Muslim doctor booted off Egyptian t.v. show for not being extremist enough

Do watch this really interesting 4.5-minute clip from Egyptian television. The clip was originally on MEMRI TV, which has the note:  “Egyptian TV Host Kicks Guest Out of Studio for Expressing Controversial Ideas on Religion; Al-Nahar TV (Egypt) – May 13, 2014.” And the title of the clip is “TV host Riham Sahid interviews Egyptian Salafist-[a branch of Sunni Islam]-turned-skeptic Dr. Noha.”

In it, a Muslim doctor is interviewed by a seemingly liberal Muslim television presenter, but it all winds up in a heated debate about what “real” Muslims believe, with the presenter, Riham Sahid (as opposed to the interviewee Dr. Noha, who wears hijab to hide her identity), taking the hard line: Allah and not Muhummad wrote the Qur’an, and sharia law should be implemented everywhere. It’s quite startling to hear Sahid, appearing as a modern woman in modern Western dress, favor chopping off the hands of thieves and stoning an adulteress  to death (she doesn’t mention the adulterer).

But it’s heartening to hear Dr. Noha stand up for her views, calling much of Islam “a myth,” asserting that Muhammad himself and not Allah wrote the Qur’an, and claiming, based on experience, that Allah doesn’t respond to prayer.  In fact, Noha seems to be a hairsbreadth away from being an atheist—and, given the punishment for that under sharia, maybe she is.

Sahid gets really exercised at the challenges to her faith and winds up calling the courageous Dr. Noha “ignorant.” In fact, Sahid says, not realizing the irony, “I am proud to be an ignoramus.” Finally, the exasperated Sahid boots her interviewee out of the studio, saying that she had wasted her time with a “crazy woman.” But it is Dr. Noha who is rational and Sahid who is deluded.

Reader Hardy sent me that clip with a note:

I’m awestruck by the bravery and decency of the guest in this interview. What can we do to support, encourage and protect people like her? Because, as much as we all like to imagine that we’re fighting the good fight against ignorance and superstition, she really is on the frontline… and the risks for her are very real.

Indeed! Kudos to the very brave Dr. Noha. It’s easy to go after Islam from the safety of our computers in the West, but it’s people like Noha who take the very real risks that we don’t bear. That’s why it was so ludicrous for Brandeis to withdraw its offer of an honorary degree to the courageous Ayaan Hirsi Ali, who travels with an armed guard 24/7 because of her apostasy. Yet Ali continues to speak out against the oppressive sexism of Islam.  I wish Noha health and safety.

A side note: to complicate matters, Sahid herself, as I posted some months ago, crossed swords with an Islamic cleric on another t.v. interview, refusing to wear the veil to conform to the cleric’s beliefs  (the clip is here). In that case, Sahid walked off the show. It is so curious, and a mystery to me, that a woman who refuses to wear the veil nevertheless advocates sharia law’s call for aputating of hands and stoning of adulteresses!

When someone like Sahid holds such bizarre views, it really confuses me about what a “moderate” Muslim really is.


  1. GBJames
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  2. eric
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    It is so curious, and a mystery to me, that a woman who refuses to wear the veil nevertheless advocates sharia law’s call for aputating of hands and stoning of adulteresses!

    Could be she got pushback for her previous show, so decided to take the hard line in the more recent one to improve her islamic credibility.

    And while its risky to extrapolate from a sample of two, it sounds like ‘walking out’ may be a gimmick of the show. Kinda like (in the past) tuning in to Springer to watch the fight, maybe people tune it to this show to watch someone (host or guest) walk out.

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      That’s my impression, from watching a couple of clips from this show.

  3. Glenn
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    I watched both and am speechless! Religion appears so ridiculous to me. Fundamentalism of any stripe alarms me greatly!

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    I’m awestruck by the bravery and decency of the guest in this interview.

    I think all of us (like yourself, JC) echo Hardy’s thought: What an incredibly courageous person Noha must be.

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      Hm. It could of course be that the thing was deliberately staged and that Sahid is equally courageous . . .

  5. krzysztof1
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    My favorite part was when the female host said “I’m ignorant and proud OF it!

    I never thought I’d see such honesty from a doofus.

