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Correction on story of Haredi Jews forcing an El Al flight to land so they wouldn’t be flying on the Sabbath

Three days ago I put up a post reporting on (and showing videos of) the distress of Haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jews whose El Al flights from New York to Tel Aviv was delayed by weather. The sources quoted, and the tapes I presented, appeared to show that the Haredi passengers, extremely worried about flying on the […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ bicycles

Here’s another Jesus and Mo post destined to be banned in Pakistan because it’s considered blasphemous by Muslims (somehow Christians never raise objections, despite the many laws against blaspheming Christianity). This week’s strip, called “ride”, in fact mocks ultra-Orthodox Judaism. And it came with this email note: We’re back. Here’s the story upon which this […]

Anti-vaxer Hasidic Jews, lying about vaccination, intensify measles outbreak in New York

On the plane from Brussels back to the U.S., a young Orthodox Jewish couple boarded, the man decked out in his black clothes and tallit, the woman wearing a wig. They had a young child, and when I saw it I thought, “That kid doesn’t have a chance.” It will likely grow up either an uneducated […]

Orthodox Jews force El Al planes to divert and land so they wouldn’t be flying on the Sabbath

UPDATE: A more recent piece in Tablet reports that some of the assertions in the sources of this article may be incorrect, including the claim that the Haredim were physically and/or verbally abusive to the El Al staff, that the passengers knew the plane was flying to Tel Aviv rather than returning to the gates, […]

Israeli schools reported to avoid teaching evolution

Oy gewalt! The Times of Israel (click on screenshot below), which I take to be a fairly reliable source about what’s going on in that country, reported at the end of August that the national Education Ministry is pushing teachers to deep-six the teaching of evolution in favor of other stuff. Click on the screenshot […]

Tel Aviv’s new natural history museum (built to look like Noah’s Ark) deliberately omits mentioning evolution

I’ve previously written about two natural history museums in Israel that either didn’t mention evolution or covered up the evolution exhibits with curtains when school groups of creationist Haredis (hyper-orthodox Jews) were visiting (see here and here). The two were the Museum of Natural History and the Biblical Museum of Natural History, both in Jerusalem. […]

El Al responds, ineffectually, to a woman reader objecting to the airline’s catering to misogynistic Jews

On June 24 I reported that El Al Airlines, the national airline of Israel, once again made several women change their seats so that Haredi (ultra-orthodox) Jewish men didn’t have to violate their religious scruples of not being in the position of touching women. This is after El Al, in a lawsuit brought by an […]

El Al CEO promises that there will be no more seating discrimination against women on the airline

Two days ago I called your attention to yet another case of Haredi (extreme Orthodox) Jewish men refusing to sit next to women on an El Al flight from New York to Tel Aviv. Despite El Al’s promise, in a previously settled lawsuit, that it would “never again ask a passenger to move seats based […]

Here we go again: El Al complies with the desire of Orthodox Jews to not sit next to women

The Haredim comprise a number of sects of ultra-Orthodox Jews who adhere strictly to a religious code of conduct. The Haredi code happens to prohibit tactile contact of any sort between men and women. And so it happens that Haredim often refuse to sit next to women on planes. They might accidentally touch them! And get […]

Pushback from Israeli museums who don’t like my stand on censoring evolution exhibits

As I noted the other day, I had strong objections to a practice at Jerusalem’s Natural History Museum described in the Times of Israel (click on screenshot below). When the Haredi schoolchildren (ultra-Orthodox Jews) visit, the Museum, which is funded by Israeli taxpayers, covers up its evolution exhibit, as evolution is contrary to their religious beliefs and would […]