is this:  Are we still evolving? (“We,” of course, means “humans.”)  A while back I highlighted a paper by Byars et al. that measured selection on various traits in a human population, showing that features like weight, blood pressure, and age of menopause were indeed under selection.  […]

“Real time” selection in humans

If you want a succinct description of how scientists are finding human genes that have experienced natural selection over the past few thousand years, you could do worse than read Ann Gibbons’s three-page “news focus” in this week’s Science, “Tracing evolution’s recent fingerprints” (a bit of a mixed metaphor, that). The article is a useful […]

Are humans still evolving?

Whenever I give a talk on evolution for the public, I always get this question:  “Are we still evolving?”  People want to know if our species is changing.  Are we getting smarter or better-looking?  Or are we degenerating as medicine keeps alive many of us who would have been ruthlessly culled on the savanna? My […]