A cartoon for Damon Linker

In case you’re an atheist and not sufficiently miserable today, reader Pliny the in Between has produced a cartoon detailing how you’re supposed to feel:




  1. gbjames
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    …and, if they sleep in on Sundays (or go for a bike ride or spend some time in the garden or whatever), then they don’t put the money in the collection plate….


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      I do some of my best thinking while attending ‘St. Mattress of the Springs’.

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        That’s such an old and dated practice. We’ve moved on to neo-Pagan Natural Latex.

  3. NewEnglandBob
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    Family life by Jesus under Christianity:

    “If any man come to me, and hate not his father, and mother, and wife, and children, and brethren, and sisters, yea, and his own life also, he cannot be my disciple.” (Luke 14:26)

    • Mark Joseph
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      The wellspring of every cult leader since that time.

    • infiniteimprobabilit
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      Well that settles it then. I couldn’t be a Xtian even if I wanted to. I don’t hate my family enough. There are a couple if in-laws I could work up a bit of resentment towards if I tried really really hard…

  4. Sastra
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    When people insist that the atheist can’t really be happy, they love to imply that there’s something shallow about anyone for whom an imperfect world is “enough.” They aspire to Higher things.

    But in their own lives, what do they think of people who sneer at faults and flaws and demand nothing short of perfection? How do they view parents who withhold praise from children who get “B”‘s on their report cards and aesthetics who can’t stand any art that isn’t up to the ideal standard?

    They think of them as shallow, as failing to appreciate what is and chasing instead after some illusion that can never really be good enough. The depth of one’s capacity to love often isn’t measured by how worthy the object is, but by how much it isn’t.

    Yeah. They need to think about this.

  5. Rune Bjerke
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    Isn’t this whole “you’re incomplete, fallen, lost and defective, doomed to eternal suffering” thing the message Christianity preaches anyhow?

    But wait! Now there is Jesus 2000 Ultra! Call now, and get the free gift of being saved(tm), or perish in Hell forever.

    But.. Um, remember Mother Theresa, who said suffering was what got you closer to God, as she wasted money on other nonsense instead of helping the poor orphans etc? (Poor -> suffering -> closer to God). Does that mean atheists are reaaally close, then, mr Linker?

    • Marella
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      OTHER PEOPLE’S suffering, not her own. She liked to bathe in the reflected glory of the misery of others. She was nothing but a highly creative sadist. The Catholic church specialises in such people apparently.

  6. Paul S
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    I got the memo too late, but I’ll try to be miserable tomorrow. It’s going to be hard to do with two kittehs in the house.

  7. abrotherhoodofman
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    This was a great analogy. How many more like this can be written?

    Being miserable because you have to die is like:

    – Not enjoying a Rolling Stones concert because it will end in 3 hours.

    – Not enjoying Ben & Jerry’s because there is only a pint of it.

    – Not enjoying sex because it’s over in…

    (Okay, I’ll stop there.)


  8. Kieran
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    Speaking of cartoons, Channel 4 news decided to censor the Jesus and Mo cartoon https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=616268321774856&set=a.319417491459942.75367.125931370808556&type=1

    • infiniteimprobabilit
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      I think THAT sort of censorship is a deliberate poke in the eye for the wannabe censors. Everybody *knows* who’s behind the black blob…

    • gbjames
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      How does that help? Isn’t it blasphemous to depict The Prophet as a black oval?

      • Kieran
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        It’s actually the shadow of the cosmic saucer, it’s part of the same set of celestial delph that the cosmic teapot is from, spread across the galaxy when the great table cloth trick went wrong, hence why there is sin.

    • TJR
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      Evan Harris (ex LD MP) was on Radio 5 on monday morning talking about this, making sensible points about free speech and all that. So he’ll doubtless be ignored.

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