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Pseudoscience roundup: Guerrilla Skeptics mock Sheldrake’s paranoia; Tedx fails to keep its videos of Sheldrake off YouTube, and BBC criticized for giving “equal time” to climate-change denialists

Rupert Sheldrake has been whining everywhere, including on the BBC, that his Wikipedia page has been doctored by a group called the Guerrilla Skeptics (or rather, a branch called the Guerrilla Skeptics on Wikipedia (GSoW), once again suggesting there’s a conspiracy to cover up his marvelous findings on morphic resonance and telepathy in dogs. In […]

The BBC and Chopra buy into woomeister Rupert Sheldrake’s “Galileo syndrome”

Rupert Sheldrake is a pseudoscientist who has made his name promoting various kinds of woo, including telepathy (including in d*gs!), immaterial minds, and his crazy idea of “morphic resonance,” a Jung-ian theory in which all of nature participates in some giant collective memory. (He was once a real scientist, trained in biochemistry and cell biology […]

A victory for real science over woo: TEDx removes Sheldrake and Hancock talks from YouTube channel

The organizers of TEDx have decided to remove the talks of Rupert Sheldrake (discussed here) and Graham Hancock (discussed here) from the TEDx YouTube channel and put them on a separate page. This is a victory for good science and a defeat for fulminating woo.  TEDx’s decision, published here, is this: After due diligence, including […]

TEDx has second thoughts about Rupert Sheldrake’s talk, asks viewers to weigh in

Yesterday I put up the video of an absolutely dreadful anti-scientific talk by woomeister Rupert Sheldrake, a talk that he gave it for TEDx Whitechapel. After I kvetched about it here, I sent an email complaint to Emily McManus, an editor at (her TED biography notes that she’s an atheist!), adding a link to […]

TEDx talks completely discredited: Rupert Sheldrake speaks, argues that speed of light is dropping!

Well, TED has come down a long ways since it once presented a forum for quirky, advanced, and entertaining thinkers. In an effort to keep ahead of the intellectual tide, they’ve started incorporating substandard speakers, including woomeisters, and have spawned “TEDx,” local versions of TED talks. Those, too, reached their nadir with a TEDx talk […]

Rupert Sheldrake peddles his woo to Americans

Where else but at PuffHo, the bailiwick of Chopra and Jenny McCarthy? You do remember Rupert Sheldrake, right? He’s a woo-meister, like Chopra, but even worse since he pretends to be a good scientist. Indeed, he was trained as one, though he seems to have gone off the rails. Author of The Science Delusion (endorsed […]

The Guardian touts Sheldrake again: pigeons find their way home, ergo Jesus

It’s one thing for the Guardian to get two muddleheaded critics of materialism to review Rupert Sheldrake’s new book on woo, The Science Delusion, but it’s another when the paper’s science section writes a laudatory piece about him.  Have a look at Saturday’s piece by Tim Adams, “Rupert Sheldrake: the ‘heretic’ at odds with scientific […]

Rupert Sheldrake’s new book: dogs know when their owners are coming home, ergo Jesus

When a new book gets rave reviews by both Mary Midgley and Mark Vernon at the Guardian, you know it has to be pretty dreadful. And so we have their take on The Science Delusion by Rupert Sheldrake, apparently a strong attack on materialism. This stance seems strange given that Sheldrake was trained in botany and biochemistry […]

Discovery Institute puts out video purporting to refute materialiam and atheism

The Discovery Institute has put out a series of videos that, they claim, will do in atheism—and presumably lead us to Intelligent Design and then to Jesus. I hate to give publicity to a bunch of superstitious yahoos, but will put up one sample of what they consider to be a convincing attack on atheism. […]

Damn—missed it again!

Sadly, I didn’t become the first two-time recipient of the Discovery Institute’s (DI’s) “Censor of the Year Award.” That’s the bad news. The good news is that the recipient was a religious organization: the United Methodist Church. Why on earth did a church get it. Well, as the DI announced a while back, the Methodists […]