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Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ “Islamophobia”

Well, here we go again: another Jesus and Mo strip that the Pakistani government will eventually deem “blasphemous,” forcing WordPress to block this post in Pakistan. So it goes: Today’s Jesus and Mo strip, called  “tax”, has this caption: The story behind the problematic new definition of Islamophobia is here. That story gives the definition of […]

Atheist bashing at Al-Jazeera: Columbia professor claims that New Atheism is a resurrection of imperialism, white supremacy, Islamophobia, and so on

I don’t know if I should spend any more time going after pieces like this, but I’ll call it to your attention. This one, at Al-Jazeera USA, is particularly invidious. The author, Hamid Dabashi, is an Iranian-born Professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia University, and has been involved in several altercations and […]

Muslim society dismisses Islamist school video as “an unintended mistake and an oversight”

Here’s a short and brand-new article from about the video I posted this morning, a video showing young children at an Islamic Center spewing hatred and bigotry. Yes, they should indeed investigate how this happened, and while they’re doing it they should take steps to prevent the further hate-brainwashing of young Muslims. But really, […]

A Qatari sociologist gives Islamic instructions (and a demonstration) on how to beat your wife

To all those who seem to think that being Muslim is in itself a badge of honor, to those who ignore the misogyny inherent in the religion and its dictates, to those feminists who turn a blind eye to the oppression of women in the Middle East, calling Israel an apartheid state but ignoring the […]

Jeff Tayler reviews a new documentary on Islam

JAC note: You’ll remember the writer and author Jeff Tayler, a contributing editor at The Atlantic whose atheist-oriented pieces used to grace the pages of Salon before they decided that atheism wasn’t woke. Jeff has also written many books, and I’m reading a brand new one cowritten with Nina Khrushcheva (Nikita’s great grand-daughter): In Putin’s […]

Can Islamic theology and philosophy inform the ethical debate about CRISPR?

I was appalled to see a letter to the editor in Nature written by three authors, from, respectively the Jordan University of Science and Technology (Irbid, Jordan), Hashemite University (Zarqa, Jordan), and the University of California at San Diego. You can click the link above or the screenshots below to see the title, authors, and […]

New York Times celebrates Muhammad and Islam twice in one edition, emphasizing only the good deeds of the Prophet, and informing us that “true Islam” doesn’t kill blasphemers

If you had any doubt that the New York Times is going the way of Authoritarian Leftism, which includes whitewashing the nasty bits of Islam, have a look at the two articles that appeared this week—in the same op-ed section. The first is by Haroon Moghul (click on screenshot below), described as “a fellow in […]

Rutgers cancels free-speech lecture because of “Islamophobia”

Rutgers, a high-quality university in New Jersey, is proving itself to be one of the more censorious and Authoritarian Leftist campuses in America. Now it’s canceled yet another speech by someone who might have offended the campus community, Lisa Daftari. Click on the screenshot to read the story from Mediaite, which I think leans toward […]

Nick Cohen on the alliance between the British Left and extreme Islam

There are two “alliances” that I think about constantly. The first is one that I’m involved with, which isn’t a real alliance but a convergence of interest. That is the concentration of both the Right and people like me in calling attention to the excesses of the authoritarian Left. For instance, a lot of the […]

C. J. W*rl*m*n goes fully over to the dark side, supported by organizations soft on Islamist terrorism

By my own rules I’m not allowed to write the full name of disgraced plagiarist and Islam-osculator C. J. W*rl*m*n, so I’ve disemvoweled his name. I note that his Wikipedia entry, which described his plagiarism and other bizarre deeds as well as his osculation of Islam, has now been deleted (I have no idea why). […]