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Edward Feser godsplains why atheists don’t understand religion, and why there is absolutely, positively a God (the Catholic one)

Edward “Dogs Don’t Go to Heaven” Feser is able to discern the most extraordinary conclusions about reality from simply plumbing his brain and channeling revelations, being sure to weed the true revelations from God’s Fake News (see the first link). In other words, he’s a theologian: a Catholic who’s an associate professor of philosophy at […]

Edward Feser: No dogs go to Heaven

I love it when theologians fight with each other, especially Sophisticated Ones™.  And when they argue about reality, as Catholic philosopher Edward Feser does with Orthodox philosopher David Bentley Hart in Feser’s post on the conservative Witherspoon Institute’s Public Discourse site, the results are hilarious. For when contesting faith-based claims about reality, there’s no way […]

Feser to Krauss: Shut up because of the Uncaused Cause

I didn’t know anything about the Witherspoon institute, where Catholic religious philosopher Edward Feser has published a strident piece called “Scientists should tell Lawrence Krauss to shut up already“, but it appears to be a right-wing think tank. According to Wikipedia: The Witherspoon Institute opposes abortion and same-sex marriage and deals with embryonic stem cell research, […]

MacDonald takes down Feser’s theology

Edward Feser, a Catholic philosopher at Pasadena City College, is notorious on this website for touting the Cosmological Argument for God’s existence (short explanation: every contingent thing has a “cause”; the universe is contingent; therefore the universe has a cause; therefore God). He’s equally notorious for claiming that one can’t truly understand this compelling argument […]

Rosenhouse on Feser on the cosmological argument

As I pointed out a few days ago, Edward Feser has posted a long defense of the cosmological argument for God, claiming that critics like Jason Rosenhouse and I simply don’t understand its subtlety.  And we have no credibility to refute it until we’ve read many books on the topic, including (of course) two of […]

A believer comments: God doesn’t want organ donation

Here’s a comment I got on my post “Social Justice Warrior would rather let someone die than donate her organs, because they might go to rich or “overeducated” people“. That post, which was one of the most ridiculous manifestations of Authoritarian Leftism I’ve ever seen, recounted the views of one Kristel Clayville, a visiting assistant […]

Monday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

It’s Monday, April 9, 2018, and National Chinese Almond Cookie Day. The word “national”, denoting the U.S., shows that once again we have an arrant case of cultural appropriation. It’s also Vimy Ridge Day in Canada. It’s snowing lightly in Chicago this morning, and it’s opening day for the Chicago Cubs, who will be playing […]

Nicholas Kristof, religious doubter, interviews a dead certain Christian pastor

We have to have at least one post about religion today, and here it is. Oy! The New York Times, for its Sunday Christmas Review, features a long interview of Pastor Timothy Keller, an evangelical Christian whom the interviewer, Nicholas Kristof, characterizes as “among the most prominent evangelical thinkers today.” Keller is also the author […]

Ceiling Cat help me: I’m reading more theology

Under duress, since Grania told me that this was one of the most influential works of Christian apologetics of our time, I am reading C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity. One of the reasons for its popularity, of course, was that Lewis wrote in a simple and straightforward fashion, addressing his arguments to the public rather […]

Proof that the scriptures are man-made and don’t convey God’s word

When you read this I’ll be over—or, if something goes wrong, in—the Atlantic. If all goes well, Grania will have done the Hili dialogue; please her a hand for repeatedly filling in for me when I’m traveling. I woke up about 2 a.m. in the Warsaw airport hotel and this idea suddenly popped into my head. […]