  6. Greg Esres
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    Perhaps there is a bit of subterfuge going on here whereby Sahid gives a liberal a public platform, yet avoids being seen as a sympathizer.

    • s.k.graham
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      I agree, I sensed a ploy here also.

      I heard one or both of them laughing a bit in the middle of the heated arguing — though it may have been a laugh of disbelief at the others views.

      I had a brief suspicion that Sahid might be a female egyptian version of Stephen Colbert.

      But I do get a strong vibe that the show is manufactured drama, and designed to expose viewers to liberal, critical views of Islam.

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    When someone like Sahid holds such bizarre views, it really confuses me about what a “moderate” Muslim really is.

    Me, too.

    We have empirical evidence that a moderate Christian is a Christmas-and-Easter Christian, or somebody whose Jesus is the fluffy-bunny Sunday School love god, or some combination of the two or basic variation on that theme. They generally accept modern scientific explanations for pretty much everything, but might carve out the occasional exception for an healing prayer and the Resurrection and the like. Ask people who self-identify as moderate Christians and whom others so identify, and that’s where they cluster.

    The story is much the same for moderate Jews. There’s even an official label for them: Reform. And they’re about a third of American Jewry.

    But in Islam? Even so-called “moderates,” self- and other-identified, call for the Caliphate, universal Sharia law, and the like. Even the most liberal of the moderates rarely will even go so far as to unequivocally condemn death for apostasy.

    Maybe they’re “moderate” in comparison to mainstream Islamists (how?), but, frankly, that’s like suggesting that Phoenix (where it’s 104°F as I type and headed for 110°f) is “moderately” warm, because it’s not as hot as Yuma (where it’s already 109°).


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      Yeah, well said. A moderate Muslim would not stone you to death for apostasy, but he/she is quite happy for a fundamentalist Muslim to do it to you.
      I have quite a number of Muslim acquaintances, who never condemn the monstrosities committed in the name of Islam. They just never seem to open their mouths against it.

    • DireLobo
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      I have a co-worker, here in SoCal, he is a Pakistani, living in Cali almost 8 years now. Calls himself a Muslim. Went to the big walk around the square thing in the giant mall with thousands of other Muslims. One of the pillars of Islam, he explained to me, to make the trip, etc., etc. ok, now grasp this – we talk openly about every issue, forms science denial to right wing politicians and gay marriage, to terrorism and us wars in the Middle East and right down the line he and I are is sync as any two Cali liberals could be (except he eats only the vege while I excell at devouring meat – yet we break bread together regularly). Maybe because he is a software engineer (and a damn good one) that he is so level-headed. How he squares his rationalistic worldview with his worship of Islam, that’s the one question I have never ventured to ask. But he does it. So, not only do I believe moderate Muslims exist, but I know that liberal Muslims also exist. Perhaps they are a tiny minority. Minuscule even, and living outside their home countries.

  8. Filippo
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  9. gravityfly
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    It seems that atheism is making inroads in the Islamic world. Noha denies being an atheist but she sure sounds like one.

  10. boggy
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    I thought it was Mohammed’s wife Khadija who wrote the Koran as Mo was illiterate, though why she wrote so much that was derogatory to her gender is bizarre.

    • gravelinspector-Aidan
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      Maybe Mohammed (who;s not illiterate – I’ve seen the cartoons of him in bed with Jeebus, reading “Stone Throwers Weekly” and the like ; maybe he’s learned in the last 1400 years. Or his “body double” has made a continuity error?) got one of his buddies to read back what his wife wrote down?

  11. Faustus
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    Sahid gets everything she prays for? Well why hasn’t she preyed for world peace? How selfish to have the ability to create world peace (at so little cost to yourself) and not do it. Well, either selfish or talking bollocks.

    • Posted June 3, 2014 at 2:49 am | Permalink

      I’m afraid the presenter would pray for Islam to be the single religion on earth and for everyone to live under Sharia law so that prayer would never be proven either way.
      If the conversation wasn’t so heated, perhaps Dr Noha could have given her a prayer challenge – cure someone’s cancer or other incurable disease for instance – and come back on TV to announce the result.
      Dr Noha is a truly brave lady to be so strident in national TV, and now permanently on the internet, although I’m confused as to why she should use her (presumably) real name then say she’s hiding her face.
      I hope she stays safe.

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