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The Islamophobia card remains in play

As I’ve said many times before, the word “Islamophobia” has been grossly misused to mean “hatred or fear of Muslims”. But look—the word is  “ISLAMophobia”, not “MUSLIMophobia”! And there are many who do have that latter form of bigotry, including the front-runner for the Republican Presidential nomination, Donald Trump. Trump is a “Muslimophobe.”  The term “Islamophobia” is all […]

PuffHo tells journalists how to avoid “Islamophobia”

Here’s the header of today’s “Media” section on PuffHo; click to go to the article by Gabriel Arana, “Five ways journalists can avoid Islamophobia in their coverage“: Arana’s view is that the media in general has “far too often served to spread misinformation and perpetuate prejudice” against Muslims. I’m not so sure that’s true; in […]

“Have you no sense of decency?”: The Labour Party proposes criminalizing “Islamophobia”; candidates address sex-segregated audience

Oy! We have yet another example of the Left’s shameful capitulation to religion—another victory for the pseudo-oppressed when Enlightenment values conflict with the Left’s historical sympathy for the perceived underdog. But this time it’s not in the US, but in the UK. It’s now widely known that Ed Miliband, the actual leader of the Labour Party and (since Tories […]

University of Michigan cancels showing of “American Sniper” after accusations of Islamophobia and triggering, substitutes showing of “Paddington Bear”

Today we have more identity politics, with the emphasis on “identity” rather than “politics.” This involves another college campus, the prestigious University of Michigan, which cancelled a showing of “American Sniper” after Muslim students—and probably many non-Muslim students—complained that the movie made them feel unsafe, was “triggering”, and perpetuated anti-Muslim stereotypes. As The College Fix reports (and […]

What is “Islamophobia”?

For a while I’ve been saying that “Islamophobia” refers to the dislike or fear of the tenets of Islam, not the fear, dislike, or hatred of Muslims themselves.  But with all the violence going on, I’ve been thinking about that. And I have a question to pose to readers.  It’s this: “What if some Muslims […]

Islamophobia in three panels

From Happy Jar by Tom Fonder: This is indeed how many atheists are acting these days. Fonder was so worried about how this would appear that he wrote a long (and totally unnecessary) explanation on the site. Here’s about a third of his explanation. . . : Islamophobia is also not the same as being critical of […]

Real Islamophobia: Muslim football player penalized for thanking Allah on the field

Well, here’s what seems to be a case of genuine Islamophobia: penalizing someone who shows their Islamic belief in public while letting off others who do the same thing in the name of the Christian God.  Addictinng Info reports that a Muslim football player, Husain Abdullah, the safety for the Kansas City Chiefs, prostrated himself before Allah […]

Islamophobia vs dislike of Islam

There have been an increasing number of articles in the media portraying those who criticize Islam as “Islamophobes,” and about the pressure Muslims apply (using the “I”-word) to quash those who dare question their faith. How refreshing, then, to see someone of a Muslim background call out this nonsense. The author is Ali Rivzi, a Canadian-Pakistani […]

An ex-Muslim exposes the “Islamophobia” canard

It’s deeply misguided to criticize the New Atheists for attacking Islam and branding it as an especially pernicious faith. It’s even more misguided to label them as racist “Islamophobes”. Such critics are in fact erecting a double standard for human rights, as Islam is clearly more oppressive than other major faiths, and more eager to […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ “Islamophobia”

The latest Jesus and Mo is on target: Reader Michael, who brought this to my attention, explains what the EDL is: This description is about right:- “MP Jon Cruddas, writing in The Guardian, describes the EDL as “a dangerous cocktail of football hooligans, far-right activists and pub racists… a bigger threat than the BNP… providing […]


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