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  1. John Wolff
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    Thought you might find this interesting

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    An open letter to the American People in the Age of Donald Trump
    Dear Friends,
    As your neighbour to the north and a member of the world community, we, the citizenry outside your borders, feel compelled to address you at this critical juncture in your/our history.
    We have long tolerated your high spiritedness and have even envied the Jerry Lewis like way you conduct your lives. You are good natured yet often mean spirited. You are generous to a fault and yet your generosity often comes with conditions and strings attached. You espouse liberty and equality yet imprison a disproportionate number of your poorer citizens and show a decided LACK of equality between your races and economic strata.
    You speak at length about freedom yet your majority are increasingly yoked by a system that forces you to work longer and harder for less. Multiple unrewarding jobs and the resulting lack of quality time with your loved ones are becoming the norm as you are herded from material obsession to an unfair and unequal tax burden.
    And it is about to get so much worse. University studies, the most salient of which was undertaken at Princeton, show that there is little or no correlation between what you want and what your Congress enacts – unless you are rich or a corporation. One need look no further than the current tax bill which will have been passed by the time you read this. Although the majority of you realize that indebting your country by a further one and one half TRILLION dollars, mainly for the benefit of the ultra rich, will indemnify you and your offspring for decades to come, your President and his co-conspirators actively work to frustrate your hopes and aspirations. Your voices, again, are not heard or, worse still, heard but ignored.
    With Donald Trump’s unsteady little hand on the tiller, your ship of state is ploughing dangerous waters on the way to world instability. The obscene amount you already divert to your military has risen dramatically under this unbalanced buffoon and more is earmarked for the RESUMPTION OF THE ARMS RACE. This – and I am being presumptuous here – is NOT what most Americans or world citizens want. This world is scary enough in the hands of the Dutertes, the Trumps, the Putins, the Netanyahus, and the Kim Jung Uns of this world without increasing the dangers inherent in a proliferation of world destroying weapons.
    You have been too nice to your unbalanced brethren of the religious right. Where for decades your majority have been characterized as devout but not crazed followers of some deity or other, the rise of fundamentalists has been allowed to ratchet up the hatred which is inherent in their belief system. Steeped in the Old Testament of barbarism and misogyny, the purveyors of tainted Christianity ignore the Gospel they pretend to champion and morph into prophets of hatred, intolerance and anti-intellectualism.
    We, your fellow human beings, can not presume to tell you how to run your country but we MUST, in good conscience, share our concern for your welfare and for the viability of life on earth. Spaceship Earth is the only vehicle that we have to ferry us through the universe and, despite claims of an everlasting afterlife, which is a crapshoot which many of us refuse to wager on. The animals and plants and, dare I say, humans, on this beautiful blue marble can not survive the policies of the current American administration. You and your loved ones will not survive the megalomania and avarice of the current President and Congress. It is us or them. You must find a way, for your sake and ours, to bring sanity back to your halls of power and your oval office. Each moment you delay will tighten the shackles around your ankles and those of your children.
    Act or risk the spectre of future generations living in chains – of your children and grandchildren as indentured servants to the manor house or grubby faced skeletons in the poor house. Your move.
    The rest of us.

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