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Kelly Houle’s Darwin cards available again

I’ve sent out tons of Kelly Houle’s fantastic Darwin greeting cards, and was disappointed to learn that they were out of stock and that no more were available. Here’s what they look like: they are gorgeous, with Darwin’s famous “I think” phylogeny, and the memorable phrase from the final paragraph of The Origin—all in heavy raised […]

Kelly Houle and her Illuminated Darwin project in ASU magazine

The magazine of Arizona State University (ASU) has started a four-part series on Kelly Houle and her Illuminated Origin of Species project, which I’ve highlighted on this site several times. The first part of the magazine’s story is here, and I’ll note the others as they go up.  Below are the title page and the frontispiece, […]

New work by Kelly Houle on eBay

Kelly Houle, as most of you know, is the artist and calligrapher who’s doing the Illuminated Origin of Species project, along with several other endeavors (she’s going to illustrate our upcoming children’s book on Mr. Das and his fifty cats). I noticed on Facebook that she has a new painting for sale at a ridiculously low […]

The art of Kelly Houle: biology, tiny books, and The Origin of Species

Kelly Houle is the Official Website Artist and Calligrapher™, and we’ve encountered her several times before. She is, for example, engaged in the Illuminated Origin of Species Project, in which she, over at least a decade, will both reproduce Darwin’s Origin in calligraphy and then illuminate it with natural history drawings, just as medieval monks wrote […]

Kelly Houle’s Illuminated Origin of Species Project

Kelly Houle is this website’s Official Artist and Calligrapher™, and, as you know if you’re a regular, she’s producing an illuminated version of Darwin’s On the Origin of Species, a project that will contain the entire book in Kelly’s marvelous calligraphy and splendid art.  It will take her at least five years, and you’ll know […]

Eclipse art: Kelly Houle and Ben Goren

If you’ve been reading here semi-regularly, you’ll know that last Sunday there was a convocation of WEIT regulars at the Grand Canyon. The occasion was a rare annular eclipse, with the chance to photograph, paint, and view it in an incomparable setting. I now have some tangible artistic output from that viewing, namely the paintings […]

Doctors Without Borders nurse killed in Gaza while reportedly firing and throwing grenades at Israeli troops

This news has been reported by several sources, including among others Reuters, the Deutsche Welle, and The Daily Mail. According to those sources, a 28 year old Palestinian, working as a nurse for Doctors Without Borders (DWB, or MSF if you use the parent-organization French name, Médecins Sans Frontières), was killed by Israeli soldiers while allegedly opening […]

I hate TSA and customs

Well, I wasn’t groped this time, but it was still a nightmare getting into my own country. The flight from Puebla to Houston was fine: I got to the airport early (about 6:00 am) and had breakfast with two physicists, Mario Livio and Adam Riess  (yes, a Nobelist at the impossibly young age of 41) […]

Saturday: Hili dialogue

It’s the last day of the year—December 31, 2016, and within a month we’ll have to refer to “President Trump”—a phrase that sticks in my craw. But such are the laws of physics. Today is National Champagne Day, but also National Vinegar Day: a strange pairing. Koynezaa is now over (though not technically, since I was […]

A photo book of biological marvels (and my own take on two of them)

I can’t brain today, which is lucky because there’s nothing substantive to write about—and I have other work to do. So enjoy these photographs from Robert Clark’s new photo book: Evolution: A Visual Record. I’ve selected a few photographs from a longer selection in the December 8 Washington Post. The notes at flush left are mine but are […]