Live undersea exploration!

Matthew Cobb called my attention to a live feed by the Okeanos Explorer, a government-funded deep-sea vehicle that, for a month, is exploring the sea and sea bed of the Gulf of Mexico. The live feed, which is showing some amazing stuff, so you should watch it now; I don’t know how long it’ll be live. The remote explorer, called Deep Discoverer, looks like this, and is a testament to human ingenuity and pure curiosity:

From the website:

From November 29 through December 21, 2017, a team of scientists and technicians, both at-sea and shore-based, will conduct exploratory investigations into the diversity and distribution of deep-sea habitats and associated marine communities in the Gulf of Mexico basin. The 23-day expedition will focus on acquiring data on priority exploration areas identified by ocean management and scientific communities. This is the first of three expeditions planned to increase our understanding of the Gulf, with two additional cruises scheduled for Spring 2018.

Watch for a while!


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  2. Christopher
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    Well, that’s just cool. Mesmerizing, in fact. It was great to see them cruise along an open plain, find a surprisingly large limestone boulder or foot of a ridge, get excited about some sort of coral they couldn’t identify to the species, so they spent a few breathless minutes collecting a delicate bit of it…30 minutes went by in a blink. I could waste all day watching this, and to see a bryozoan “in the flesh”, if you will, when I’ve only ever found their fossilized remains entombed in the rocks around KC Mo, so cool.

  3. rickflick
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    Fascinating. The biologists are analyzing new species as they go along the bottom.
    It’s quite something to be able to join them in their search. Isn’t the 21st century amazing?

  4. ploubere
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    Very cool.

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