Larry the Chief Mouser wants in!

If you’ve been on this site a while, you’ll know that Britain has an official government cat, with the title Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office. The position has been held from 1929 to the present, and a list of its holder is on the Wikipedia page.

The incumbent is one brown-and-white Tabby named Larry, who was rescued from the Battersea Animal Shelter in 2011 and took up his duties at 10 Downing Street. Sadly, he’s not a very effective mouser, but then the Prime Minister isn’t that great, either. Further, Larry has had numerous tiffs with a local and unofficial government cat, Palmerston, and Larry always comes off the worst. As Wikipedia notes,

In April 2016, a new feline neighbour, Palmerston, moved into the Foreign Office. Although known for getting along from time to time, the two cats have fought on numerous occasions. The Leader of the House commented that he hoped that Palmerston and Larry would establish a “modus vivendi“. In July of that year, Palmerston entered Number 10 and had to be forcibly evicted by security staff.In September 2016, Lord Blencathra submitted a question in the House of Lords of why the government did not pay for Larry’s veterinary bill for an injury picked up in a fight against Palmerston, and whether the government would refund civil servants who paid for Larry’s care.  Baroness Chisholm of Owlpen, the government’s spokesman in the Lords, said: “The costs were met by staff through voluntary staff donations due to their affection for Larry.”

Ceiling Cat bless the Brits! In the short video below, you’ll see a bobby letting Larry into 10 Downing Street when, like all cats, he’s had enough of being outside. This occurred while a reporter was doing a live story in front of the house, accounting for the voiceover you’ll hear.


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    Larry may be a poor mouser, but I think he will be at Number !0 for a lot longer than the current Prime Minister (at least, I sincerely hope so).

  2. Michael Fisher
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  3. rickflick
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    Was that Theresa May answering the door?

    • Michael Fisher
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      See picture below. I presume you’re kidding, but the PM Theresa May is very rarely near that door & she will not be allowed to open it anyway.

      That’s an armoured steel door with no keyhole, fake letterbox & a fake doorbell. It takes four big guys to lift it off the hinges when it is swapped out for the spare every few months for repainting. It is opened remotely by someone viewing a CCTV security monitor. Look at the numerals on the door & you’ll see the “0” is tilted to honour the original wooden door which had a wonky zero.

      Entering/leaving by that door is 99% purely for show – there’s no parking on or near the Downing Street entrance. Downing Street has security gates at each end with armed police & although it’s a public ‘right of way’ the Government have [illegally IMO] made it off limits to Joanne public.

      Look at the picture below. Most visitors come from Horse Guards Rd to the left & park behind the buildings where there’s extensive underground parking, bomb shelter [also underground routes out of the area connecting to the ‘Underground’ rail system & or the River Thames frontage – same as all major government/Royal buildings].

      Notice there are ‘roof lights’ so the Downing St buildings are far more extensive than one imagines from the ground level – it’s five floors at the garden side. “No 10” is the green rectangle & the building behind with the red roof & the connecting bit = 100 rooms

      EVERYTHING inside the red quadrilateral is connected & I expect there’s an underground route across Downing Street into the Foreign & Commonwealth Office. The very large internal courtyard is perfect for a protected helicopter evacuation for one thing.


      • rickflick
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        Thanks for the research. I could have guessed most of the security measures. It’s so quaint to think of 10 Downing St. as just a place you might be invited in for tea(given adequate training in etiquette). Once, quite a long time ago, it probably was just a residence.
        1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is disguised as a ordinary 18th century mansion. Who would have guessed! I’ve heard it too has some James Bond furnishings and getaways. Is the dome really a flying saucer? What strikes me as odd is that from the right vantage point you can see and photograph the president as he dozes at his desk. You’ve seen the pictures. Unless that’s a body double or animatronic counterfeit.

        • Michael Fisher
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          What strikes me as odd is that from the right vantage point you can see and photograph the president as he dozes at his desk. You’ve seen the pictures. Unless that’s a body double or animatronic counterfeit.

          I haven’t seen such pictures & I doubt their authenticity if they exist. The south side of the West Wing has very good tree coverage all year round, the airtight windows don’t open & the ‘glass’/frames are blast proof.

          The White House is in the zone of a nearby Norwegian manufactured SAM battery & numerous one person MPADs for ground & air [like a Stinger]. Also it is claimed 50 cal batteries & probably laser dazzlers like we used in the Falklands [made illegal since the 80s, but the US don’t care].

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          I’d be amazed if there is a line of site from any publicly accessible place to the interior of the Oval Office.

        • rickflick
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          You’re probably right. I think the pics I’ve seen are taken from inside the compound. But, still, it seems the oval office is particularly vulnerable. It sits there like a go-go dancer in a cage.

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    Nice moment!

  5. Merilee
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    That’s what Hili needs for Xmas – her own personal bobby for when she needs to be brought in from the windowsill.

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    I’m not sure that Palmerston is any less official than Larry. He is the Chief Mouser to the Foreign Office. The Treasury also has a Chief Mouser who goes by the name of Gladstone. Naturally, these cats each have a large staff of civil servants (as we call government employees in the UK).

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