The Big Dichotomy

Trigger warning: Video contains sexual truths and very raw language! Also a short preliminary commercial.

Everyone who’s sentient knows that, at least in America, there’s a double standard applied to men vs. women who are both ageing. This five-minute Comedy Central clip, with Tina Fey, Patricia Arquette, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, and Amy Schumer, is really funny, but beneath the humor the women are, I suspect, dead serious.


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  2. Rupinder Sayal
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    Hilariously Genuine!

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  4. Randy Schenck
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    I thought they were going to have a Viking funeral there for a second.

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    Quite depressing.

    Hollywood desperately needs to cast actresses like Betty White as leading love interests. Old farts are still people. Young punks might not think she’s fuckable, but why should that prevent her from enjoying romance?

    It’s the same thing as the homophobia story. Sure, you may be straight and have absolutely no interest whatsoever in the same sex…but what’s that got to do with the price of tea in China?

    We should all cheer those who find love, even — nay, especially — if we wouldn’t love those particular lovers ourselves. We wouldn’t, so isn’t it great that somebody else actually does?


    • Diana MacPherson
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      Sadly, many successful men feel that they “deserve” a young woman or they want to have kids so they want to be with a woman in her 30s (at the most).

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        But that still leaves the question of why they think it’s the young woman they deserve as opposed to the older one.

        There’s a lot to blame on biology for this one, obviously. If the sex drive is linked to reproduction — and it certainly is — then the attraction is generally going to be towards the one most likely to reproduce the most…in the extreme, a girl who’ll be hitting puberty “any day now” who can start popping out babies non-stop from menarche onwards.

        And for women, the urge is going to trend to men who can keep them protected and fed during the time that they’re tied down with the baby-popping-out. In a tribal setting, statistically, that’s going to be the strongest and oldest male still within his physical prime.

        But biology also would have us relieving ourselves wherever we happened to be whenever we felt the urge, regardless of the toilet paper orientation. And it would have us eating everything tasty at the slightest twinge of hunger, and so on.

        In reality, there’s so much more to be said for life than being slaves to our basest urges. Never mind the way you’d ruin her life or the jeopardy you’d face from jail; no teenaged girl, however toothsome, is going to be able to compete with somebody closer to your own age when it comes to questions of ability to hold a conversation, being able to complement your own skills and challenge or help you to expand them, empathize with what you’ve been through, and so on.

        And if all you care about is the sex…I really feel sorry for you and everything you’re missing out on….


        • Diane G.
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          “There’s a lot to blame on biology for this one…”

          Evolution, even.

          Thing is, you can’t force people to desire whom they don’t desire, or to stop desiring those they do. It’s a very depressing fact of life that most women eventually have to come to grips with.

    • Sastra
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      Just as important, Hollywood needs to stop routinely coupling romantic male leads with romantic female leads who are young enough to be their daughters or even granddaughters. Yes, it happens in real life and such May-December relationships aren’t necessarily shallow, ego-driven, or doomed — but there’s a dangerous stereotype here.

      It’s particularly annoying when the age difference isn’t even brought up as an issue, as if a man in his early 60’s would of course have no problems worth mentioning when colliding his cultural background with that of a woman in her late 20’s or early 30’s. Hell, he probably still wears sweaters older than her.

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        Hollywood needs to stop routinely coupling romantic male leads with romantic female leads who are young enough to be their daughters or even granddaughters.

        Wouldn’t that be a case of the cart trying to lead the horse? I assume Hollywood does that because it appeals to audiences, and is a reflection of societies reality.

        • Sastra
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          I’m going to guess they’re more interested in finding “names” which draw fans rather than satisfying a public taste for couples with huge age disparities, but maybe. Feeding demeaning stereotypes carries some moral cost, however. Age-ism, sexism, racism …

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        Perhaps even more annoying is that the 60yo man can be involved with a 25yo woman and it’s presented as just another relationship (however superficial it may be). But reverse the ages of the two people and you can bet your bottom dollar it’s intended as a joke, to wit: just about all of Betty White’s recent cameos and appearances on SNL.

