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Uncle Karl Giberson sinks Ken Ham’s Ark

Uncle Karl Giberson earned his avuncular title by being civil and reasonable, especially for an evangelical Christian. But then sometimes he turned mean and lost his “Uncle” monicker. I’m restoring it today, at least temporarily, on the basis of a nice piece he wrote for Beacon Broadside, a website run by Beacon Press. The title tells […]

Karl Giberson is still fighting a rearguard battle against Adam and Eve

The link to a new PuffHo piece by (Formerly Uncle) Karl Giberson,”Fundamentalists think that science is atheism,” came from reader Alan, who commented: “[Karl’s] still trying to deal with Adam & Eve, poor guy.” And indeed, besides flogging Giberson’s new book, Saving the Original Sinner: How Christians Have Used the Bible’s First Man to Oppress, Inspire, and Make […]

Karl Giberson is puzzled why theistic evolution isn’t gaining adherents

Karl Giberson, the former Executive Vice President of the accommodationist organization BioLogos, has started writing for The Daily Beast. And, judging by Sunday’s column, “What’s driving America’s evolution divide?“, he seems to be having either a crisis of faith or a crisis of tactics. His starting point is the most recent Gallup data on American beliefs about […]

Karl Giberson debates Stephen Meyer about evolution

Over at The Daily Beast, Karl Giberson reports on a debate he had with Intelligent Design (ID) advocate Stephen Meyer in Richmond, Virginia: “My debate with an ‘intelligent design’ theorist.” (For some reason the article is headed by a picture of Sarah Palin.) The topic of their debate was “Should Christians embrace Darwin?” and of course […]

Karl Giberson says that evolution’s had a bad year, but he really means that Christianity did

Over at the January 2 issue of The Daily Beast, Karl Giberson argues that “2013 was a terrible year for evolution.” As you may know if you’re a regular here, Giberson was a physics professor at Eastern Nazarene College for 15 years as well as Executive Vice-President of the accommodationist and Templeton-funded organization BioLogos.  That […]

BioLogos restores comments, disses Professor Ceiling Cat, and claims success in converting Christians to evolution. Karl Giberson denies that claim.

About a week ago, the useless Templeton-funded organization BioLogos decided to prevent all further commenting by readers, replacing it instead with letters to the editor. The avowed purpose was to give a larger segment of the readership a chance to contribute, since most comments seemed to be coming from a very small fraction of readers. […]

Karl Giberson discusses whether there’s a war between science and faith

You Miami residents may want to put this on your calendar. Karl (formerly “Uncle”) Giberson will be speaking a week from yesterday (Monday, October 28) at the University of Miami.  The topic is “Are science and Christianity at war?”, and according to some rule cited by Ben Goren, the answer must be “no,” as it […]

Karl Giberson defends Hedin, decries outsiders interfering with Ball State

Well, I never thought I’d see the day when Karl Giberson criticized the Scopes Trial as a waste of time, an unwarranted incursion of scientific carpetbaggers into a sleepy Southern town best left to its own business. But in his latest PuffHo piece, “Teaching about God and science revisited,” that’s exactly what Karl says. Giberson […]

Giberson tries to clarify the causes of creationism, but just gets deeper into the muck

Last week, (formerly Uncle) Karl Giberson wrote a piece for PuffHo that, in essence, blamed the persistence of American creationism on the stridency of New Atheism,—a stridency that, he argues, forces religious people to choose between God and evolution. He also made two statements, both wrong. In the first, he argued that my book was […]

There’s no such thing as bad publicity: Giberson disses my theology at HuffPo

I am really flattered to see that Uncle Karl Giberson has devoted an entire column on the HuffPo Religion page attempting to debunk me. I’m not quite as famous as Maru or Henri, but this will do. Giberson is exercised by  a recent post in which I criticized an Oxford Catholic theologian’s attempt to show […]