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In defense of Richard Dawkins: Elaine Ecklund and team write a pointless, Templeton-funded paper saying that Dawkins “misrepresents science”

As you can see from the many posts I’ve written about Rice University sociologist Elaine Ecklund, she’s made a career out of showing that scientists are far more religious—or friendly to religion—than commonly assumed. But her methodology is often suspect, so that her data are cooked or twisted to meet her agenda: to show comity between science […]

Elaine Ecklund publishes more Templeton-funded accomodationism: “many scientists aren’t atheists”

The sociologist Elaine Ecklund is on a mission, one funded by Templeton: to show that scientists are more religious than most people think, and that the general perception of a conflict between science and religion is overblown. I don’t care so much about the perception of conflict (though according to a recent Pew poll, 59% […]

Jesus ‘n’ Mo ‘n’ Elaine Ecklund

This weeks Jesus and Mo strip raises the burning question: Has the Templeton Foundation paid off Moses?

Elaine Ecklund still taking Templeton cash to show that science and religion are compatible

Oh Lord, Elaine Ecklund is at it again. And by “it,” I mean “taking money from the Templeton Foundation, making a survey, and then interpreting the data to show what Templeton wants: a finding that science and religion are in harmony.” Ecklund’s latest efforts, which haven’t yet been published but were the subject of a talk at the American […]

Elaine Ecklund is still pretending that science and religion are compatible

For years, sociologist Elaine Ecklund has made a career at Rice University by surveying religionists, scientists, and religious scientists, and twisting her survey data to show that science and religion are compatible. Science are “spiritual,” she says, and there are surprisingly more religious scientists than we think. (Go here to see the many posts I’ve […]

Elaine Ecklund continues to whitewash the atheism of scientists

Elaine Ecklund, a sociologist at Rice University, is making a career out of trying to pretend that American scientists are less atheistic than they really are. I’ve written about this extensively (just type “Ecklund” into the search engine of this site), as have others. Jason Rosenhouse at EvolutionBlog, for example, has pointed out how Ecklund distorts her […]

The Ecklund/accommodationist post published in The New Republic

My post yesterday on Elaine Ecklund, her data, and the fundamental incompatibility of science and religion has been picked up by The New Republic; I rewrote it fairly extensively and it now bears the title, “Another vapid effort to claim that science and religion can get along.” It’s important to me to have secular and […]

ELCA and Ecklund attempt to reconcile science and faith

I’ll soon be debating a pastor of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America (ELCA) on the topic of whether science and religion are compatible, and to prepare I’ve been trying to find out something about how the church regards science.  Like other liberal faiths, ELCA is basically okay with science (including evolution) and appears to […]

Oy gewalt: Ecklund gets even more Templeton money to show that science and faith are friends

The PR machine at Rice University in Houston has proudly announced that Elaine Ecklund—a sociologist whose life’s goal is to show two things: 1) science and religion are compatible, and 2) scientists are far more “spiritual” than everyone thinks—has just been given another huge grant from the Templeton Foundation. It’s for 1.08 million dollars. Note that […]

Ecklund and Long: Scientists are totally spiritual

Elaine Ecklund, a sociologist at Rice University, has gotten tons of mileage out of her Templeton-funded study on science and religion.  Over and over again (I’ve written about this many times here: just search for “Ecklund”), she’s claimed that scientists are far more religious than people think (even though they’re far more atheistic than the […]