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World’s loudest creature (for its size)

Alert readers Diane G. and Ray P. called my attention to a new paper in PLoS ONE by Soeur et al. that reveals the loudest known creature for its size on Earth. What is it?  It’s a water boatman of the species Micronecta scholtzi. These are in the Hemiptera (“true bugs,” remember?).  It’s tiny—only 2 mm long (the […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We have two contributors today, the first being naturalist/biologist/photographer/artist Lou Jost, who works at the EcoMinga reserve in Ecuador (as you may recall, Lou wrote the memoriam for nature photographer Andreas Kay, who rediscovered Atelopus coynei, thought to be exinct. Now we hear that Lou and his colleagues have discovered another aposematic frog, and a […]

RIP Andreas Kay

Andreas Kay, known to me as the naturalist and photographer who redisovered Atelopus coynei, has died, and died too soon (I believe he was just 56, and had contracted brain cancer). I was informed of his death by two people, and I’ve asked Lou Jost, who knew him, to write a brief memoriam. I’ve put […]

Reader’s photos and readers’ wildlife pictures

We’re combining these features today because naturalist and biologist Lou Jost, who works in Ecuador with the Fundacion Ecominga, sent me photos that could qualify for both. Lou’s captions are indented. Our Ecuadorian reserves have lots of new species of plants (that’s why we established them), but it takes work to find them. In 2014 […]

Winner: Prettiest bird contest

The Super Secret Judge has weighed in on the winner and two runners up for the Prettiest Bird Contest. (I am not the judge!) Here we have the top three birds (see all entries in this morning’s post): The winner: The peacock, entered by Georgiana Hoffman: The peacock [Pavo cristatus] is undoubtably the most beautiful bird, from […]

Entries: World’s Prettiest Bird Contest

On Sunday I wrote a short post about “What’s the world’s prettiest bird?“. I gave my own choice, the Resplendent Quetzal, and then invited readers to submit their own choice of bird and a few words of appreciation.  Here are the selections. There is a Super Secret judge who will adjudicate the entries based on […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

After an absence of some time, naturalist and photographer Lou Jost has returned with some gorgeous photos of Ecuadorian wildlife. His notes are indented: Earlier this month I visited the Canande Reserve of the Jocotoco Foundation, in some of the last remnants of the lowland rain forests of northwest Ecuador, to help them look for […]

Readers’ wildlife videos

We have a treat today! From the rain forests of tropical Ecuador, reader/biologist/photographer/evolutionist/naturalist Lou Jost sent us some Big Cat videos. Lou’s notes: Jerry, I have some Youtube cat videos for you…very BIG cats. These are taken by a camera trap (set up by our crew, Javier Robayo, Juan Pablo Reyes, Jorge Brito, and Hector […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs: My frog is still alive!

Atelopus coynei is an aposematic neotropical frog first captured and described by my late friend Ken Miyata (this was part of a grad-school deal in which I offered to lend him $500 if one day he’d name a species after me). I’ve written about it on this site several times before.  As I have no offspring, this […]

Readers’ wildlife photos

We haven’t heard from Lou Jost in Ecuador for a while, but he came through this week with some pictures of a spectacular tropical katydid; probably a new species. His notes are indented: This is most definitely NOT in the your “Spot-the-*” series! Both a male and female of this ornate katydid came to a […]