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          But, you know what? She totally stole the scene there, and her acting put everybody else’s to shame. She really did show the kids how it’s done…and I would absolutely love to see her cast as the temptress or the ingénue. Pair her with somebody old, young, male, female, human, alien, whatever. No comedy about it. Give her the role in something serious and stand back and watch her inevitably turn it into an incredibly gripping performance that’ll make you think.


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        Hollywood doesn’t need to be a perfect mirror of society, but it should at least be in rough alignment. The typical couple should follow the same sorts of age guidelines (your age divided by seven plus the square root of the inverse of the number of months Uranus has been in ascension, or whatever that folk rule is), and ones deviating from that should get the same sorts of raised eyebrows as they would in real life.

        And they are so missing out on all sorts of fantastic opportunities to do really interesting storylines with people who don’t fit the romantic caricature. Just think of all the “unlikely couple” stories they could play around with! Or, imagine Betty White playing Juliet to Patrick Stewart’s Romeo in a straight-up setting of the play. There’s just so much room for creative potential it’s a shame to see it all not even make it as far as the cutting room floor.


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          Ten years ago, Tracey Ullman starred in a TV production of “Once Upon a Mattress”. As I recall, she and her prince were portrayed as mature, not typical ingenue.

          Like your Betty White/Patrick Stewart matchup. Betty White rocks!

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            Thanks for the tip — I’ll have to see if I can dig that one out. Once Upon a Mattress was one of the very first musicals in which I played in the pit orchestra. Come to think of it, it might have actually been the first….


            • Sastra
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              And of course don’t forget Harold and Maude. Ruth Gordon is amazing.

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                Ah, yes — been ages since I saw it. But, as I recall, it was much more about the bizarre / icky aspect than any comparable age pairings with reversed genders ever gets.

                Still, I should probably see if I can’t scare up a copy somewhere….


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                That was a wonderful movie!! And remember the hearse he drove made out of a Jaguar E-type? This in the days waaaay before the ridiculous looking stretch limos..

      • Diane G.
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        “Hell, he probably still wears sweaters older than her.”


        Thing is, Hollywood wants to make money. The biggest movie-going demographic is young men. There’s no incentive to change. (Of course it becomes a vicious circle…some of us just stop going to movies because of that.)

        • John F
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          “The biggest movie-going demographic is young men.”

          But is this cause or effect? How much money is Hollywood leaving on the table by not indulging in women’s juvenile fantasies? That’s not something that can be known until enough people actually take the risk and a baseline is established. My guess is a lot, though.

        • Sastra
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          I have trouble picturing young men being particularly pleased at the idea that young women regularly gravitate to much older men. Getting cut out by Grandpa has got to burn.

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            I think the young guys don’t tend to notice quite so much how old the superheroes are, and focus much more on the “superhero” aspect than the age bit. That is, they would imagine themselves in the role of the superhero, and it’s the superhero nature that gets the girl rather than the age.

            I think you might typically have to be older than the women who’re the target of the romance to notice just how really old some of these superheroes have gotten.


            • Diane G.
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              + 1

    • Diane G.
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      “… We wouldn’t, so isn’t it great that somebody else actually does?”

      You’re not helping! 😀

      • Diana MacPherson
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        Sorry! And I really did mean that in a generic sense! You might not like blondes / brunettes / redheads, but isn’t it great that somebody else does? Fill that in with any other classification, and you’re guaranteed to find somebody whom a given person doesn’t at all find attractive but whom somebody else does.

        Yes, there will be those with more universal appeal. And there’ll be some hopeless schlubs with basically nothing anybody else finds worthy of redemption.

        But how many times have you seen a couple holding hands and staring into each others’s eyes madly in love and not had even the hypothetical possibility of you being attracted to either one? Isn’t the fact that they found each other something we all should celebrate?


        • Diane G.
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            Impressive! Shows a great deal of dedication and patience and persistence for somebody so young. If that’s what she wants to do with the rest of her life, the easy bet is that she’ll be quite successful. Not that it’d be easy for her, of course…it never is….


            • Diane G.
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              I fear you missed my message…


            • Diane G.
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              I’m too obscure. Let’s just say I thought you could have used a top hat and cane with this post:



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                You mean, try to look super-duper, like Gary Cooper?


              • Diane G.
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                Oh, so many good clips from that movie…!

