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Caturday felids: Leaping ninja cats, Harvard’s Humanities Cat; Poki, the world’s most annoying cat

It’s time for our weekly tribute to the world’s most awesome species of pet: Felis silvestris catus. As reported by Bored Panda, Japanese photographer Hisakata Hiroyuki specializes in pictures of ninja cats. You can see his Instagram page here with tons of pictures, but here are a few of my favorites from Bored Panda: *********** […]

The Harvard Crimson appears to decry affirmative action for Americans from rural areas

I say “appears” in the title because this editorial, from the Harvard Crimson of all places (that’s the student newspaper), is so poorly written that I’m not 100% sure about what it says. Since it’s a short editorial of 5 paragraphs, I’m asking readers to see if my interpretation is correct. You can read it […]

Does Harvard discriminate against Asian-American applicants?

I’ve always been in favor of affirmative action, and if that means you must discriminate against some people in favor of others, regardless of “merit” scores like grades and SATs, then so be it. I consider affirmative action to be both a form of reparations issued to those discriminated against in the past (blacks in […]

Harvard tries to reduce the number of Asian-American students by systematically downgrading the ratings of their personalities on applications

The U.S. Supreme court has ruled, and sustained, the use of race as an admissions criterion for colleges and universities as a tool for increasing ethnic diversity.  The stipulation, though, is that there cannot be racial quotas, and that there cannot be policies that “consciously aim at racial balancing.” This summary comes from today’s New York […]

Postmodern Poo: A Harvard course on scatalogical literature (“the canon is a chamber pot”)

An anonymous reader sent me this announcement for a course at Harvard, and at first I thought it was an enormous joke. Now I’ve learned it’s for real. For one thing, there is indeed a professor at Harvard called Annabel Kim: she’s an Assistant Professor of Romance Languages and Literatures. And her c.v., here, lists […]

Harvard turns even more authoritarian, imposing sanctions on students who belong to off-campus, single-sex social clubs

Back in May I reported (see also here:1, 2, 3) how Harvard University, under the aegis and urging of President Drew Faust, had proposed punishing students who join single-sex (or rather, single-“gender”) social organizations that aren’t affiliated with the University. These include the famous “finals clubs,” which include all-male and all-female as well as co-ed versions.  And these punishments […]

Harvard behaves badly—twice

I’ll try to make this post short, as I’m resting in my hotel in Warsaw and want to catch up on the news from London. But I couldn’t resist, thanks to several readers (special h/t to Scott), calling attention to two questionable acts that my Ph.D. alma mater has committed. The first involves the New […]

Steve Pinker responds to Harvard’s plan to restrict student membership in non-Harvard groups

This morning Greg Mayer posted a description and critique of Harvard University’s new plan to prohibit students from joining non-University groups that, the school thinks, reflect poorly on Harvard and its “mission.” Go read the article first, and then read this. Here’s a precis of what Harvard forbids: Harvard students may neither join nor participate […]

Harvard proposes banning student membership in disfavored off-campus groups

by Greg Mayer Harvard Magazine reports that a university committee has proposed that, starting with next year’s class, Harvard students be banned from joining certain off-campus groups. The policy recommended by the committee states (full report here): Harvard students may neither join nor participate in final clubs, fraternities or sororities, or other similar private, exclusionary […]

Harvard has first “blacks only” graduation ceremony

As The Independent reports, Harvard University, my alma mater (Ph.D) will hold a “blacks-only” graduation ceremony in six days. It won’t replace an existing ceremony, but is an add-0n: Harvard University will host a graduation ceremony exclusively for black students, organisers have announced. More than 170 students and 530 guests have signed up to attend […]