Wildlife photos: National Geographic’s annual contest

Instead of putting up readers’ photos today, let me show you some of the winners of National Geographic’s 2017 Nature Photographer of the Year contest. I’ve chosen just a few images, but there are many wonderful photos to see. I’ve used the captions from the site.

You can download these photos directly from the site to use as wallpaper for your computer.

CABLE BEACH CAMEL CARAVAN. PHOTO AND CAPTION BY TODD KENNEDY A birds eye view of a caravan of camels walking along Cable beach at sunset.


INVASIVE BEAUTY. PHOTO AND CAPTION BY STEVEN KOVACS a portrait of a lionfish in its beautiful pelagic larval stage taken during a drift dive at night near the surface in water over 600 feet deep. Palm Beach, Florida. WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES


ALIEN. PHOTO AND CAPTION BY ADAM SILVERMAN This is one of my favorite photos of my favorite critter. Shot with a +25 magnifier, it really brings out the detail in this otherwise very small skeleton shrimp. It’s face is clear, it’s reddish eyes are visible, and the way it faces my camera with it’s arms wide makes it almost symmetrical. It’s clear color matches the hydra that it is living on. Plus the colors in the background really make this an interesting and beautiful photo. Don’t think there are aliens on earth? Look no further! MAKAWIDEY, NORTH SULAWESI, INDONESIA


RORSCHACH TEST. PHOTO AND CAPTION BY JERRY AM ENDE Golden Hour at Bombay Hook NWR this morning. There was not a hint of wind when this Great Blue Heron began to preen. LOCATION: DONAS LANDING, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES


MOTHER NATURES CAMO. PHOTO AND CAPTION BY COLE FRECHOU (Mother Natures camo) Gator waiting in Duckweed in New Orleans, LA. This was taken off of a board walk so dont worry for my safety. LOCATION: NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA, UNITED STATES

And of course we need a cat photo:

ÉTIREMENT.  PHOTO AND CAPTION BY JOËL FISCHER A lioness stretches into the immensity of Masai Mara, Kenya. LOCATION: MASAI MARA, RIFT VALLEY, KENYA



FIGHT FOR LIFE. PHOTO AND CAPTION BY CHAN KWOK HUNG Taken in Maasai mara, Kenya this is my third time visit there, finally I see it!!!! I see it happening very close!!!! the animal migration!!!! LOCATION: MASAI MARA, RIFT VALLEY, KENYA


COORG YELLOW BUSH FROG PHOTO AND CAPTION BY ANGAD ACHAPPA a coorg yellow bush frog photographed in the rainforests of Agumbe, Karnataka. The frog was formerly known as blue-eyed bush frog due to the blue ring around its eye.

h/t: Diane G


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    Wonderful! 🙂

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    Loved these, thanks!

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    That camel caravan shot is just so cool! Such a crazy perspective.

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