Daily Archives: September 1st, 2016

Cat drums with its staff!

I’m braining on other stuff today, including upcoming talks in Pittsburgh, Singapore, and Hong Kong (I always get my talks done way in advance), so you’ll have to be satisfied with persiflage. As Thomas Wolfe once wrote, though, “I have a thing to tell you” (one of his great set pieces., go here and advance […]

Guardian’s “wildlife photographer of the year” contest

Some day one of my readers is going to win one of these contests. In this case the Guardian has posted 11 pictures taken by the finalists of the 2015 “Wildlife Photographer of the Year” contest. The winner will be announced on October 18. Go look at the 11 photos and pick the winner. Below […]

My WaPo review of Tom Wolfe’s new book: “The Kingdom of Speech”, and some background

The reason I’ve been writing about other people’s reviews of Tom Wolfe’s new book The Kingdom of Speech is because I wrote a review of it for The Washington Post a month ago, and it’s just now online as “His white suit unsullied by research, Tom Wolfe tries to take down Charles Darwin and Noam Chomsky.” I […]

NPR touts Mother Teresa’s “miracles”

I’m not sure if National Public (NPR) radio has always been this soft on religion, but I’m sure noticing it now.  Yesterday the network broadcast a particularly egregious episode dealing with the two “verified miracles” required to canonize a saint (now including Mother Teresa). The good news is that the piece was only five minutes long, but it […]

Two morning tw**ts

Although I don’t follow anyone on Twi**er, as I’d never get anything done if I did, I do count on the kindness of stranger (and readers) to call interesting tw**ts to my attention. Here’s one that Grania sent me. I must admit, this solution to the trolley problem had escaped me… https://t.co/qBpTilAwT9 — Sam Harris (@SamHarrisOrg) […]

Readers’ wildlife photographs

Reader Don McCrady sent a bunch of gorgeous astronomy photos. His notes are indented, and further technical and astronomical notes are at the links. Click to enlarge. Now that the weather in Seattle has turned back to being typical Seattle weather, I’ve finally had a chance to process some of the images I took during August.  […]

Thursday: Hili dialogue

Is August gone already? If that’s the case, then fall is on us, and if fall is on us, can winter be far behind? Yes, it’s September 1, 2016, 77 years to the day from when Germany invaded Poland in 1939, beginning World War II.  It’s also Random Acts of Kindness Day everywhere as well as […]