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Tom Nagel’s antievolution book gets thrice pummeled

Last October I mentioned that the famous philosopher Thomas Nagel had produced a new book that proclaimed the falsity of neo-Darwinian evolution. I’ll quote from my earlier post: As I’ve mentioned before, the respected philosopher of mind Thomas Nagel has joined the ranks of Darwin-dissers with the publication of his new book Mind and Cosmos: Why the […]

Philosopher Thomas Nagel goes the way of Alvin Plantinga, disses evolution

As I’ve mentioned before, the respected philosopher of mind Thomas Nagel has joined the ranks of Darwin-dissers with the publication of his new book Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature Is Almost Certainly False. I am eager to read this, but haven’t yet had a chance because I’m travelling and reading Sophisticated Theology™ (this […]

Nagel reviews Plantinga in the NYRB

Update: Over at Cosmic Variance, Sean Carroll nicely picks apart (“unpacks,” to use the odious jargon of postmodernism) one part of Plantinga’s argument: the claim that science, like religion, ultimately rests on faith. As we all know, this is a base canard whose force depends on conflating two disparate ways to construe faith.”  Among Sean’s […]

More on Nagel, Meyer, and the origin of life

In today’s TLS, a chemist from the UK protests Thomas Nagel’s choice of a creationist screed  (Stephen Meyer’s Signature in the Cell) as a 2009 book of the year: DNA Sir, – The belief that we share this planet with supernatural beings is an old one. Students of magic and religion have identified innumerable varieties […]

A good critique of panpsychism but a lousy alternative

The article at hand was published by the Institute of Art and Ideas, a British organization that I hadn’t heard of but is described by Wikipedia thusly: The Institute of Art and Ideas is an arts organisation founded in 2008 in London. Its programming includes the world’s largest philosophy and music festival, HowTheLightGetsIn and the online channel IAI TV, where […]

Today’s reading: Pinker in Skeptic magazine on rationality and “post-truth” culture

The much- (and unjustly) maligned Steven Pinker wrote the cover story for this month’s Skeptic Magazine, which is available free at the link below (click on screenshot). The topic is the so-called “post-truth” era in which we live: an era in which reason is said to be expendable and the truth is only what is […]

Tuesday: Hili dialogue

It’s Tuesday: the cruelest day, and August 20, 2019, and National Bacon Lover’s Day. I’m one of them, albeit a Jew—but shouldn’t the apostrophe be at the end of “Lovers”? After all, it’s not just one bacon lover’s day! It’s also National Lemonade Day, National Chocolate Pecan Pie Day, and World Mosquito Day. Apparently August […]

Shermer on consciousness, free will, and God

The latest Scentific American has a short column by Michael Shermer on why he thinks consciousness, free will, and God are “insoluble mysteries”. Click on the screenshot to read the piece.   When I read it, I jotted down some thoughts that took issue with Shermer’s notion that all three are “insoluble”, and sent a […]

NPR descends deeper into woo; ineffectually discusses panpsychism

UPDATE: Some of the numinous-o-philia might be explained, as reader Michael noted in the comments, by Gleiser’s possession of two Templeton grants worth a total of $3,7 million. __________ The Republicans are calling for National Public Radio (NPR) to be de-funded because of its liberal bent. Well, perhaps it has one, but—with the exception of […]

The Conversation kisses the rump of religion again

I thought that The Conversation was largely a news and scholarly opinion website, but every once in a while they slip in some religious nonsense that baffles and saddens me. (For one example, see this risible argument for religiously based brain/mind dualism, and this ridiculous slice of tripe explaining why morality requires God). And now we have […]