                I meant you were really tap dancing in your reply to my gibe. 😉

                Apparently my intention was too obscure to be hilarious.

                (Hey, you’re always doing this to me! 😀 )

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                Can you still get lead balloons? I thought they only sold the unleaded variety these days — and’re even pushing the alcoholic kind, too….


              • Diane G.
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                Things go better with ethanol! 🙂

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                You know…you jest…but, continuing the twisted metaphor and beating it senseless…E85 is actually a popular cheaper alternative to racing fuel….


              • Diane G.
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                We in the corn belt salute you.

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                Oh, I don’t have anything that runs on E85. It’s a remote possibility for the Mustang.

                No offense, but corn-based ethanol is an idiotic way to power the vehicular fleet. Great for the racetrack where power matters much more than economy and range and where you can afford the much more expensive fuel systems that won’t disintegrate with alcohol…not very smart at all for most other cars, and insane from an environmental perspective.

                …but I rather suspect you already knew that….


              • Diane G.
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                Well, the environmental part, anyway. Yes, I was being ironic…

              • Diane G.
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                Damn now I forgot to non-embed that link. Well, at least it has a cat in it!

  6. Heather Hastie
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    This is excellent, and so true. This happens to all women. It’s good to see something like this, because most women don’t realize it’s coming, it comes before they realize it, and they take a while to realize it happens to us all.

    • Heather Hastie
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      Oh, and I really like Ben’s comment above #5 too.

    • Diane G.
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      So true!! Why do we never think it will be us??

  7. Diana MacPherson
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    I’ve been meaning to watch this so I’ll have to come back to it later. Tina Fey in particular is really funny; I loved her book Bossy Pants and I saw a clip where she presented, along with Amy Poehler, a lifetime achievement award to George Clooney and the whole time talked about how great George’s wife was and all the things she did. It was pretty funny and very poignant.

  8. GBJames
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    Very humorous. And depressing.

    • John
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    So who are they blaming here? It’s not men’s fault that women still find Bruce Willis f*ckable at 60 is it?

    • Randy Schenck
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      Actually there is no blaming here…just reality.

      Frankly, as a guy in mid sixties I have no idea what a woman in her 30s would want with this? And yes, I went to the doctor and he said – you have the body of a 20 year old. A very sick 20 year old.

    • quiscalus
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      first, I’d say, along with your comment, why the hell do dramatically younger women date/marry/sleep with old geezers? second, why do old geezers sleep with younger women? (my teen son and I have a rule, I can’t date anyone who’s closer to his age than mine, and vice versa…not that I date. ever.) and third, we’re supposed to continue to focus on f*ckability of women now? I thought that was sexist. I know Helen Mirren would be furious with the idea and has said so (and I admit, I think she’s as beautiful as she is talented). and then, to buck the trend, there’s Sam Taylor-Johnson, who directed Nowhere Boy and then married the much younger actor who played Lennon.

      Hollywood is shallow, mentally unstable, and intellectually dubious. I don’t get my morality from these twisted plastic humanoids. If it has skewed sexual mores, that’s their problem. I don’t watch tv or movies based on the stirring of my loins, but on the talent of the actors, writers, directors, and subject matter. call me crazy, but I’d rather watch (or do other things) Miranda Hart than Kate Upton.

    • Saul Sorrell-Till
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      Do they? That’s an assumption that execs make about him that they don’t make about women like Louis-Dreyfus, who looks if anything better than back in her Seinfeld days. And she’s a brilliant, funny, intelligent actress too.

      Bruce Willis looks like someone smashed a giant egg onto a guy’s head and drew a smug expression on it and yet the assumption is that he’s still a sex symbol? There are very few female actresses who are afforded the same benefit of the doubt.

      • merilee
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        I don’t particularly like Bruce Willis movies, but I think he’s still attractive (as are all the women in that clip).

        • Saul Sorrell-Till
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          I stand corrected…

          More evidence of my instinctive feel for the female psyche.

        • Diana MacPherson
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          OMG Bruce Willis movies are totes amazeballs, especially the Die Hard series. I like to spell “yippy ki yay”, “yippy cahier”. I even wrote “yippy” above notebooks that had the word “cahier” on it.

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            Didn’t yippie kiyay ( love the cahier:-). originate w Roy Rogers or someone?

