After four years at Harvard, Remy the cat has had pretty much the full Harvard experience.

“He has been in student dorms, at parties, attended lectures, and taken photos with tourists in Harvard Yard,” says his owner, Cambridge resident Sarah Watton.

The 4-year-old orange tabby even has a Facebook page started by friends at the Barker Center that boasts more than 1,000 followers.

So when Remy went missing for a few weeks, Watton’s appeal online struck a chord on campus.

“Hi, I’m Remy’s owner and am writing to find out whether anyone has seen him recently?” Watton posted on Aug. 28. “We miss him and are worried he is hurt or has strayed too far.”

Responses poured in: “I saw him a week ago, Monday, in Pierce”; “My friend thinks he saw him near the Div. School”; “Oh no, I’ll be on the lookout.”