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A book on Darwin damned in New Scientist

A while back, several readers sent me an Evening Standard article by A. N. Wilson, “It’s time Charles Darwin was exposed for the fraud he was.” That turned out to be a precis of a new book by Wilson, Charles Darwin: Victorian Mythmaker (out on September 7 in the UK, December in the U.S.). Of course the […]

New Scientist osculates religion and damns atheists again

Just recently, New Scientist, which I no longer bother to read (people send me emails me about their articles), published a piece claiming that atheism is much like religion in being a “belief system” (see my critique here). Now the magazine has repeated both its dissing of religion and its osculation of faith in a misguided short article called “Unholy? […]

New Scientist: Atheism is a belief system like religion

I’ve about had it with the mushheaded osculation of faith by New Scientist (see some of my previous criticism here), and if I had a subscription, which I don’t, I’d cancel it this week. (I don’t think it’s a very good magazine anyway.) For this week’s editorial, “Holy faith?”, Graham Lawton (no free link), executive editor of the […]

New Scientist piece on the Science March (with PCC[E])

A few days ago I expressed some doubt about the effectiveness of the March for Science, now scheduled for April 22 (Earth Day) in Washington D.C. I was worried mostly about dividing both scientists and the public by over-politicization of the march based on identity politics. This was expressed on the march organizers’ social media emissions, […]

New Scientist publishes theology, for crying out loud

I was taken aback when reader Dom told me that New Scientist had published an article—an accommodationist article—by a theologian.  It’s not online, so I had to go digging for it in our e-library, but I found it: “God vs. the multiverse,” by Mary-Jane Rubenstein, published in the December 19th issue. Rubenstein is Professor and Chair of Religion […]

The New Scientist goes Templeton

This issue isn’t yet available through my library’s e-journal site, and it may not be an issue at all but a special collection, one dealing with “The Big Questions” Sound familiar? That’s because it’s the John Templeton Foundation’s main theme:   New Scientist’s “Big Questions”, as touted on one site, includes the following: The Big Questions The […]

Funny “New Scientist” headline generator

Whoever writes the “Endless Forms . . ” website has made a deliberate tour de force: he/she created a Twitter account that automatically generates the type of gee-whiz headlines characteristic of the popular-science mag New Scientist. In the website post on this, the author avers that he/she likes New Scientist (I don’t: I deplore its […]

The God issue of New Scientist

I’ve read the whole thing and it’s not worth it.  Most of the articles, save that by Victor Stenger, are accommodationist or (in the case of the cringe-making Alain de Botton) the usual atheists-should-have-the-trappings-of-faith tripe. Stenger’s article, “”God is a testable hypothesis,” is very good, but overlaps substantially with his piece recently published on HuffPo, […]

New Scientist defends bad science

Last week I highlighted a pretty dreadful piece in New Scientist, “The chaos theory of evolution,” written by paleontologist Keith Bennett, which pretty much deep-sixed the modern theory of evolution in favor of a buzzword-y evolution that was all about being “fractal,” “chaotic,” and “nonlinear”.  Bennett relegated the role of natural selection to that of a […]

Can New Scientist get any worse on evolution?

I’ve often highlighted the ludicrous missteps New Scientist makes when covering evolutionary biology (see here, here, and here, for instance).  They seem to delight in publishing stupid and thoughtless articles about how Darwin was wrong, and how we need a whole new evolutionary paradigm.  I thought they’d been set straight by petulant evolutionists interested in […]