Daily Archives: December 28th, 2012

I can haz one of these, plz?

Your host is catless and will have a birthday in two days.  An appropriate gift for the last day of Koynezaa is what I consider the world’s most beautiful felid. Here’s its larval stage: a living hairball. It’s a Pallas’s cat (or kitten), also known as the manul. At least I’m pretty sure it is […]

Krauss on God and Newtown

Several readers have sent me this (thanks!), so perhaps you’re all aware of it already. But if you’re not, do read Lawrence Krauss’s CNN Opinion piece on the pervasiveness of religion after the Newtown school massacre, “Why must the nation grieve with God?” I was appalled at the official faithfest that followed the killings, with […]

The owl and the pussycat, part deux

On May 15 of last year I posted a cute video of a barn owl and a black cat, Gebra and Fum respectively, who seemed to be best friends. A year later there was a second video, which I just discovered. Enjoy!

Keith Kloor lumps me with Dawkins as sneering, strident, and simplistic

Until yesterday I didn’t know who Keith Kloor was, but I found out when someone called my attention the fact that Kloor, in a post on his Discover blog (yes, it’s a blog), had lumped me together with Dawkins as a “fundamentalist atheist.” I take that as a huge compliment! Kloor, it turns out, is […]

The wonders of space

Over at Slate, Phil Plait has published a stunning series of 21 photos in “The best astronomy images of 2012.” While it doesn’t quite come up to “The best cats of 2012,” which will appear December 31, the photos are truly amazing.  I will put up only five, but you owe it to yourself to […]