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Anti-vaxer Hasidic Jews, lying about vaccination, intensify measles outbreak in New York

On the plane from Brussels back to the U.S., a young Orthodox Jewish couple boarded, the man decked out in his black clothes and tallit, the woman wearing a wig. They had a young child, and when I saw it I thought, “That kid doesn’t have a chance.” It will likely grow up either an uneducated […]

Hasidic Jewish women discouraged from getting education

Since I’ve had a lick at Catholics and Muslims this week, it’s only fair to go after the religion of my ancestors—the Jews. Or at least one branch of Orthodox Jews, the Hasidim, a sect that started in Eastern Europe in the 18th century. It’s a scandal among Jews— traditionally reputed to put such an emphasis on […]

Democratic National Committee ends its sponsorship of Women’s March

This announcement, which as of this moment I’ve found almost solely on right-wing websites (you won’t see it in the New York Times or PuffHo), is a serious blow to the Women’s March, since they’ve lost an arm of the Democratic Party, almost certainly because of the antisemitism of the women’s March leaders. This report […]

In America, Yeshiva bochers don’t get educated

In case you don’t know the Yiddish, a “yeshiva bocher” is a Jewish student at an Orthodox religious school (a “yeshiva”) who is a “bocher” (male student, usually unmarried). And what this article points out—one of the open secrets of Judaism—is that yeshivas are the American equivalent of Islamic madrassas: schools where you study religion—and […]

How are Jews like Muslims?

If this article is true, and I suspect it is, then the answer is “Among the orthodox of both faiths: extreme prudishness combined with irrationality”. Read for yourself (click on the screenshot to go to the link) and tell me if you think this is real. The article describes all kinds of machinations that hyper-orthodox […]

Israeli woman wins suit against El Al for making her move to accommodate misogynistic Orthodox Jews

About damn time! In February of last year I posted about Renee Rabinowitz’s gender discrimination lawsuit against El Al airlines for “asking” her to vacate a seat next to an ultra-Orthodox Jewish man who objected to sitting next to a woman. Rabinowitz, a retired Israeli psychologist, was upset that she had to move to accommodate […]

The craziness of the Orthodox Jewish “hijab”

Pious Muslims and hyper-Orthodox Jews share one tendency: various sects of each faith see men as hand grenades of of lust, ready to undergo a seminal explosion should they see an uncovered ankle, rosy mouth, or stray wisp of hair. Women are to be covered to retain their “modesty,” which means to avoid inciting the ubiquitous […]

Jewish woman sues El Al for making her vacate a seat next to an Orthodox Jewish man

Thanks to several readers, staring with Greg Mayer, for sending me a link to this story from yesterday’s New York Times. It involves, as we’ve seen several times before, an Orthodox Jew refusing to sit next to a woman on an airplane, for that might lead, G*d forbid, to touching, which is forbidden (see the […]

Now it’s the Jews who ban women from driving

How are Jews like Muslims? Answer: in both cases some sects ban women from driving. We know about that ban in Wahhabi Saudi Arabia, but now one group of Jews—British Jews—have done the same thing. According to the Jewish Chronicle, a group of Orthodox Hasidic Jews has issued a Jewish fatwa against women driving. And […]

An atheist on Al-Jazeera explains why we should stop criticizing theism and go after capitalism

There’s nothing like those atheists who tell other atheists that we’re DOING IT RONG.  We should either shut up, cozy up to the faithful, read more Sophisticated Theology™, or, in the case of Chase Madar, a New York attorney writing in Al-Jazeera America (a venue that I find increasingly distasteful), we should give up our […]