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Interview with Jacqueline Bisset

My nephew Steven, who shares roughly 25% of my genes, writes for the Lincoln Center’s Film Comment site, and so, touting his wares, I refer you to his interview with actor Jacqueline Bisset in the latest issue (click on the screenshot): His introduction: An international star of the first rank whose mantle of honors includes […]

More emails from readers who question my philosophical cred

Emails from strangers about my science-versus-religion piece in The Conversation continue to pollute my inbox. I’ve put one more below. How much do you have to study religion before you can say that Abrahamic religions are a.) often based on assertions about what exists and what is real and b.) adjudicate their truth statements in […]

A curmudgeon heads to the islands

Silly me to think that flying to Hawaii on December 28 would be easy:  I assumed everyone would have flown where they were going for Christmas, and wouldn’t return until New Years Day at the earliest. Not true! O’Hare is as crowded as I’ve ever seen it: although I had a boarding pass and a […]

Friday: Hili dialogue (and Leon monologue)

n.b. Grania has contributed to this post as I am leaving early. Well, if you read this after 10 a.m. Chicago time, I’ll be winging my way nonstop to Hawaii—a 9.5 hour flight. It’s the fourth day of Coynezaa: Friday, December 28, 2018, with two days to go. (It’s also the fourth day of the […]

Threatened by a hungry polar bear!

Here’s a scary clip from BBC Earth showing a guy who feels secure in his anti-polar-bear cage, but gets a bit nervous when the bear tries to extract him.  The caption: “Gordon Buchanan comes face to face with a huge wild polar bear who is keen to get to what smells like a tasty meal.” […]

Winner: Prettiest bird contest

The Super Secret Judge has weighed in on the winner and two runners up for the Prettiest Bird Contest. (I am not the judge!) Here we have the top three birds (see all entries in this morning’s post): The winner: The peacock, entered by Georgiana Hoffman: The peacock [Pavo cristatus] is undoubtably the most beautiful bird, from […]

Yet another bizarre email

Here’s an email not from a believer, but from an antitheist. However, this person may be one of the Lizard Illuminati. Name redacted to protected the reptilian. Dear Dr Coyne, I would very much value your opinion and feedback. I aim to specialize in psychological and neurocognitive warfare.  The weaponization of religion has been evolving […]

Woke and inclusive, U-Mass Amherst considers Nazis an oppressed minority

Here’s a corker, but what would you expect in a soupy climate of Intersectionality? It was inevitable that someone would eventually see Nazis as a marginalized and oppressed group, and rush to their defense. And so, as this BuzzFeed story reports, a residence counselor at the Very Woke School of the University of Massachusetts at […]

A Mormon beefs about my anti-accommodationism

My piece on The Conversation about the incompatibility of religion and science continues to be the most-read piece of the week on that site, having reached nearly 100,000 views and 655 comments. I can’t say I’m not chuffed, but of course most of the comments take issue with what I said. Well, that’s okay by […]

Chicago Women’s March canceled

The “big” Women’s March, run by the Women’s March Inc. (a trademark now contested by other branches), will take place in Washington, D.C. on January 19, as well as in several other cities. But some cities won’t be having them, while others, like New York City, will have two marches, one for women of color […]