A king penguin pops bubbles

From Sydney, posted just 4 days ago, we have a King Penguin (Aptenodytes patagonicus) trying to spear bubbles with its beak. Curiously, if you look for “penguins pop bubbles” on YouTube, you’ll get several videos (e.g. here).

The notes:

“A King Penguin [ptenodytes patagonicus] was caught on film having loads of fun with bubbles! Bubbles are used as an engagement tool at the aquarium, as penguins are quirky, inquisitive and playful characters.”



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    that is great

  3. glen1davidson
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    Deft bubble-catcher, sometime bubble-popper.

    I love seeing a bubble perched on what looks like the pointy end of a spear, although I know the beak isn’t all that sharp.

    Glen Davidson

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    If there is a god (or a bunch of them) he (or they) did a good job with the penguins.

    (Although I would have granted them speech, and maybe left out all that necrophilia stuff, but that’s just my opinion.)

  5. DrBrydon
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    Penguins are awesome!

  6. Brian Salkas
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    I did some research on the necrophilia thing Yakaru mentioned. Apparently there is a four page pamphlet printed in 1915, written by a gentleman named Dr. George Levick documenting the horrific sexual turpitude of penguins. here is a link to it: http://www.penguinscience.com/reprints/10%20Russell.pdf

    • gravelinspector-Aidan
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      If you like Antarctic science, don’t forget Mawson’s “The Worst Journey In The World“. The title isn’t an exaggeration.

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