            And not to forget Philomena’s woonderful take on Bruce’s latest!

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              It either originated on the range or in some form of romanticization about the range…but it was Bruce who added the “motherfucker.”


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            I don’t think I’ve seen any Die Hard movies. Might have to try one. I did like him in Pulp Fiction.

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    Reblogged this on Craftmanic Mommy and commented:
    A bit graphic in the language but not any less true.

  11. nickswearsky
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    They should also have a look at shows where an dumb obese slob somehow has a hot, smart wife. Think all the way back to The Honeymooners. But other examples are easy to come by: The King of Queens; According to Jim; heck, even The Flintstones.

    • Mark Sturtevant
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      Yes. And this brings to mind a little piece from Red Dwarf.
      It should be noted to all who do not know that the character in the top bunk is ‘The Cat’; an evolved descendant from a cat that was left on board the ship for millions of years while the main character (on the bottom bunk) was in stasis.

    • Pliny the in Between
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      As a schlub married for 23 years to a brilliant goddess, I’m not sure how I feel about your comment 😉

  12. Mark Sturtevant
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    This is very deeply embedded, but like many such things it can be improved with dialogue, education, and time.
    Meanwhile we will likely see plenty of ‘is Hillary too old’? dialogue over this coming year.

    • quiscalus
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      perhaps, but McCain was “too old” and Reagan was “too old”, there have been several senators accused of being too old to beep getting elected (I think Thurmond actually was) Obama, and Rand Paul have been accused of being “too young”, although Paul recently claimed that Hillary was “too old”, and then of course, John Edwards was “too creepy”.

      • Filippo
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        ‘ . . . although Paul recently claimed that Hillary was “too old” . . . .’

        Ha, does Paul somehow think such statements are a “carrot” to prompt an undecided voter to vote for him? Paul is “too humble, too civil” (sarcasm)

        I perceive that the omniscient Rubio and (especially) Cruz and their assigns will be hard-pressed over time to refrain from similarly letting such pearls of civility issue from their mouths.

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        Yes — the point I was going to make. I’d have to look up the dates, but I’m pretty sure Clinton is about Reagan’s age when he first ran. He was definitely “too old,” but as a result from the early stages of Alzheimer’s. Ruth Bader-Ginsberg is positively ancient but far from being “too old.”

        It’s a legitimate question in Clinton’s case. Would she be more like Reagan or Ginsburg?


  13. Vaal
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    That was hilarious. Those women are so great. A burning arrow of acerbic truth, that was.

    Though the point in that piece seemed mostly directed at the portrayal of aging women by Hollywood, I wonder how they feel about how well the prejudices of Hollywood casting map on to “real life.” On one hand perhaps they could castigate Hollywood as NOT reflecting the realities of aging sexuality in the real world; on the other hand it could be cast as *descriptive* of the problems of aging in the real world.

    I know as a man of 51 that we men certainly don’t escape ageism. I have no trail of younger woman following me. Further, when I shop, especially for clothes, I get that “I’ve become invisible to retailing” sensation that aging women purportedly experience. Male mannequins have always represented a fit body, but they at least USED to have a mature physique – that a fit, adult male. NOW almost all the male mannequins showing off the clothes depict the physique of someone barely out of high school, let alone in one’s twenties or thirties. They are truly an impossible “ideal” for most people over 19 or 20 years old. (And I’m not referring to clothing stores just for the young, even places that sell ostensibly clothes for any ages, places where I should be able to find clothing, like big department stores). It’s like either you fit this look, or you may as well head over to either the “Dad’s Jeans” section or wear suits every day.

    Which reminds me of a pet peeve of mine I’ve had long before I even got “old.” The way the fashion industry, and advertising, produces a needlessly pernicious, bizzaro-world distortion when selling clothing. But that’s another rant…

    Anyway, that video was so good. I cringe when I see great age mismatches on screen, as do lots of people it seems, so it’s weird that Hollywood doesn’t seem to notice this.

