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Angry Cat Man gets long hair

Angry Cat Man™ is my alter ego, the superhero I become when faced with crime and injustice. He was created by reader Pliny the in Between, and you can see his diverse adventures here.  (The name originated when a teacher at Chicago’s Lab School sent students posts from my website, and one of them remarked, […]

Angry Cat Man vs. The Sophisticated Theologian™

My adventures as an unrealistically muscular Angry Cat Man continue, as depicted by reader Pliny the in Between on the website Evolving Perspectives. I give you “Super Felid Vision Among the Stacks“. You might recognize my masked adversary. Click to enlarge; you might want to see the titles:  

The Adventures of Angry Cat Man, Chapter 2

Reader Pliny the in Between, who took a characterization of me as “Angry Cat Man” and turned it into a superhero who is my own alter ego, has created another episode.  As I didn’t understand it at first, the artist gave me an explanation: Phantom zone was an inescapable glass-like prison dimension used on the planet […]

The New Adventures of Angry Cat Man

Learning that I had been called “Angry Cat Man” by faculty at the Lab School because of what I write on my website, reader Pliny the in Between produced an appropriate cartoon, whose title is given in the header. Recognize my Evil Minion? Did you notice that the CatSuit has the coloration of a feline familiar to […]

The “Angry Cat Man” talks to high-school biology students

I spent an hour this morning talking about Why Evolution is True with two classes of advanced biology students from the University of Chicago’s Lab School. It was a great pleasure to interact with such a bright and interested group of kids, and they had lots of good questions. I won’t go into details, but two things […]

Caturday felid trifecta: Cats wait for the mailman, cat versus seal, angry texting cat

I’m off to California this week, but I’ll try to keep the Caturday felids going while I’m gone. (As far as I know, I haven’t missed one in years.) In the meantime, here’s today’s trifecta, beginning with a series of video clips of cats dealing with the mailman (mailperson?). I like the ones in which […]

Angry Catman battles “hate speech”

From reader Pliny the in Between, we have the further adventures of Angry Catman (my alter ego):  

The further adventures of Angry Catman: The attack of the Dark Net

Reader Pliny the in Between has made a cartoon of the attacks on me (“Angry Cat Man”) by the religious and conservative people who cannot abide euthanasia of infants no matter how sick, malformed, or conscious they are. And I have someone getting my back. Click to enlarge:   By the way,  the source of […]

The further adventures of Angry Catman

Reader Pliny the in Between has produced a new one-panel episode of Angry Cat Man (my superhero alter ego). (For the history and earlier adventures of Angry Cat man, go here, here, here, and here.) In case you don’t know, the cat is Jones.

Manager’s wildlife photos—ducks!

Because I’m in transit, today’s wildlife photos will be of Anas platyrhynchos, otherwise known as the mallard. In particular, we’ll see the mallards of Botany Pond—the most famous mallards in Illinois. Here is Anna with her eight babies, all thriving and hanging around a mud puddle. They splashed around in it and even drank the […]