The best job in the world!

Here we have Kevin Richardson, the famous “lion whisperer,” playing with both a mother lion and her offspring. I can think of no greater honor, and no greater trust evinced by these cats, than to be allowed to play with their cubs. This is surely the best job in the world! (I’ve posted about Richardson, who works in South Africa, here, here and here.)

I still think he’s gonna get nommed someday, but I hope not. Until then, I’d love to be in his shoes—especially at the moments shown below.

Some day. . .


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    Oh my, I would fear norming, too. The cat that’s adopted me bit my arm suddenly this morning. Then he jumped back in my lap five minutes later. . .

  2. Merilee
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    Oh that is adorable!!

    “I still think he’s gonna get nommed someday…” 😂

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  5. Martin Levin
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    That’s just beautiful. Colour me green.

  6. Luis Servín
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    Jerry: if you like this video you should check out the foundation established by Eduardo Serio in Mexico, its called tha Black Jaguar White Tiger foundation ( He rescues large felines, and ever since Mexico passed a law forbiding the use of animals in circuses his foundation has been flooded with animals. He interacts a lot with them, not just lions but jaguars, tigers, leopards and other rescued felines. Most animals seem to get along with him and he posts three or four videos everyday in his instagram feed.

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    Yup, he’s lunch for sure at some point. In the meantime I wish him luck, he’s doing something he clearly loves……until the marrow is sucked from his bones 🙂

  8. alexandra moffat
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    perhaps there is a reason for it, but the quarters don’t look very appealing. And is it a good idea for cubs to be so friendly with and near to people? Of course if they will always be in a captive setting……I know too little to carp, admittedly, and it is a beautiful picture. It would be nice to see more bedding and outside play. Someday maybe.

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      It does appear that once they are old enough, a lot of territory will be open to them.

  9. Christopher
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    For me, the best job in the world would be to work in the field with the Galapagos or Aldabra tortoises, but I see your point. Although as a child I once said my dream job would be to work in a lighthouse, a nice desolate one far from humanity.

  10. Frank Bath
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    Big cats eat mammals. That’s what they do. Respect that. They don’t. Nom will come.

  11. Gregory Kusnick
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    I’m not convinced that getting nommed is inevitable. Seems to me one simple precaution is to avoid playing with them when they’re hungry.

    Beyond that, these cats do form lifelong social relationships, and my understanding is that Richardson has been diligent about establishing and maintaining that sort of relationship with them. If they’ve known him since kittenhood and think of him as a parent or littermate, and everything he does with them reinforces that belief, why should they suddenly one day decide he’s prey?

    If he’s going to continue interacting with them at all, maintaining that mutual trust seems a safer option than unilaterally pulling back from it and leaving them in doubt about his status.

  12. Rupinder
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    This is beyond cute!

  13. Mark Sturtevant
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    What cracked me up was that at the very end he plays the ‘my paw on top’ game with the lioness. I play exactly the same game with my d*g, and he loves it.

  14. nurnord
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    The last bit with them cuddled up asleep brought a lump to my throat.

  15. Mike
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    One of these days……..

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