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Andrew Sullivan on “intersectionality”

by Greg Mayer Most WEIT readers will be familiar with Andrew Sullivan, the conservative, gay, Catholic ur-blogger, with whom we’ve had occasion to both agree and disagree over the years. As Jerry noted, Andrew recently returned to regular writing at New York Magazine, posting a weekly “diary”, as he’s referred to it, each posting consisting […]

Andrew Sullivan is back, he’s mad as hell, as he isn’t going to take it any more

In 2015, Andrew Sullivan announced that he was retiring from blogging.  Well, that lasted two years. He’s started a new column at New York Magazine that he describes like this: I guess I should start by saying this is not a blog. Nor is it what one might call a column. It’s an experiment of […]

Andrew Sullivan gives up blogging

Andrew Sullivan and I crossed swords several times, most notably when he became enraged after I argued that the story of Adam and Eve was taken literally for millennia by many theologians and believers—and still is today.  In a statement that still makes me laugh, he argued this: There’s no evidence that the Garden of Eden was […]

More readers of Andrew Sullivan go after Michael Robbins’s Sophisticated Theology

In a post on July 26 I kvetched about the continuing Sophisticated Theology™ of poet Michael Robbins, who, as I wrote about a whle earlier, had an annoying penchant to use book reviews as a club to bash New Atheists. Robbins’s faux review on Slatebrought out a number of angry responses, and he took a shellacking not just at my site (390 comments, […]

Andrew Sullivan takes a break for cats on his d*g blog, emphasizing assisted dying

Andrew Sullivan notes that his Dish website is “biased as a dog blog,” and, indeed, the masthead features what looks like a snooty beagle: But Sullivan took a break this week with a post called “Your moment of cat.” It features touching stories and photos of his readers’ cats, with nearly every tale recounting a heartbreaking […]

Catholic Andrew Sullivan recognizes Ceiling Cat

UPDATE: Several readers who follow The Dish have told me that Sullivan does contribute considerable original material. Since I glance at it only occasionally, I was obviously mistaken, and I apologize to Sullivan for saying otherwise. ______________ Andrew Sullivan’s website, The Dish, had a post three days ago called “How voyeurism has evolved.” It’s actually […]

Andrew Sullivan suspects that Pope Benedict is gay

Andrew Sullivan, gay activist, staunch Catholic, and blogger, has a pretty incendiary post up at The Dish.  I reproduce part of it without comment, except to say that someone who is gay is more likely to be an accurate detector of gay behavior: But this is what really made me sit up straight, so to […]

Andrew Sullivan criticizes Sally Ride for being a closeted gay

The other day I posted about the untimely death of Sally Ride, the first American woman in space.  I didn’t include this bit from the New York Times obituary: Dr. Ride married a fellow astronaut, Steven Hawley, in 1982. They decorated their master bedroom with a large photograph of astronauts on the moon. They divorced […]

Andrew Sullivan bashes scientism

In yesterday’s Daily Beast column, “A life observed”, Andrew Sullivan takes out after “scientism,” defending “ways of knowing” other than science. He first shows a one-minute video of Richard Feyman explaining the methods of science, then quotes Philip Kitcher’s critique of scientism from The New Republic (see my take here), and then gives NPR correspondent […]

Andrew Sullivan gets all militant about religion and creationism!

I can’t believe this: first we hear the guy is going to give up his blog and become a monk, and now Andrew Sullivan has become strident and militant against religion—well, some religions.  In a Daily Beast post called “Creationists’ abuse of fossils,” Andrew Sullivan says this after discussing creationists’ claims that dinosaur tracks are […]