    • quiscalus
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      ok, somebody has to do it

      “A man’s only as old as the woman he feels”-Groucho Marx

      There is, on a more serious note, if one can be serious around Amy Schumer, watching tv shows like Last of the Summer Wine, vs today, and thinking about the women in my own family, is why did women of the very recent past become “old” so young while now many women in their 50’s, 60’s, even 70’s choose to dress and act like they still have a life, sexual and otherwise? In part it may be cultural, as the baby-boomer generation does seem to refuse to die before they get old, so they refuse to get/act/think/dress like they are old. so while “hollow-wood” may not have caught up, I imagine that it won’t be like that forever. their cocaine and silicon bubble will pop, the next gen will take over, and we’ll have something else to complain about.

      • Ken Kukec
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        ‘…the baby-boomer generation does seem to refuse to die before they get old…

        You seem perhaps a bit confused on the concept. Mr. Townshend would like a word with you.

        • quiscalus
          Posted April 24, 2015 at 6:50 pm | Permalink

          yes, perhaps, but I never trust anyone over the age of 30

          • Ken Kukec
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            Good advice, seeing as how Jerry Rubin turned into yuppie scum after passing the three-decade mark. And poor Abbie H. — after he jumped the Great Divide, he found out the hard way whether it’s better to burnout than to fade away.

            Both of them have been credited for launching that saying. But the way it was explained to me, the “over 30” line was a longstanding Berkeley jibe on the straights before either of those Yippies made the scene.

            • Filippo
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              From memory:

              “When I was a boy I thought my father one of the most stupid men alive. When I grew up I was amazed at how much the old man had learned.”

              – Mark Twain

              • Diane G.
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                From a Mother’s Day card:

                Mom, when I was little I thought you knew everything. When I was a teen-ager I thought you knew nothing at all. Now I think you know quite a bit.

                I love you, despite your ups and downs.

  14. mordacious1
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    *Ahem* I don’t think Julia’s quite there yet and Sandra Bullock, at 50, was recently named “People Magazine’s World’s Most Beautiful Woman”. Also, there is Helen Mirren…

    Maybe it’s just because all these women, except Helen, are younger than me, but I think it’s a good time to be an older woman in general and in Hollywood. Times are changing.

    • Saul Sorrell-Till
      Posted April 24, 2015 at 6:18 pm | Permalink

      Julia Louis Dreyfus looks ridiculous – it simply doesn’t compute that she could be in her 50s. If anything she looks better than she did twenty years ago. And whenever she smoked a cigar in Seinfeld it was a highlight of the episode, so I liked the final bit in the video…

    • Diana MacPherson
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      Sandra is an outlier and she doesn’t look like a regular 50 year old. She even made fun of the whole thing when she was told she won. I think the best thing about her is her down to earth personality.

      • Vaal
        Posted April 24, 2015 at 8:33 pm | Permalink

        Re Sandra B,

        Her plastic surgery obviously helps her look younger. But IMO I find it hinders more than helps as she has begun to look artificial IMO.

        • Posted April 24, 2015 at 9:42 pm | Permalink

          Just saw this on my Tw**ter feed:

          Sandra Bullock named by People magazine as their “World’s Most Beautiful White Woman None of Our Readers Will Feel That Threatened By.”

      • John Scanlon, FCD
        Posted April 25, 2015 at 4:23 am | Permalink

        “down to earth” – that’s not a personality type, it’s a screenplay!

      • Filippo
        Posted April 25, 2015 at 9:43 am | Permalink

        “She even made fun of the whole thing when she was told she won.”

        Yep, what else can one do in response to such piffle? Maybe she snorted when she laughed about it, like in her first “Congeniality” movie (IIRC).

  15. EvolvedDutchie
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    May I be shallow for a moment? Amy Schumer is my celebrity crush.

  16. Posted April 24, 2015 at 6:47 pm | Permalink

    Yeah, true.

    With a culture that’s both youth- and celebrity-obsessed, anyone who’s aging is often dissed or simply invisible. Women get a double-whammy.

    It’s hard for women who want to age gracefully and vibrantly. Every time I shop for clothes I fuss a bit about not crossing over into “mutton dressed as lamb.”

    Speaking of Helen Mirren (and Julie Walters, and Penelope Wilton, and . . .), wish there were more films like “Calendar Girls”!

    aka pghwelshgirl

  17. Ken Kukec
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    Now that’s some funny shit, I don’t care who you are. Mordantly funny, hell yes, but funny anyway you cut it.

