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Eric Hedin, prohibited from teaching intelligent design at Ball State, retires and moves to a Christian university

About five years ago (can it have been that long?), I wrote a bunch of posts about Eric Hedin, an assistant professor of physics and astronomy at Ball State University (BSU) who was an advocate of intelligent design. My beef with the guy was that his honors course, “The Boundaries of Science”, included a lot […]

ID advocate Eric Hedin gets tenure at Ball State

You may remember Eric Hedin, the Ball State University physics professor who, as I discovered in 2013, was teaching Intelligent Design (ID) in a student seminar. Since Ball State is a state university, that was a violation of the First Amendment, which, as the Supreme Court has ruled, prohibits teaching creationism in public (government) schools, […]

Eric Hedin promoted; discussions between Ball State and creationist legislatures have unclear outcome

I seem have gotten this link from about a dozen readers. Eric Hedin, who was at the center of Indiana’s Ball State University (BSU) intelligent-design fracas, has been promoted to associate professor at BSU. As you may recall, Hedin was teaching an Honors Physics and Astronomy course, heavily larding it with intelligent-design (ID) and religious materials, with his apparent purpose […]

Ball State University president unequivocally rejects intelligent design; not good news for Eric Hedin or the Discovery Institute

This email was sent today by Ball State University (BSU) president Jo Ann M. Gora to all her faculty and students.  It unequivocally rejects the teaching of intelligent design and religious ideas in BSU science classes (I’ve put the relevant parts in bold). It looks like Eric Hedin will no longer be able to push […]

Ball State University seals records of review panel on Eric Hedin (and bonus anti-ID letter)

A piece in today’s Muncie Star-Press reports that Ball State University (BSU) has turned down freedom-of-information requests to release the report of the professorial panel investigating Eric Hedin’s teaching of intelligent design (ID) and Christianity in his science class.  Here’s the official refusal of the Star-Press‘s request: I suspect the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) […]

Eric Hedin case descends to farce as Ball State professor compares Hedin to George Zimmerman

I’m starting to really have doubts about the academic quality of Ball State University.  First they allow Eric Hedin to teach a science course that is heavily larded with intelligent design (ID) and Christianity (he’s now under investigation), then they hire another prominent ID advocate, Guillermo Gonzalez, to teach astronomy.  Among all this kerfuffle it […]

Ball State panel finishes investigation of Eric Hedin, refuses to divulge results

I am informed by the Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) that the five-professor panel empowered to investigate Professor Eric Hedin’s proselytizing for Christianity and intelligent design creationism in one of his physics classes has finished its investigation. After the FFRF sent a letter to every member of the panel detailing the case about Hedin (including […]

The Hedin issue is baaaack!: The Discovery Institute won’t accept their defeat at Ball State

Well, the Discovery Institute won’t go gentle into that good night.  After their loss in the Eric Hedin affair, in which Ball State University (BSU) President Jo Ann Gora proclaimed that courses like Hedin’s could not teach intelligent design creationism (ID) as science, Hedin’s course in Physics and Astronomy was canned.  That course proselytized Christianity […]

Muncie Star-Press adds Hedin affair to top stories, reveals new allegations about Guillermo Gonzalez, Ball State’s ID astronomer

A few days ago I criticized the Muncie Star-Press for leaving out the Eric-Hedin/Intelligent Design (ID) flap as one of their top ten stories of the year.  They considered the opening of a few new stores in the town as more newsworthy! Now, in the unfortunately titled “Gora’s ‘gag order’ a top story of 2013” by […]

Some heartening news from America’s heartland, and the Aslan controversy

I’ve already mentioned the HuffPo piece on Hedingate: “Ball State University bans teaching of intelligent design in science classes,” but until today I hadn’t looked at the comments. Well, there are 1,190 of them as of 1 pm today (Sunday), and the good thing is that most of them are positive: anti-ID and anti-religion in […]