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Nathaniel Comfort redux: Science doesn’t progress (or does it?)

Oy, my kishkas! Science historian Nathaniel Comfort has now emitted at least 65 tweets either doing down Pinker for Steve’s one tweet criticizing Comfort’s dreadful Nature article, or promoting Comfort’s own article. This includes a series of 25 tweets that duplicate what Comfort said on his own website about Pinker.  Talk about overkill! Having read […]

Nathaniel Comfort gets all angry about a tweet from Steve Pinker

Two days ago I wrote a critique of a curiously disjointed and poorly written article by science historian Nathaniel Comfort: a critique of science and “scientism” published in Nature. It was a garbled mixture of postmodern and woke sentiments, making a bogus claim that discoveries like the microbiome and epigenetics have radically altered our “sense […]

Friday: Hili dialogue

Yes, it’s Friday, October 11, and National Sausage Pizza Day. (My view is that, among American pizzas, the Chicago deep-dish sausage pizza at Uno’s or Malnati’s, with homemade sausage and fresh garlic, is the best.) Try one!: It’s also Southern Food Heritage Day, International Day of the Girl Child, National Coming Out Day, General Pulaski […]

Op-ed in science journal Nature disses science and “scientism”, questions Enlightenment values

Nathaniel Comfort, author of the risible Nature essay at hand (click on screenshot below), is a professor in the history of medicine at Johns Hopkins University. We’ve met him three times before on this site; he seems to be a postmodernist who dislikes genes, New Atheism, and Richard Dawkins.  Now he’s written about. . . . […]

The Atlantic: Genes are overrated; science doesn’t progress towards truth. Me: Wrong on both counts

The Atlantic has a review of Siddhartha’s new book on genetics; the review is by Nathaniel Comfort, a professor at the Institute of the History of Medicine at Johns Hopkins, and carries the provocative title of “Genes are overrated.” I haven’t yet read Mukherjee’s book, so I won’t comment on its content except to say that the […]

Why do many atheists hate the New Atheists?

One thing I don’t fully understand is the depth of rancor that many atheists have towards the “New Atheists,” especially people like Dan Dennett, Sam Harris, Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Richard Dawkins, and the late Christopher Hitchens. We’ve all seen it, and I’ve written about it many times. One example is a new book by An […]

A snarky review of Dawkins’s new autobiography

Volume 2 of Richard Dawkins’s autobiography, Brief Candle in the Dark: My Life in Science, is out in the UK (and Sept. 29 in the US); and though I haven’t yet read it, it is the subject of a snarky review in the latest Nature. The reviewer is Nathaniel Comfort, a professor in the History of Science at […]