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Massimo Pigliucci goes after “scientism” for the umpteenth time

Here we have philosophy professor Massimo Pigliucci speaking about scientism at last year’s CSIcon in Las Vegas; his title is “The variety of scientisms and the limits of science.” There are several talks recently posted from this meeting, which I think is the successor to Randi’s “The Amazing Meeting”, and I’ll highlight a few of […]

Blackford vs. Pigliucci: scientism, religion, and the “demarcation problem”

Ah, the philosphy fracas continues! First Russell Blackford wrote a laudatory review of Faith versus Fact for Talking Philosophy. Then Massimo Pigliucci, who never fails to remind us that he has three—count them, three—doctorates, and is therefore more qualified than anyone to assess both philosophy and biology, took out after Russell’s review—without having read my […]

Massimo Pigliucci takes out after Russell Blackford and me

Over at Philosopher’s Magazine (PM) online, Massimo Pigliucci takes it upon himself to review Russell Blackford’s review of my book Faith versus Fact—without in fact having read my book itself (his review is called “In defense of accommodationism: on the proper relationship between science and religion”).  Now I’ve done something like that before, but I’ve tried to […]

Pigliucci pwns Neil deGrasse Tyson; SMBC teases Pigliucci

Neil DeGrasse Tyson has criticized philosophy quite a bit recently, and so has Lawrence Krauss, though Krauss apologized for some of his more egregious statements. Tyson, however, remains obdurately anti-philosophy, and that has angered Massimo Pigliucci. Over at his new website Scientia Salon, Pigliucci takes out after Tyson in a post called “Neil DeGrasse Tyson and […]

Stenger on Pigliucci

Physicist and heathen Victor Stenger has written a peer-reviewed article for Science, Religion, and Culture, which is now accepted and available free online. It’s called “In defense of New Atheism: A response to Massimo Pigliucci.” It’s a critique of Pigliucci’s article “New Atheism and the Scientistic Turn in the Atheism  Movement” (Midwest Studies in Philosophy 37:141–53). […]

Pigliucci to all New Atheists: we’re doing it wrong

I haven’t paid a lot of attention to Massimo Pigluicci lately, and for several reasons. I’ve been busy writing, and haven’t had time to read many websites. And when I have read Massimo’s site, Rationally Speaking, I’ve been put off by his arrogance, attack-dogishness (if you want a strident atheist, look no further than Massimo), […]

Pigliucci and Boudry rebuke alternative medicine, praise science, in New York Times

by Greg Mayer A little over a week ago Jerry noted a puzzling piece on the New York Times website by Stephen Asma that praised the theory of “Qi” and drinking turtle blood as interesting and worthwhile concepts. Jerry had a go at some of Asma’s confusions, and now in the Times Massimo Pigliucci and […]

Pigliucci decries scientism, argues that science needs philosophy, and that most of us are doing it rong

While perusing the New Humanist website, trying to find Francis Spufford’s letter that I discussed yesterday, I came across a short piece I hadn’t seen before. It’s by Massimo Pigliucci, a philosopher (also trained in biology) working at the City University of New York, and is called “Science needs philosophy” (free at the link).  If […]

Philosophy catfight!: Pigliucci vs. Krauss

One thing that really angers Massimo Pigliucci is when a scientist either criticizes philosophy or (in Pigliucci’s mind) practices philosophy in a “simplistic” way, particularly if said scientist doesn’t have at least one Ph.D. in philosophy.  So Massimo is really peeved at Larry Krauss’s new profile/interview in The Atlantic.  Some of Krauss’s statements are to […]

More on free will: Dr.^3 Pigliucci weighs in, I respond

The issue of free will continues to inspire discussion among philosophers and neuroscientists.  Since October, for example, there have been two pieces in the New York Times about free will (here and here), and a big review piece in Nature.  And, of course, many websites and blogs are dealing with it. When discussing free will, […]