    You go, gir…ladi…women!

  18. Ken Kukec
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    The Sisterhood is strong…as a hand-forged carbon-steel dagger.

  19. Diana MacPherson
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    I finally watched the video and it’s pretty hilarious. It reminds me a lot of this book which I badly want to read but haven’t got to it yet: I See You’ve Made An Effort. I saw the author on Real Time and she talked about some of this stuff in the video.

  20. rose
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    So you think a Jewish man would sit next to a very beautiful woman on a plane ?

    • GBJames
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      Huh? That happens all the time.

  21. Posted April 24, 2015 at 9:00 pm | Permalink

    There’s always a splash of misogyny-infused discrimination when a woman’s value is primarily measured by her seductive capacities. I’ll take philosophical compatibility, compassion, and personality over Prada any day of the week.

    • Diane G.
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      As mentioned above, it’s also biology-infused. Which is the real bummer. Much as I dig evolution, there are some things I hate it for.

      • Ken Kukec
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        Sure, sometimes bucking biology can be like King Canute commanding the tides to stop. But as Dawkins points out, homo sapiens alone among the animal kingdom have the capacity to overcome their evolutionary natures (as occurs, for example, whenever a man takes responsibility for birth control in intimate relations with a woman).

        Viewed through the long lens of history, progress is snowballing. Consider that a century ago, women did not enjoy universal suffrage, that they could not own property in their own right — that they were, in effect, property themselves, the chattel of their fathers or husbands (as far too many women in other parts of the world tragically remain today).

        We’ve come a long way, dudes. And with continued hilarious, incisive assists like the one from the women in this video, we may yet climb that mountaintop, so that we, as a people, can get to the promised land.

        • Filippo
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          I think they should do another such video, sending up the incident where righteous Mitt Romney imposed himself on and lectured a woman confined to her hospital bed.

        • mark
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          Ken, can you direct me to where Dawkins says that? That’s something I could use. Appreciate any info!

          • Ken Kukec
            Posted April 26, 2015 at 8:00 pm | Permalink

            Here are a couple of quotes from “The Selfish Gene”:

            “We, alone on earth, can rebel against the tyranny of the selfish replicators.”

            “Let us try to teach generosity and altruism, because we are born selfish. Let us understand what our own selfish genes are up to, because we may then at least have the chance to upset their designs, something that no other species has ever aspired to do.”

            I first heard him discuss it in a video lecture. If I can figure out which one it was, I’ll let you know.

  22. Diane G.
    Posted April 24, 2015 at 10:15 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for posting this, Jerry.

  23. Posted April 24, 2015 at 10:23 pm | Permalink

    Love Amy Schumer’s work. She is hilarious and incisive.

  24. Posted April 25, 2015 at 7:59 pm | Permalink

    How about Judi Dench, Isabella Rosellini and Julie Christie? Not to mention the brilliant Geena Davis born in 1956. Beautiful ‘effable’ women. 😉

    Here are a couple of ‘old people’ movies to enjoy – Iris and Away From Her.

    Gordon Pinsent and Christopher Plummer still appeal to me, and so would Clint Eastwood were it not for his politics!

    • Posted April 25, 2015 at 8:06 pm | Permalink

      I’m a hetero woman but have always found Isabella Rosellini drop-dead gorgeous!

      And Paul Newman into his 80s, but thst’s a no-brainer.

      • Posted April 25, 2015 at 10:51 pm | Permalink

        I agree with you about Isabella. Candice Bergen is another who has got better with age.

        Yes to Paul Newman too, how could I overlook him? He is gorgeous! I’m afraid the handsome Robert Redford is a good example why one should not get too much sun.

        • merilee
          Posted April 25, 2015 at 11:33 pm | Permalink

          Yeah, poor Robert R. Funnily enough I never found him that attractive, even in his pre-sun days. Paul N. was always my guy.

          Gillian Anderson is another stunningly beautiful actress. Never saw X Files, but she’s been great in some Masterpiece Dickens shows (Bleak House, for one) , and The Fall, and as a brilliant Blanche DuBois at National Theatre Live.

  25. Mike
    Posted April 26, 2015 at 7:33 am | Permalink

    They are all eminentley F######e

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