Interview with Jacqueline Bisset

My nephew Steven, who shares roughly 25% of my genes, writes for the Lincoln Center’s Film Comment site, and so, touting his wares, I refer you to his interview with actor Jacqueline Bisset in the latest issue (click on the screenshot):

His introduction:

An international star of the first rank whose mantle of honors includes everything from a Golden Globe to the Légion d’honneur, Jacqueline Bisset has distinguished over five decades’ worth of productions with her sophisticated glamour and finely honed craftsmanship, her performances growing in complexity and power with cumulative experience. She’s enjoying a particularly verdant career phase at present: the last two months have seen her play opposite Sarah Jessica Parker in Here and Now, Nick Nolte in Head Full of Honey, and Ron Perlman in Asher, and her era-defining blockbuster Bullitt made a welcome return to theaters 50 years after its release. While in New York for the Tribeca premiere of Here and Now, Ms. Bisset took time to share her recollections of an astonishing galley of collaborators, for most of whom no first name is necessary (Polanski, Truffaut, Huston, Chabrol), and to reflect on the mechanics of screen acting and the intangibles of stardom.


  1. Merilee
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  2. Ken Kukec
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    I had the chance to see Truffaut’s Day for Night on the big screen again a few months ago, as part of a retrospective on movies about making movies at my local art-house. Ms. Bisset was absolutely luminous in it.

    • freiner
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      I also recently re-saw Day for Night (small screen in my largely artless-house)and was also struck by her performance. It seems that Truffaut might have transferred Bisset’s anxiety over her French into the anxiety that Bisset’s character has over speaking French for her role in “Meet Pamela.” From what I recall, Truffaut also has the director he plays brazenly swipe Bisset’s character’s comments about life and love and inserts them into the lines the character Bisset’s character is playing in Pamela. Day for Night, indeed.
      In any event, an excellent interview.

  3. Ken Kukec
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    Speaking of J. Bisset playing opposite Nick Nolte, one of her early breakthrough performances was opposite him in the scuba-diving epic, The Deep, in which, as I recall, she played dual roles — or maybe, like many men d’un certain âge, I was just mesmerized by the wet t-shirt in which she was donned for most of the movie. 🙂

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    Speaking of Ron Perlman, I enjoy his tweets (@perlmutations). Imagine one of his movie characters hurling insults back at Donald Trump and you would be pretty close. He’s a funny guy.

  5. Merilee
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    I always really loved Jeanne Moreau.

  6. Caldwell
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    My nephew … shares roughly 25% of my genes

    That sort of construction has always bothered because humans “share” 92% or 98% of their genes with mice and chimps (yes, the numbers vary depending on definitions, etc). These numbers indicate a strong commonality with other life forms.

    Isn’t that 25% actually closer to 25% of the .1% or so of DNA which isn’t common to all humans?

    • Caldwell
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      IOW, you share about 99.975 of your genes with your nephew but 99.9% with just about anyone else.

      • Caldwell
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        Oops 99.925%

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    That was a very thoughtful interview. He was extremely knowledgeable and asked insightful questions that engaged her; she really seemed to enjoy answering them. But at the same time he didn’t make a point of showing off his knowledge or making the interview somehow about him. He drew her out with great skill.

    • mfdempsey1946
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      Yes, interviewer Steven Mears asked just the right questions, and Jacqueline Bisset provided a wealth of beautifully expressed personal thoughts, film commentary, and fascinating shop talk.

      A wonderfully vivid and insightful film and life interview. Congratulations to them both.

  8. Roo
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    Completely off topic, but when you mention that your nephew shares about 25% of your DNA, it made me realize that, genetically, siblings share as much if not more DNA than children and parents (siblings, after all, can be veritable clones in the form of identical twins, while parents can only share 50% of their personal DNA with their children.) This strikes me as an interesting quandary as siblings often want to murder each other during their youth (competing with one another for attention and resources, fighting, and so on,) and yet grandparents and aunts and uncles (who share about 25% of DNA with grandchildren, I think, far less than siblings with each other) are known for being almost universally doting. It seems that this relationship should be reversed, so I’m curious about what other factors are at play there.

    Anyways, congratulations to your nephew on the interview!

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