I Will Remember You

Whatever happened to Sarah McLachlan? I suppose she’s out there still singing like an angel, but I don’t hear much of or from her. Of course, I barely listen to the radio any more.  But I did hear this song, which reminded me of an old friend, and so wanted to share her live performance (she’s just as good live as when she’s recorded).

If you speak Spanish, you get the bonus of subtitles.

The song was written by McLachlan, Séamus Egan, and Dave Marenda in 1995, and the live version won McLachlan a Grammy for Best Female Pop Performance in 2000.


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    Her voice touches your heart.

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    She is a heart grabber.

  3. Jolo
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    I still hear her quite often, as she is Canadian and is good for CANCON so she gets a lot of airplay stations like the CBC.

    She is currently touring, and is in Chicago this weekend too.

  4. Rexsalad
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    Just saw her name on the marquee of the Saenger theatre in New Orleans.

  5. Diogo
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    I first came to know this beautiful song in the show “The Office”. You can find it on Youtube (“Andy Bernard I Will Remember You The Office”).

  6. tricksterspirit
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    She released a new album about a month ago. She’s been doing the media push thing. It sounds nice from what I’ve heard of it.

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    Yes she’s a fellow Canadian and she has the voice of an angel. She’s an awesome live performer, saw her in a small Winnipeg theater at the beginning of her career in 1990 or so. My favourite of hers is, appropriately, “Angel” the theme song from the movie City of Angels, which has an awesome soundtrack btw. She’s been quiet these last few years.

  8. Taz
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    I have a fondness for “Full of Grace”.
    (Buffy fans will understand.)

    • Diana MacPherson
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      Also Prayer of St. Francis was on Buffy. I must rewatch Buffy soon.

    • hawkofgp
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  9. gravityfly
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    Great voice! Love her!

  10. Patrick Webb
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    From her wiki, the philanthropy work that she has been involved in is quite impressive.

  11. akuchling
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    She has a new album out, and was on the CBC’s radio program “Q” for an interview and a performance where she sang two songs (song #1 and song #2).

  12. tobynsaunders
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    I especially like her song Sweet Surrender… I’m not sure about the meaning of it per se, but it has lyrics like, “…where every step I took in faith betrayed me & led me far from home”, &, “Are you an angel? Am I already that gone?” And I appreciate the kind of spirituality with a tone of skepticism in it that song seems to have. And the song is just gorgeous anyway.

  13. eric
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    Well, she had a superbowl commercial in February. I thought it showed a bit of self-deprecating humor on her part, so thumbs up.

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    I think these days she is most famous for being the soundtrack to TV commercials about abandoned and abused pets who need to find new forever homes. “For the price of a cup of coffee a day…”

  15. BillyJoe
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    Along with Joni Mitchell (also from Canada), my wife’s favourite; and for me also, along with Kate Bush (who I would put between the other two, Joni Mitchell being my favourite).

    • BillyJoe
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      Here is Sarah McLachlan doing a pretty good cover version of a pretty good Joni Mitchell song “River”:

  16. Cliff Melick
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    If you want to see her live, Jerry, you can catch her at Ravinia on July 5th. Tickets are still available.

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    One of my favorites.

  18. Simon Hayward
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    She is also playing the Ryman in Nashville July 29th – and I have tickets (no spares, but they are still available)

  19. Diana MacPherson
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    She seemed to take some time off with her family but she has been around quite a bit recently.

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    You should catch her version of “Dear God”.

    • Philip.Elliott
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      Yes, that’s a great version of XTC’s song.I like it better than the original.

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      both ‘Dear God’ and “I will remember you’ are on ‘Rarities & B-Sides’ as is ‘Song for a Winter’s Night’

      Had already some knowledge of her and picked this up after seeing the Brothers McMullen. Recommended.

      We saw her a few years back at the Corporate Amphitheatre @ Ontario Place a few years back, when she was still married to her drummer. Very enjoyable.

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      • Diana MacPherson
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        I didn’t know about her divorce, so I noseily googled it & found this great article where she talks about what she went through with the divorce, her dad’s death & loss of her manager as Coming Through Slaughter. I love that novel! What a great reference.

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          Ah,so that’s what she’s been up to, an ex-Leaf


  21. krzysztof1
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    She’s doing lots of touring. http://www.sarahmclachlan.com/tour/

  22. Kevin
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    There are a lot of woman of the nineties who have publicly diminished since then. McLachlan, Amos, and Morrissette are immediately a few that come to mind. Sarah has some great music…well worth settling into with some wine after a long day, and if possible, viewing the ocean or mountains.

  23. bacopa
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    I remember hearing her on a tiny college radio station in ’89 or ’90 doing a cover of Solsbury Hill. I kept listening to the radio to find out who sang it and made a note of her nae because I thought she would become famous. She broke onto the alternative charts with Into the Fire a few years later and hit the big time soon after that.

    Angel is in a tie with the Flaming Lips’ Do You Realize on my list of pretty songs about death.

  24. Sheila B and Zin
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    I came across this version of a Gordon Lightfoot song (Song for a Winter’s Night) by Sarah McClachlan:


    It’s really lovely and very different from the GL original (which I also like)

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    Yup — she’s good. Very, very, very good.


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    She indeed has a gloriously beautiful voice! This is perhaps my favourite of her live performances:

  27. Ed K
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    “Whatever happened to Sarah McLachlan?”

    Well for one thing, she lives in Vancouver now. I’ve seen her out for breakfast/brunch with family a few times at a little place in West Vancouver. She seems very nice, friendly and charming in addition to having a great voice. My partner once had the awkward task of informing her that the restaurant’s only toilet wasn’t flushing, as she was next in line for the facilities.

  28. John Lorei
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    Since I’m the only straight guy who went to five Lilith Fairs in the 90s, I’m an unabashed fan. I saw her in Kansas City a couple years ago, and an obviously Christian fan asked her about “Full of Grace” during Q&A. Sarah said she didn’t remember where it came from and it doesn’t mean anything spiritual now. She may be one of us!

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