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It’s Squirrel Appreciation Day, and so I present a video that starts with a squirrel and has several squirrels later on. It is in fact not just a squirrel video, but one person’s compilation of the best videos of 2018 (part 5!).  It’s 21.5 minutes long, so Judge for yourself; this one includes Chicago’s hitchhiking woodpecker, a rabbit revived, a skateboarding turtle, a penguin chasing a butterfly, ducklings in a mall, cat versus rhoomba, a parrot magician, a karate maven who lights a match with his foot, and many other treats.


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    That white and red squirrel is absolutely gorgeous! I often put out small pieces of bread in my hand and sparrows will come and sit on a finger to eat them – some pigeons too. Those singig parakeets (they aren’t budgies) are a hoot! That looks like a young reticulated girafe. That rugby boy seems set to join the All Blacks! The wall-climbing dog is impressive. Clever mother duck, she knows her short-cuts! That husky is a great baby-sitter. Way to lose her virginity… and painful! Pole cat (pun intended). A dog literally singing for his supper (and a cat, too)! That truck driver’s got nerves of steel and a damn good eye! Crows love playing in the snow, even in Siberian forests, and sliding down snow-covered roofs. There ought to be an Aesop-like tale about the cat and the owl.

    All in all, a very fun video!

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    Great mashup. Watched it all.

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    Nice compilation!

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