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Caturday felid trifecta: Fluffy the sniper, Didga does trust fall, and Virginia miscreant abducts pet cats and shaves their bellies

A cat in Newport, Oregon was photographed in a tree, holding onto a branch that looked like an automatic weapon.  Here’s the photo from KATU-2: And a tw**t from the local police department, assuring citizens that the cat, though protected by its Second Amendment rights, was wielding what appeared to be an illegal weapon: ********** We’ve […]

Caturday felids: Cat logic, Didga gets a pal, best cat commercials, and scientific proof that cats are evolutionarily better than d*gs

We have four—count them, four—felid features today. The first is a short video showing how cats don’t give a damn what you do for them, so long as you feed them: ******* And you probably remember Didga, the famous skateboarding cat, whom we’ve featured twice before. Well, now he’s got a friend, Boomer, who happens to […]

Didga shows off

It’s Friday afternoon, and for many of us that means that drinks are forthcoming. Here at WEIT, it means that there’s an end-of-the-week cat. This week it’s the awesome skateboarding and parkouring cat Didga, star of many internet videos. Here’s a brand new one, just posted today. It shows that he has many talents. Doesn’t he […]

Didga the cat on a remote-controlled skateboard—and a cat contest reminder

Business first: remember that the Cat Confession Contest closes this Sunday (Jan. 26) at 5 p.m. Chicago time. Email your entries to me; and remember—the confession must be honest. We have several dozen entries already, and I have to say that nearly all of them are hilarious. Now for the pleasure: your end-of-the-week Felid Reward, […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

It’s Tuesday, the last day of April (the 30th), 2019. It’s National Raisin Day, and perhaps I’ll have some in a steaming bowl of oatmeal. It’s also Honesty Day in the U.S., a day whose existence implies that, by and large, Americans are dishonest. It’s also International Jazz Day (a UNESCO holiday). In honor of […]

Boomer the Cat breaks skateboarding record

Boomer is the housemate of Didga—both are awesomely trained Aussie cats who can do all kinds of tricks and also propel themselves on skateboards. I’ve posted on their exploits before (see here), but here’s a new one.  Boomer has broken a world record! Owner Catmantoo gives this info: Boomer attempts to BREAK his own Guinness World […]

Boomer the skateboarding cat

Boomer is the new companion of Didga, an awesome Aussie cat that can skateboard and follow all kinds of commands. Boomer, a Bengal, has learned how to not just ride a skateboard, but to propel it. Here he is: Here’s a video of Boomer, adorable at 11 weeks old.  By the way, “Didga” is a […]

Caturday felids: Chill cat meets 50 d*gs, woman and her cat sail around the world, gluttonous cat uses up one life

As usual, we have three cat-related items today. First, here’s a video of Boomer, a Bengal who’s the recently-acquired companion of Didga, the famous Australian skateboarding cat. For some reason the staff of Didga and Boomer has a remarkable ability to get his moggies to behave in unusual ways: in this case Boomer insouciantly encounters a […]